Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Shiseido YE406 Tropicallia Eyeshadow Trio

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio: Tropicalia

Shiseido Tropicallia (YE406) Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio ($33.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a stunning trio of bright, summery shades: a shimmered fuchsia-purple, shimmered sunshine yellow, and soft grass green with yellow undertones. According to Shiseido, this particular trio was inspired by a “vividly colored succulent plant” in southern California. For fall, Shiseido launched seven different eyeshadow trios inspired by Dick Page’s–Shiseido’s Makeup Artistic Director–travels.

Shiseido’s Luminizing eyeshadows have an incredibly butter, almost creamy kind of texture. They’re so soft and finely milled they feel like silk when applied. The shadow holds together so well and deposits evenly. Every shade in the Tropicallia trio is richly pigmented; nothing sheer or untrue here–exactly as pictured. After trying Shiseido’s formula, it’s definitely one of the nicest formulas I’ve ever tried.  The purplish-fuchsia shade did remind me of MAC’s Stars ‘n Rockets, though in a more pigmented and creamier formula that applies pinker (less blue-toned).

The only downside (which isn’t major) is they could give you a little bit more of each color–the quantity is just a little below what I’d expect at the price tag. Each shade is about 0.033 oz. (0.10 oz. in sum), so you’ll still get plenty of usage out of each, and it’s not too high of an investment cost ($11 per shadow).

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: Give Shiseido’s eyeshadow trios a swatch next time you’re at the counter. I think you’ll be surprised at how lovely the formula is.


See more photos & swatches!

Shiseido YE406 Tropicalia Eyeshadow Trio

Shiseido YE406 Tropicalia Eyeshadow Trio

Shiseido YE406 Tropicalia Eyeshadow Trio

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56 thoughts on “Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio: Tropicallia Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Lulee

    that yellow is what i wish going bananas was

  2. Ani_BEE

    Wow bright/neon is back!

  3. Ru

    Wow, the colors are very true to the pan. Looks like it might be a fun eye look- can’t wait to see one from you!

  4. I want this!!! so beautiful!

  5. lauraaaaaaaa

    WANNTTTT but im sooo broke UGH. decisions, decisions.

  6. Ashley

    I love this! The colors are really lovely! The purple reminds me a bit of Stars and Rockets too, which is one of my favorite colors. And the yellow and green are so pretty and bright! I might get this instead of getting the Dare to Wear shades, because these look just a bit more softer in color and as you said easier to use. Although I’m still tempted to get Going Bananas, because I was so excited to see it being rereleased. Decisions, decisions.

  7. baby in a corner

    I have tried the duos before and the texture is extraordinary, really soft and buttery. very nice, though i sometimes forgot to check shiseido!

  8. Jazz

    I just want the yellow … shiseido is out of my price point though

  9. Shiseido is a brand that I ALWAYS want to try but rarely see anything that grabs my attention. I also hate buying stuff and then finding dupes for it in my kit already… Perhaps I shall lug all of my eyeshadow palettes to the Shiseido counter and have at it! Hah :)

  10. AnGeLwInGz

    To wear that trio would instantly bring happiness to anyone’s day. So very beautiful!

  11. Anna

    We do not need to support this company and many more because of animal testing. I don’t think our materialistic needs is worth an innocent animal dying. There are many other great cosmetic brands that are amazing and don’t test on animals! We have to end this cruelty!

    • Hi Anna,

      You may also want to read Shiseido’s corporate policy, which talks about what they’re doing to eliminate animal testing and create alternatives to animal testing, as many brands are working towards both aims as part of the EU directive. The accuracy/efficacy of it is to be judged, but I found it an interesting read!

      This report also shows the recent status of the directive and where companies are in developing alternatives: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/sectors/cosmetics/files/pdf/animal_testing/consultation_animal_testing_en.pdf

      • Anna

        Thank you so much for that link! I didn’t mean to start a argument or anything! It’s just something I’m starting to become passionate! I hope you have a great day!

        • No worries! :) Just wanted to pass along some info – I always like to read companies full stances on it, plus with the EU directive, it will be interesting to see what they can do by 2013.

    • Victoria

      I really don’t want to start any arguments or frustrations or anything, but there really is something that I want to point out: animal testing is what keeps people safe and alive. I work in a research laboratory where we routinely experiment on rabbit eyes — yes, slander me if you will, but would you rather me attempt to obtain enough human corneas to produce scientifically viable research? Furthermore, these other cosmetic brands that don’t test on animals probably rely on research done by others that have tested on animals to prove that certain chemicals are non-toxic and biologically safe. There’s no corporate brand or researcher or scientific community that wants to be associated with the image of needlessly and cruelly slaughtering thousands of animals for their own gain, but please try to keep in mind that we do this to protect people.

      • Jazz

        I would just like to know what would they test products on if they didnt test on animals?

      • Mia

        People are not more important than animals. We do not own animals, They are not tools, nor objects. I don’t care if animal testing is for people to be safe. We don’t need cosmetics. Also there are plenty safe ingredients (8.000 or more if I remember) already, the only reason animal testing would still be needed is for new ingredients which the only reason why they want to come up with those is for money.

        If a company would rather have new “miracle” ingredients to make huge sells than end their animal testing, THAT is a company i don’t want to support.

        There’s Urban Decay and plenty others that do not test, that operate under a FCOD, etc, etc, and i never heard of any health problem concerning those brands.

        Torture animals all you want but don’t try to fool others and yourself, animal testing has been proved ineffective, so if you are doing something it is torturing animals, not saving people.

  12. aradhana

    tropicalia…temptalia…. :)

  13. Sarah

    These look like weird colors, in the pan it almost looks like a color correcting concealer to me.

  14. OH MY GOD! Mardi Gras! Yep, definitely buying this one!

  15. Kaylynrenee

    Mmmm… Just saw this in August’s People Style Watch and added it to my ever-growing list and now here it is with lovely swatches! Perfect timing! Thank you! Lol.

  16. Does the green compare at all to MAC Juxt?

  17. Minaxi

    Please do a look w/ these colors! they’re gorgeous!

  18. OOoh! I want to see a look with this!!

  19. Cheyenne

    I think I want this…that’s so odd. :) That’s my favorite color green though!! Almost the same color as my eyes.


    This yellow looks good GOING BANANAS wasn’t wat I expected after so long wanting it I think I prefer this one.

  21. what a weird combo of shades. I can’t see anyone using all three of these together outside of messing around with looks in the house. If they were individual pans it might be more convenient and wallet friendly

    • If they were individuals, they wouldn’t be more wallet friendly – that’s for sure. The individual shadows are $25 each!

      Though I can definitely see this working as a trio, and not just to mess around.

  22. Jacey

    Will you be doing a look with this? I’m curious to see what you’d come up with.

  23. Ceriene

    This is gorgeous! Perfect for anyone who loves wearing brights. Will you be reviewing any of the other Satin Eye Color Trios, Christine? No pressure. I’m just curious if I should lemming for one of the more wearable trios, or wait for your swatches and review.

  24. Hilana

    Oh wow. I must admit I was not really impressed till I saw how beautiful it looks on the skin. I totally love the purple-ish colour. I am very fond of using that particular type of shade with a coppery colour and some gold and it always looks really nice.

    Thank you for this review. :)

  25. OMG!!! All the 3 shades are my kind of colors! I can see myself using all the 3 shades very often if I were to get this palette!

    Thanks for the lovely swatches, Christine!

  26. OMG since when does Shiseido have these trios?

  27. Jimena

    I swatch this in a counter, so lovely but those will not fit my budget lol

  28. Grace

    Hm…. these are really bright/sheer shades while still paying off… the colors are kinda crazy for me… but I love them! thanks temptalia :)