Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Sephora Friends & Family Sale 2011 – 20% off

See — history repeats itself, no need to stress. Go enter your e-mail @ Sephora Friends & Family Sale to get your unique code to save 20%. The sale runs from October 20th, 2011 and run through November 2nd, 2011.

Don’t forget — save an additional 4% by buying through Ebates! :)

  • 10/20 thru 11/2 at 11:59pm PST
  • Online code cannot be used in stores or Sephora JCP
  • 20% off
  • Can be used only ONCE
  • Not valid on previous purchases, Canadian online purchases, or gift certificates/cards
  • One promo code per email address, only five email addresses per computer
  • Can’t use with other promos

Fine print:

Offer valid 10/20/11 through 11/2/11 at 11:59 pm PST/PDT with any merchandise order on Online promo code cannot be used in retail stores or sephora inside jcpenney. Enter your unique promotion code during checkout to receive 20% off your entire online merchandise purchase. Promo code may be only be used once, is non-transferable, is not valid on previous purchases, on Canadian online purchases, nor with the purchase of eGift certificates or gift cards. Only one promo code per email address and only five email addresses per computer. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions/offers. Sephora reserves the right to end or change this promotion offer at any time. By providing your e-mail address, you agree to receive e-mail announcements in accordance with our privacy policy.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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244 thoughts on “Sephora Friends & Family Sale 2011 – 20% Off!

  1. Only once, and not in store. grrrrrr… last year I made at least 3 purchases and one of them was in store :(


    only once….ohhhhhh

  3. Bonnie

    I have made the list!!thank you very much!!

  4. Hunter

    I know everyone is really excited, but did anyone ever think that you’re exploiting a sale that is intended to be for the personal friends and family of Sephora employees? I mean, the ethics of it just seem really shady. That’s just my take on it. Can’t you just wait til they do the beauty insider sale?

    • Evelyn

      It might have been easier if Sephora just kept it as a private internal sale, avoiding all these complaints, etc. rather than giving out information on how to get a code to various blogs. But it certainly generates a lot of attention for Sephora!

      I think what also may be contributing to people’s frustration is that other companies’ friends & family sales are advertised as open to everyone (btw Lord & Taylor’s current friends & family sale gives 10% off cosmetics & fragrances) so one would think Sephora’s would be so as well.

  5. monicamai

    i’m very lucky to get this news! looking forward to it~baby~~

  6. Bonnie

    thank you very much!

  7. Bonnie

    cant wait to receive!!!!!!thank you!

  8. Bonnie

    I had made the list!!cant wait to receive!!!!!!thank you!

  9. yuki

    how to get the code~! i want a code~~~

  10. sephorafan

    i just entered my email on the website and a 20%off code immediately popped up on the screen. it also sent a copy to my email. so, shopping online is good to go!

  11. Mango the mango

    Yay, I just placed an order! I went to the site (not the homepage), entered my email, got an instant 20% off code–online only, 1 time use, expires 11/2. I successfully entered the code and checked out (1:30 AM, EST).

    I am not a friend or family member of a Sephora employee btw. So for those who are wondering, it’s open to everyone. If you have multiple email addresses, you can enter up to 5 and therefore get up to 5 codes, so you can check out 5 carts with the discount. I don’t think you can combine this with other code-type discounts/products (like the roulette prizes), but you still get the usual 3 packette samples, and you can redeem the 100 or 500 point perks.

  12. AmyD

    aaaaand this is why you’re awesome, christine :) i wouldn’t have tried looking into the sale again if it weren’t for you!

  13. Cori

    I’m such a makeup addict!! I stayed up to get NARS Danmari blush palette! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  14. Vanessa

    Awe… I tried to buy my stuff with the code they gave me and it said it has already been used,idk how it could happen I thought every1 were getting different codes. =-(

  15. Mar

    Never used ebates, will have to check out now!

  16. Joanne W

    Thank you!!!

  17. Jennifer N.

    Thankkkkkkkkkk you…………..

  18. Okay, am I the only one that think it’s stupid that the sale is online only? I’m sorry, but I’m just not one to order online. Now my shopping plans are cancelled :/

  19. Tina

    I’ve never been so freakin pissed off!! Us Canadians get screwed one more time. Oh, sorry, not screwed in store, but if you happen to be far from the mecha. I mean, we pay the hefty shipping from Sephora, why not get the same incentives??

    • Nadia

      Canadians don’t get the sale in store at all UNLESS they are actual friends/family of Sephora employees. That’s what Sephora told me when I called to ask them :)

    • divinem (Melissa)

      I totally agree with this. I mean, you ARE attached to the US for God’s sake! And the shipping charges are ridiculous, too. GRRR It’s not fair to our Canadian makeup addicts! >8-|

      • Evelyn

        I wonder if it’s a Sephora problem or something having to do with Canadian regulations on business. My curious thought of the night :)

  20. Gabby T.

    Christine – Thank you so much for always providing such accurate info – and so quickly! I was up at 4a (east coast) to get my haul and was so bummed because the one think I wanted the most – Dior Smoky Khaki Palette – was already sold out! Sigh. Maybe it will come back in stock before sale is over……But anyway – thank you once again for always having such great info!

  21. Anneliis

    I hate how it’s not available in Canada :(

  22. Adette M.

    Oh my god!!!!!!

  23. Suselew

    Thanks for posting that link. My actual email from Sephora came in plain text which showed all HTML code and therefore, impossible to read. Buried in the text was the code, however unless you already knew it, you would have a difficult time finding it.

    • divinem (Melissa)

      I had this happen, too. Fortunately, I screen capped the code. You just never know. Sephora is really having trouble keeping their site up because of the restrictions they’ve placed around F&F this year.

  24. Renee

    Is anyone else having problems with their code. I get this error saying the code has already been used, even though I just got the code through the site.

    Am I missing something?

  25. Courtney

    Thank you so much for posting this! I thought I would get a code via email and got all panicky when I didn’t see one this morning. I felt a little silly. ^_^

    Anyway, I got the giant Too Faced holiday palate and both of the Nails Inc. Magnetic polishes. So happy!

  26. Mary

    Christine, Thanks for providing this link! But I think their website just crashed! I was in the middle of my order and it went blank. Good luck to everyone!

  27. alexa

    when our how can we use this in stores? Can we even get the discount in the stores if you live in the U.S?

  28. divinem (Melissa)

    Boy did I luck out this morning. I logged on as soon as I got up to get my code, which fortunately I took a screen shot of — because the email confirmation DID NOT HAVE THE CODE. My cart absolutely runneth over, but I was waiting on a friend who I wanted to pick out her Christmas gift.

    During the time I was waiting the site went down. ARGH! I was about to have an aneurysm! I tried and tried and tried. Eventually, I got in and was able to screen cap my cart.

    I called Sephora customer service and placed my ENORMOUS order, which included both MUFE’s fully loaded Wild & Chic Collector’s Train Case and their Wild & Chic Aqua Cream Collection. Those were the main purchases. I bought some MUFE staples like their HD foundation, Illamasqua, Ole Henrickson, and those very cool magnetic nail polishes in purple and grey. Can’t WAIT to get my MAJOR HAUL!

    I’ve been somewhat disappointed in MAC this year and have really taken a shine to MUFE, so I decided to go all in.

  29. For some reason, my first code wouldn’t work and it said it had already been used. So, I typed in a different email address into the website, and got a new one and yay it worked!

    I got the Urban Decay anniversary palette (which I have been wanting for what seems like forever!) and NARS Pokerface nail polish (which I have also wanted for a long time, and it was already on sale for $8 from $17!). And then I even got a 100 point perk which was the Philosophy purity cleanser, which is actually half the size of the full-size $40 one and of course the customary samples, so I really felt like I got my money’s worth! :)

  30. Deolinda

    I can’t understand why we “Canadians” can’t profit from the Friends and Family sale. Already, we have to spend more in order to get free shipping and even though the Canadian dollar has been at par with the American dollar; we still have to pay more for our products.ARGH!!!!

  31. jenny

    WTH all the good things are sold out!

    I was really looking forward to getting the UD 15 palette :(

    • divinem (Melissa)

      Curious what you consider the “good things” besides the UD palette? I wanna know what I missed out on!

  32. Kristen

    I didn’t get a lot, but I’m so excited about the 100 Point Perk I got! 12oz of Purity?! I’m there! LOL

    What I ended up buying (again, not much) was Anastasia Brow Duo, Laura Mercier Cream Silk Foundation and some Clarisonic replacement brush heads :).

  33. AS

    Got my code and used it. Saved $348 on my 60-item order, plus I went through, which gives 5% back for Sephora instead of’s 4% (sometimes ebates doubles this so check both!). I’ll get $87 from for a total savings of $435! As for those saying it is “unethical” to use sale codes, forget it. If a company offers a sale, it is not like shoplifting. It is a business decision on the seller’s part. The markups on cosmetics are so high they still make a profit. Would I spend as much without sales? Hell no! Sephora gets several thousand from me every year and I am totally worth the discount they give me from their perspective since I am an exceptionally and unrepentantly high-spending shopper.

    • Heidi

      I totally agree with you, it’s so annoying to hear people say it’s unethical! Last year, I remember a banner on their homepage advertising it with the code. I remember thinking “Wow, time to stock up!” If they didn’t want “the average Joe” knowing about the sale, then they wouldn’t advertise it! : )

    • divinem (Melissa)

      I’m right there with you! I did not, however, know about Damn. I could’ve saved a HUGE chunk. Oh well. Next time. Thx for letting us know. *two thumbs up*

      • AS

        Christine kindly provided a reminder about ebates on this post, since that is the rebate site she likes to use. Ebates also offers cashback sales where they increase the rebate amount. They frequently double their cashback to 8%. There are other rebate sites out there, so whenever you think of making an online purchase, try googling things like “cashback shopping” and compare the rebates for the stores in which you have an interest. Keep in mind the rebates will vary over time, so if you are planning a big purchase, check a few of them. If you are looking for a particular product, like electronics or cameras, google shopping and will compare prices for you. Sometimes the businesses that offer rebates are not the cheapest option for these products. There are additional ways to stack savings. For example, you can use a rebate link for ulta, then pay using paypal with the funding coming from your paypal-branded credit card, which will give you triple points, which can be converted to cash when you accumulate 6000 points. Note that Ulta charges Illinois sales tax even to out-of-state sales. Sephora,,, etc. do not charge their local sales tax as long as the store does not have a physical presence in your state.

        • divinem (Melissa)

          I just copy/pasted the text of your comment into a document so I can review it the next time I make a big online purchase, which is regularly. Thank you!

  34. Joy

    I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to get lol I ended up getting 3 more MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks for fall #13, 20, 27 (I already have 3. #4, 34, 37), 2 MUFE powder blushes (first time. I got #58 & 67), Sephora’s instant moisturizer (Loved a sample I got a while ago), Shiseido pressed translucent powder (because of your “What’s your favorite pressed powder? post a few days ago),Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Fragrance Layering collection (xmas present for my mom) some samples, and the Purity cleanser 100 pt perk. I’ll probably buy some Urban Decay when the next sale happens.

  35. Heidi

    Just placed my rather huge order but it’s funny…at the checkout page it didn’t show the discount! (Yes – I copied and pasted my code into the promo code box) I logged out, got back in and it showed up. It was like it logged me out during the checkout process which hasn’t happened to me before.

    Just an FYI for everyone…Lots of good 100 point perks to choose from for a change, a full size Murad clarifying cleanser, a full size Peter Thomas Roth anti-anging cleanser and a Stila paint pot (I forget the color!). I chose the Murad cleanser since I actually use it! The 500 point perk is a Buxom kit containing a sample size mascara, deluxe sample lipstick and I think a full size lip gloss with a black Passport holder.

  36. Nancy

    just got my code, sucks can only use once..

  37. Hannah

    When I went to and entered my email, the code did not pop up! It was just had a graphic that said “Your promo code:” but no code after it! The same was in my email! I will call tomorrow and try to figure out how to get the code, or have them give me once since this is the only email I have and I think it counted my email even though it didn’t give me a code!

  38. Nancy

    They do NOT accept gift cards either.. -.-

  39. leah

    UG! I can’t see my code. Next to “Your promo code” is just a blank space. My email looks the same way. Help?

  40. Victoria

    I have a yahoo email address and I got an email from sephora when I put my email into the thing, but the email doesn’t have a code. It says “YOUR PROMO CODE: ” And then there isn’t any code. >.<

  41. Evelyn

    While they certainly are entitled to limit the sale to true friends and family of staff, it’s not a huge population for buying things. A code open to everyone would bring in a lot more income and actually sell out stuff which would otherwise sit on shelves gathering dust.

  42. Victoria

    Does anyone know how to fix the emails without codes problem???

  43. romina

    Just place my order for MUFE 12 color flash card… I’ve been wanted this for years now and I’m finally getting it!

  44. Ladies, relax! Just follow Christine’s instruction at this post: use the link www., enter your email. You’ll have one code per email. I had to use two codes since the first one was wasted during my first few tries. So it seems that you can submit more than 1 emails, meaning you still can get the discount multiple times. My order went through and is now sent to the warehouse. You should get the Phylosophy purity 12 oz while it lasts for 100 point perk if you are a BI or VIB.

  45. Maya

    Thank you so much for posting that link. I just saved over sixty dollars!

    After all that drama, looks like everyone was able to use the discount in the end. I think the main issue was Sephora opening the Friends and Family Sale to all customers in previous years (not just actual employees’ friends and families) and trying to take that away this year. So many retailers make their Friends and Family sales open to all customers as well, so I understand the expectation. Wonder if all those people who said they’d boycott Sephora are sticking to their plan now, lol (especially around Christmas when Sephora offers their generous gift cards – no one does that around the holidays!).

    In the end, thank you Sephora and thank you Temptalia!

  46. Cat

    Man, this really upsets me. I had talked to a Sephora employee the day before (the 19th) and asked about the sale for both in store and online and she had said it was only for employees and people employees personally knew who they had given a card to, or members that had received an email with a code. Since I’m just a Beauty Insider and hadn’t received any sort of code, I was essentially told I wouldn’t be getting the 20% discount and wouldn’t be able to be part of this sale. So, because I was told I wasn’t part of the sale, I bought myself a few things I had been saving up for on the 19th. I feel SO mislead :( Will they let me just return everything I bought the 19th since it’s all unopened? I rather save money since I don’t have a lot of it!

  47. wussupteddy

    quick question- will i be able to use my store credit?
    ik it says no gift cards but what about store credit…?

  48. Coleen

    I tried the link, and i received an e-mail without a code. when i called, the rep said that the link was only for employee friends and family.
    However, you can go to nordstroms and they will match the 20% off.