Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Share Your Jealousy Wakes Looks!

I would love to see any looks you come up with using Jealousy Wakes and share them with Temptalia’s readers. (And if you are camera shy but still want to show me, I’d still love to see it!) Β Submit your looks to [email protected] by July 1st to be included in the round-up! Β I only ask that you submit quality photos (no camera phone pics, please!) and your name (just first is fine) — it can be of the eye only or the entire look.

Stay tuned — big giveaway tomorrow with Jealousy Wakes!

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76 thoughts on “Share Your Jealousy Wakes Looks!

  1. I didn’t take a pic of it, but I received my order yesterday.

    I wore Dalliance on the inner two thirds of the lid, and Jealousy Wakes on the outer third, and in the crease. I smudged UD Deviant eyeliner on the lower lashline, and applied Dalliance over top of the inner third, and Jealousy wakes over the outer two thirds. It was awesome!

    I just have to say, Jealousy Wakes is one of the most complex greens I have seen in a while. When I first swatched it on my hand, I thought it was a bit more teal, but then when I did my look with it, and saw it against the blue of Deviant, it is definitely green! However, when I smudged it over top of Deviant, the blue base brought out the tones in the shade, and it was such a gorgeous result! I cannot wait to try it out over different bases!

    Great job, Christine!

    I’d be wearing it again today, but I wanted to try out my Hocus Pocus, for a smoky eye. It really brings out the green in my eyes. I was scared that I would own a dupe for Hocus Pocus already, but I definitely do not!

    • I’m so glad! It does some really cool things – like it really plays off with whatever you wear it with; it can look greener or bluer, all depending on what you pair it with.

      Thank you!

  2. I definitely will with you Christine once I get the shadow. I already have an idea what colors to pair it up with. I am camera shy, so I am glad you are not going to post pics of my monolid eyes….which are hard to put eyeshadow the normal way like everyone else.

    • It will be really fun for me to see, and since I know not everyone wants to be put in the spotlight on Temptalia, at the very least I still want to see, LOL! :)

  3. shontay

    I just received Jealousy Wakes and it is gorgeous. Thanks so much, Christine. I don’t have any greens like this one. It’s pigmented and smooth.

    Tomorrow I will wear it with another shadow that I received today, Hocus Pocus. I think they can be beautiful together. I also want to wear it with Prance from Peacocky and even in the crease with something like Groundwork paint pot on the lids. Again, thanks and great job.

  4. Elle

    I juuuuuust got mine! Totally going to play with it tonight and see what I come up with. I’m scared to depot it but I really, really want it in my green MAC palette. :)

    • divinem (Melissa)

      No way am I going to de-pot. Not taking the chance of damaging it. I only got one, so I’m handling it with kid gloves. 😎

  5. Ash

    Mine is coming in the mail tomorrow!! I can’t wait, if I come up with anything creative I will be sure to share. I’m so excited and happy for you. I kind of wish whomever sold the most out of the collection got to design their own full collection, that would be amazing!

  6. Paigest

    I read Karen’s blog but I had to come check yours out and give you a shout out for Jealousy Wakes. I got Karen’s lip gloss which I love. BUT I LOVE ME SOME GREENS! Very excited to get it and an awesome job!!!
    Love the name too!!

  7. SusyLovesMac

    For sure I will be sending in my flick πŸ˜‰

    *Waiting for my order to arrive! So excited to see it!

  8. Devi

    Lol, now I feel really bad for not being able to get Jealousy Wakes (or Parisian Skies ;_;) I figure you would feel so happy to see so many of us creating new and exciting looks with an eyeshadow color that you created. I feel slightly sad knowing that I’m not a part of that. xD

  9. By the time i got to it, it was sold out!!!! I want sooo badly!!!!

  10. Christine,
    I went to go purchase Jealousy Wakes on the Mac Pro site, and it says it’s sold out!

  11. AnGeLwInGz

    Hold your horses,lady! I ordered it as soon as it was put up Monday night and it hasn’t gotten here yet.

    • That’s why I put the deadline further out :) I just know people have been receiving theirs since yesterday, so I did want to let everyone know I want to see your looks!!

  12. Claudia

    I placed my order so glad I was able to get it. Now I’m waiting for it to arrive.

  13. Wendy M.

    Looking forward to receiving your shadow and doing a look with it, Christine! <3

  14. Becca T.

    I have not created a look with it yet as I have JUST received my order (literally 10 minutes ago). I instantly opened it and tried the three products from the collection that I bought…saving Jealousy Wakes for last. I swatched it and LOVED IT! Truly it is beautiful! I wanted to tell you this before I tried a look because I saw your post (either on Twitter or FB) that said you were nervous! I hardly wear anything other than natural makeup, but I am looking forward to wearing this tomorrow!! I will send a look ASAP! :)

  15. Alisha1

    Christine please stop torturing me with pictures of you gorgeous eyeshadow! I hate that MAC are being unfair and not making this collection international :( *sigh* Ok rant over πŸ˜‰

  16. Mariella

    Oh sigh…wish I could. I’ll be looking to see what people come up with and will be trying to “fake it” with the green shadows I have!

  17. Amanda Dubs

    Oh cool! Im thinking of looks to do right now πŸ˜€

  18. Jessica

    OMG!! I just received my Jealousy Wakes today, and i can’t wait to try it!! I work for Mac , here in Montreal, and i’ve never seen such a beautiful green :) Congrats Christine, you created a tru gem.

  19. rayne

    i received mine in the mail today, even with the postal strike going on. i was thinking of mixing it with brown but the only brown colour i have is satin taupe atm, LOL. i’m hoping it won’t be too dark & that JW will show.

  20. Julie

    I see that it is sold out on the MAC website.
    Do you know if more will become available?

    Alos, will your contest be open to everyone or just Facebook and Twitter people?
    I miss your old contests that were open to everyone as I am not into social networking sites :)

  21. Kenneth Alan

    It sold out before I could get one. I hope more become available.

    • Mariella

      Me too. First it was marked “coming soon” and 2 hours later, when I arrived home, it was “Sold Out”. I could have cried. CHRISTINE, for those of us who missed out, can you suggest some shadows that come a bit close…I know nothing is the same (hence your “obsession” to develop Jealousy Wakes) but for those of us who missed out on it, can you recommend some similar shades in a few brands so we can try to assuage our disappointment?

      • Hi Mariella,

        I posted 2 different sets of comparisons – that is the best I can do, sorry!!

        • Mariella

          I must have missed them, Christine, in all the excitement over the release (or maybe I saw them and can’t find them now!) I think Hocus Pocus should arrive tomorrow, which will be fun. On the Canadian website, all the shadows except Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle (love that name) are sold out but none of the lipglasses are sold out. Weird.

    • Atanza

      It IS on Ebay if you’re really desperate to own it. However, it’s going for a huge price right now. There’s one that’s up to $58 I believe, and the rest are slowly creeping up there. Just letting you know!

  22. Sheila

    Christine, what time is the giveaway? And what are the stipulations of the contest? Oddly enough, I have an interview with MAC tomorrow, but I don’t want to miss the big giveaway! I even called MAC customer service AND emailed begging them to produce more! Thanks!!

    • Giveaways usually last several days, so you won’t need to be here at a specific time tomorrow or anything. All the information will be in tomorrow’s post :)

  23. I would do this today, but I don’t receive my order until Tuesday. I’ll do a look for you then! πŸ˜€

  24. Sally

    Are you planning on showing some looks with any of the other pieces, Christine? I’d love to see how some of the other eyeshadows look in action, especially because JW is already sold out!

    • Probably not, just because Semi-Precious is on the horizon, along with a lot of new fall collections from other brands that are more available.

  25. divinem (Melissa)

    Since Nebraska uses the Pony Express to deliver my MAC products from MD, it will be a week before I can submit a look, but I’ll be happy to do so. I can’t wait! I broke my six month no-buy for this color. I can tell it is a beautiful, complex green that will work with many different looks. You’ll be getting a pic from me as soon as I can get it out of the box! 😎

  26. Marisel

    :( I missed out on your shade Christine. I hope MAC restocks on JW. *Fingers crossed

  27. Maryel

    Hope That Mac decide to launch it internationally :(

  28. Yvee G

    I ordered it but it still hasnt got here :( most likely monday because i dont think ups delivers on saturdays grrr… i cant wait to play with it! does the look have to be wearable or can we make it a little more dramtic.. (well i would wear it dont think alot of people would haha)

  29. Cherie C

    Ahh I’d love to but it was sold out by the time I went online :(

  30. Aileen

    I would wear Jealousy Wakes Eye shadow by firstly applying shroom as a base color all over my eyelid. Then I would apply Jealousy Wakes all over my lower eyelid. I would then take a MAC263 brush and line the bottom of my eye with Jealousy Wakes. Then I would use MAC fluidline in Blacktrack and line the top of each eyelid with a MAC263 brush. Finally I would finish the look off by applying MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara to my lashes (at least three coats) for a dramatic finish!

  31. Cori

    So I was on MUA (makeupalley) Swap and someone wanted to swap Jealousy Wakes for a $65+ giftcard……………

  32. Ashley Marie

    Mine JUST showed up at my door! Time to play! Its a LOT more blue toned than I pictured it.

    Its lovely!

    • You have to wear/swatch it to see the green really come out :)

      • Ashley Marie

        Oh, Ive swatched. Its amazing how it changes in different lights. Fascinating color. Convince MAC to give you an entire collection. Itll obv. sell out. Congrats on being the first of 2 to sell out. Must be an amazing feeling.

  33. rhoni

    i received jealousy wakes yesterday and I am so happy with it! idk if you listed this dupe but coincidentally i purchased MAC teal pigment and the colors are similar. i definitely prefer JW because its more complex and flattering. i paired it with jest e/s. i love how unique it is. thank you!!

  34. Mariella

    Well, I see where all “our” Jealousy Wakes are! They’re on eBay (now I understand the “evilBay” nickname). One vendor has it in a “buy it now” for $117.00 and change (but is generously offering free shipping, I think) Most of the others in the auctions have starting prices of about twice the original price. No wonder some of us couldn’t get it – I bet a lot of eBay vendors bought 6 or a dozen or more!

  35. Joy

    I received my order today! Jealousy Wakes is my first mac eyeshadow and I love it so much. Not sure what I’m gonna go for first yet.

  36. RedWeatherTigerD

    Mine came today…my daughters and I stood around oohing and ahhing over how pretty it is! :O) Can’t wait to try it.

  37. Liz Mc

    I just got my JW last night. It’s a gorgeous color but it may be a little over the top for my 47 year old face.

    I did get a great look out of Swell Baby (warm gray) on the lid then JW as a liner all around the eye – with black mascara it’s not over the top.

    I’ll have to work at it a bit to see if I can use it as a lid color without looking like an old clown LOL.

  38. Soorplooms

    I’m still waiting for mine. I’m in Canada and fedex tracking shows that I will not get it before June 30th. Let’s hope it gets here early!

  39. Laura

    I am only supposed to wear neutral looks to work but I HAD to wear it after I rec’d it in the mail yesterday. So I did half baked on my lid with Jealousy Wakes in the crease and Mylar as the highlight. This is an absolutely gorgeous green shade. I’m a sucker for green (I have brown eyes and they make ’em POP) I love humid but I think this is my green! Thank you Christine for such a gorgeous green!!

  40. Hannah Spano

    Will MAC restock Jealousy Wakes on their site? I would love to get one.

  41. Wore JW today for St. Patrick’s day on the outer corner, Rock & Republic’s Corrosive on the lid and a medium light brown in the crease. I lined my upper lash line with Urban Decay’s Covet. I got several compliments.