Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

shu uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2009

as an expert in the art of false eyelashes, shu uemura’s tokyo lash bar has established itself to be a hot and trendy beauty staple internationally. inspired by mystic nature scenes, tokyo lash bar 09 extends its beauty boundary into fine art. dress up with the magnificent nature. create an exquisite, dramatic statement on eye expression.

Goldglam Leaf (Premium Edition) ($79.00)

Created by Kakuyasu Uchiide, International Artistic Director

Emotionally stirred by how the forest nurtures and provides shelter for its inhabitants, Kakuyasu Uchiide designed a pair of lashes that recreate the beauty and delicacy of leaves. These glimmering lashes made from real skeleton leaves are drenched in glimmering gold. Transparent crystals sit atop this hand-crafted piece of art for a glistening, captivating look. ($79)

Marine Tide (Premium Edition) ($79.00)

Created by Yuji Asano, International Chief Make-Up Artist

Spending much of his time at the beach, Yuji Asano looked to the sea for inspiration when creating his lashes. One of nature’s most profound marvels, the ocean with its vastness and crashing waves can calm and rejuvenate the spirit. The unique curl design of this lash echoes the undulating roll of the ocean’s tidal cycle. This striking lash also references Mr. Uemura’s iconic “umbrella” eyelash. It is weaved with multiple shades of blue, from sea and sky blue to deep turquoise, accented with a sprinkling of white foam.

Snow Twist (Premium Edition) ($79.00)

Created by Mina Matsumura, Artistic Director, Europe

Looking to the sky and the many ways light emanates from it, Mina Matsumura captured nature’s celestial miracles in her pair of lashes. Each lash is made from thin, milky white wires. Frosted pink teardrop crystals enhance the lower lash.

Fleur-Ever (Premium Edition) ($79.00)

Created by Gina Brooke, Artistic Director, United States

Inspired by a flower’s ability to lift spirits and engender energy, Gina Brooke created a pair of false eyelashes as a way to share her sensibilities with the world. This lash’s design emulates the tail of a bird whose exotic purple plumage is accented with white flecking. Petal-like forms hide inside the lashes, bringing to mind a bouquet of sweet peonies. Perfect for any extravagant or fanciful look.

Lavender Bloom False Eyelashes ($29.00)

Deep purple tone eyelash with soft, fur-like materials creating a gentle and subtle appearance. When eyes blink or head moves from left to right so does the gentle, fine fur for a feminine and delicate atmosphere.

Farfallina False Eyelashes ($29.00)

Triple layers of brown and black tones with different levels of curls and longer lashes toward outer edge enable a natural, delicate look and ideal volume on the lash.

Lucent Rainbow False Eyelashes ($27.00)

Multiple loops of translucent rainbow colored wires are lined next to each other, which looks like a rainbow in the sky.

Rainbow Flare False Eyelashes ($18.00)

Renovation of color flare eyelashes in warm and cool colors. Blue and green with more yellowish tones to match eye makeup and add accent on the lash.

Mini Star Glitz False Eyelashes ($22.00)

Small sized, night sky colored eyelash with star motifs to express a pretty twinkle on the edge of the eyes.

Availability:  Now available at shuuemura.com.

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21 thoughts on “shu uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2009

  1. MC

    These are crazy!

    Especially for $80!

    • MC

      I was thinking about these lashes some more… the fancy ones… the $79 ones? Like, 5.5 MAC eyeshadows!! Or 7 if you buy them in the pan! That’s crazy! Just for some lashes… albeit, very theatrical…

  2. Marta

    Beautiful Promo Pics, they’re great, and the lashes – sick! 😉

  3. Oh the promo pics look great!

  4. Bethany

    *sigh* Hopefully one day I won’t bat an eyelid (pun intended :P) at laying down $80 for lashes, sadly, that is not today. Although I do understand why they are so expensive, gold leafed leaf skeletons?! Woven wire with crystals?!

    The rainbow loops one would be awesome in a circus look.

    Any word on how many times you are supposed to be able to wear these?

  5. Sasha B

    IM GETTING THE RAINBOW ONES! once i practice applying falsies with cheaper ones XD

  6. Ali

    I’m really a fan of the Snow Twist, but I just don’t know if I can bring myself to spend $80 on lashes. I might just get the Mini Star Glitz since they’re 1/4 of the price of the Snow Twist!

  7. margot

    I have the mini star ones and I love them. They’re cute and go well with a blue smokey eye ^^

  8. cloudburst

    Wow I love the feather ones – so beautiful & unique.

  9. Wilcoa

    Love them, but not for 70-odd dollars :S

  10. Jenn

    I have the star ones and I love them – very fun to wear! I’m thinking about getting the farfallina & lavender bloom ones as well.

  11. I love the lucent rainbow ones- and they’re only $30. Now I just need an excuse to get them- Rainbow Bright for Halloween? My fiance is getting wary of my “it’s for an editorial shoot” reasoning.

    Does anyone know how long these are available?

  12. I neeeeeeddd them! Shame I have no money. -.-

  13. What is the point of these? I mean where are you going to wear them? Pointless. Beautiful pictures though.

  14. rowan

    i want the mini star glitz ones so much 😀 they’d be great to wear to a gig or a party…so pretty!

  15. They’re beautiful to look at… but not practical for everyday wear, and not attainable money-wise for the regular person. PASS. :\

  16. Tami

    Must.have.star.lashes *gasp*

  17. Oh my, the gold ones are pretty! Esp the full rainbow and multi color individual lashes are going in my kit :)

  18. misha

    I just got to have the lashes with the stars on them!! They are soo freakin clean!! All of the lashes are very dramatic and chic!!! Pricey yes, but who wants to put a price on fun!!

  19. civa

    oh my heart just melted… I LOVE THESE LASHES!
    maybe I’ll get the star glitz. hope the stars don’t fall off on me!
    if I make enough I would def get all of them! still need to work on that.

  20. Vness_12

    Gorgeous! I love funky eyelashes. Just need a reason to wear them….I’m thinking “Because it’s Wednesday”….yeah that will work LoL.