Sunday, March 2nd, 2014, Inc.

Happy day! is now shipping internationally to the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea. You can read all the nitty gritty fine print about international shipping here. Otherwise, some quick info: shop as usual on the U.S. site, select the country you’d like to ship to on the “My Basket” page., and orders are “guaranteed at the exchange rate set when your order is placed.” Some brands are excluded (such as Dior, Givenchy, Hourglass to name a few, but I don’t have a full list — if you discover any, it would be great to get a list going!).  Hopefully, they’ll implement a system that shows what is available for international shipping in the future.

International shipping is available at flat rate costs, based on meeting certain thresholds (not that high, actually), and Sephora says, “Guaranteed all-inclusive costs (no additional fees at delivery).” If you don’t meet the threshold, they will charge you actual shipping costs. Items that are considered hazardous (aerosols, alcohol-based products, such as hair spray and nail polish remover) are not available for international shipment due to restriction to ground-only transport. Flat rate shipping fees if you meet minimum purchase threshold:

  • Japan: ¥1,500 JPY on orders over ¥10,000 JPY
  • South Korea: ₩15,000 KRW on orders over ₩100,000 KRW
  • United Kingdom: £10 GBP on orders over £75 GBP

List of excluded brands (updated)… These brands do not appear to be eligible for international shipping at this time:

  • bareMinerals
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Dior
  • Givenchy
  • Hourglass
  • Illamasqua (will not ship to UK, will ship to Japan/South Korea)
  • Josie Maran
  • NARS
  • Smashbox
  • Soap & Glory
  • Urban Decay

If you discover any excluded brands, please comment below so we can update the list!

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60 thoughts on “ Now Shipping to UK, Japan, & South Korea!

  1. Christen

    Did hear that nars and hourglass are not available for international shipping

  2. That is brilliant! I hope they expand to worldwide shipping soon!
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  3. Woo really happy about this :)

  4. Even though I live in the US, this makes me so happy!

  5. Andrea

    From what I read, Hourglass is excluded as well.

  6. I think it is amazing that Sephora is expanding their shipping services to other parts of the world! I certainly am glad to got into the whole online shopping after Sephora started shipping to Canada as well! Despite the list, I think there’s still an amazing selection for other international shoppers out there!
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  7. Lucy

    It’s so typical that this would happen after they stop stocking Lorac! :(

  8. Sasha

    Oh God, this is such an amazing news!!! Hopely, they’ll ship wordwilde later;))

  9. 18thCenturyFox

    I’m so happy to hear this for all the international Tempties but I wonder why these brands are excluded? They seem to be some of the most coveted. My heart goes out to you folks and I stand in solidarity that one day Urban Decay and NARS will not be restricted!

    • Codename Duchess

      I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s a fair bet that the exclusions are based on sales agreements with the actual brands and not that Sephora wouldn’t be willing to sell those items to shoppers in the UK, Japan or Korea. For brands that are already available in the UK/Japan/Korea, it’s probably a competitive issue (selling their stuff at lower US prices could hurt business already selling their stuff), and brands not currently available in those countries may not have been approved for sale by the necessary government agencies.

    • Shars

      Those brands already have exclusive retailers in the UK and the price point is sometimes quite different so I figure they haven’t given Sephora permission for that reason.

  10. Amanda

    I wish they would sell to canada based on the actual exchange rate, the price increase for us is ridiculous. Plus the added duty costs now.

    • xamyx

      Sephora (or other retailers/brands) don’t mark up the prices, the Canadian government does. There are actually Canadian politicians, including Rob Ford, who want to do away with that price hike.

      • Lizzi

        It’s crazy. I have lived on both sides of the northern border. The Canadian dollar is now, more or less, equal to the American dollar. Yet, everything is more expensive. Even MAC which is based in Toronto, is more expensive to its own countries citizens. It’s too bad. And poor Australia, it’s even more inflated for them.

      • Amanda

        I’m not saying they mark up the prices, but they choose to sell to us from a Canadian website and then expect us to pay duties on items purchased in addition to the inflated costs. If we’re going to be charged duty we should have the option of ordering from the states website. It’s a tad ridiculous to pay duty on an item from a Canadian website.

  11. Stacey

    Just don’t know why, but not impressed by this…….I rather buy all the makeup that sells in Japan than purchase from Sephora. Sephora does not have even 1% of the customer service I experienced from Selfridges, Harrods and Ichibankao customer services experiences for sending my packages to the United States. And I asked a lot of questions via online with listed or on the phone with the Suqqu counter a lot of questions before I ordered my makeup.
    Every time I go into Sephora, those SA annoy me and watch me like I will steal.

    • Sudeki

      I think in us sephora sa are very friendly and helpful in general. I’m living in us and really want to buy Suqqu but I don’t like the price of ichibankao and there don’t cover shipping lost unless u buy insurance. Self ridge don’t seen to ship us. If they do I will buy suqqu there.

      • stacey

        Selfridges now ships to U.S.A. And I had called Selfridges Suqqu sales counter before to buy over the phone when I made my first order with Selfridges….. way before Selfridges had online orders to the U.S.A. Sometimes, Selfridges doesnt have the brushes or the eyeshadow always shown in stock, but they do sell it online….the brushes are sold on-line.

        It is more expensive to buy from Ichibankao or any other Japanese dealers for Suqqu brushes than at Selfridges. And Ichibankao has the most reasonable mark-up. I figure if I had to fly to Japan and stay in a hotel and go thru U.S. customs in paying any taxes to purchase a suitcase of makeup, it still will be cheaper to buy it online. And Kelly at Ichibankao has been superb. I am very particular about the pristine condition of my makeup.

        Besides, my international orders have arrived faster than waiting for the arrival of snail mail Sephora packages. Luckily, I have many dept stores to shop in S.F. that there is not need for me to see buy from Sephora.

  12. xamyx

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amusing Sephora won’t ship Illamasqua to the UK…?

    • Barbie

      hahaha right!

      • Jo

        I guess to make sure they don’t steal trade from the UK Illamasqua site? We get free shipping from there I think 😀 I’m a bit excited but I kind of hope this is to test the waters for UK retailers to stock some of the brands we don’t have or for a triumphant physical store return for Sephora to the UK. We are ready for you now and to try the products in person please!

    • Codename Duchess

      I’m betting that’s due to an agreement Sephora has with Illamasqua, not that Sephora is unwilling to sell it to Brits.

    • Why would you ship something from across the Atlantic when you can get it at the store (or have it sent out from London)? :)

  13. Maddie

    I live in Japan so of course was super excited by this news…except the one brand I wanted, Urban Decay (I’m lusting after some of their lipsticks), is of course one of those not available for int’l shipping. So typical! Still, I’m happy that Sephora are expanding their service. While it’s possible to get many of the high-end brands here, the mark-up is ridiculous.

    • stacey

      Love to switch places with you. I want all the Japanese brand makeup and you can try on all the U.D. lipsticks.

      • Maddie

        Done! You can come here to do a shopping spree, and I’ll go there to get the lipsticks. Out of interest, what Japanese brands are you most interested in?

        • Stacey

          Addiction, Suqqu, Three, Elegance, Lunasol….every brand on Ichibankao’s website really. dept n drugstore store brands. I just bought $500. with my rebate money. If you really want details, go see a temptalia’s recent Chukihodo’s blog. I wrote it all there. Japanese’s brands look so feminine and girly.
          What lipsticks n colors from U.D. Are you looking for?
          I think the new ones here are $20-22. each.

          • Maddie

            I’ve tried some Addiction and Three products and was really impressed. There are lovely spring collections coming out now, which I’ve got my eye on. I need to look more into the Japanese brands!

            I’m loving F-Bomb, 69, and Streak, although have my eye on some others. Guess I’ll have to wait until I go home to try them out and pick them up.

    • Maddie, I don’t know if they ship to Japan or not, but BeautyBay carries Urban Decay. They’re based in the UK, so sadly the prices are marked-up quite a bit.

      • Maddie

        Thanks so much for the tip Ryou! I didn’t know about the website so I’m bookmarking it. It’s a shame about the mark-up, but sadly I’m used to it now.

        • You’re welcome! I think carries UD as well. It seems most websites that ships internationally are British-based and they mark things up pretty horribly. >: No wonder people resort to using forwarders.

  14. From the list I’m seeing, most (if not ALL) of the brands not shipped internationally (at least to the UK) is because they are already sold there, at probably much higher prices, so Sephora is not allowed to ship them (and prevent the brands from cashing in, ah!). All in all, no big deal.

  15. Slightly OT, but you can get Hourglass (limited amount of products) from net-a-porter and Urban Decay from Feelunique or BeautyBay. They all ship worldwide (with some restrictions probably, so do check it first).

  16. That’s super good news! I hope Philippines is next!!!

  17. What about Australia? :(
    It’s a shame that Hourglass, Illamasqua, Nars & Urban Decay are excluded from international shipping.
    Oh well. I’ll just continue using Parcel It On or Tarazz…

  18. Australia and New Zealand tap their feet… 😉

    Mind you, it’ll probably never happen here because so many brands have a nice niche selling stuff at 2-3 x the US price to a captive market 😛
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  19. Denise

    Happy on behalf of UK, Japan and South Korea but feeling a bit glum down here in NZ. It’d be so nice to have a large variety of brands to choose from without the exorbitant prices we seem to get charged on. Oh well, will just have to save my pennies and go to the States in person and spend up large!
    Seriously tho’ it’ll be Happy days when/if Sephora decides to ship down under ….

    • Adrienne

      I live in NZ and shop at sephora online- since now they ship to korea etc they accept international credit cards (which they didn’t before) & you just get it shipped to your ‘youshop’ ( ) address and then get it forwarded to you in nz and its all good… worth it to get makeup forever products/ most stuff is half the price it is in nz.

  20. Donna

    I remember when we actually had 3 Sephora stores in the UK. No website you had to phone to order products. The customer service was just awful!!!!! Not every store did mail order!!!! I phoned up to order some Vincent Longo, the SA put the phone down to check something was in stock and never came back to the phone. I hung on for 10 minutes and then hung up. Phoned back and a different SA answered and did service me. She did not seem worried about the other guy leaving me hanging.

    I know in the UK we can order from Sephora France shipping is 15 euros.

  21. Julie M

    I’m so happy about this! I live in Denmark, but my boyfriend lives in the UK, so perhaps he will receive an order or two for me 😀

    The only thing I’m concerned about is import duties… I’m sure they’re not included in this statement: “Guaranteed all-inclusive costs (no additional fees at delivery).” …are they?
    It would be a waste to place an order like this, thinking you’ve got a good deal, and then having to pay twice to even get your package.

  22. But still no Australia….

    I guess we will just have to keep paying double the prices in store at Department stores or trying to find reputable sellers online.

  23. Floz

    Oh my god, YES!!! =D At last! So happy they’re shipping to the UK, I’ll definitely be placing an order soon! I hope they add more countries soon as they stock so many brands that are well-loved on beauty blogs but hard to get in some countries.
    Thanks for letting us know! :)

  24. Tina

    I could swear they included Australia before, last week it said $10 shipping on orders over $100… I couldn’t have imagined information like that :S It makes me wonder what an earth I was looking at but my hubby said he saw it too!!

    • They did, but they removed Australia almost immediately after, as they said they couldn’t quite get everything in place for the international shipping launch.

      • Tina

        Well at least there’s hope for the future and I know I’m not crazy! Thanks for the info Christine

      • If it’s true then the market here might be screwed, lol. I sure hope this would compel local distributors to lower their prices. It seems they’re starting to get the hint (because so many people just order things online instead of in-store — With that kind of mark-up, who can blame them?).

  25. Yeah saw the cart on Monday with that update. The UK girls will be happy. 😉
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  26. Josie Maran is not shippable to UK .. boo!

  27. Molly Lyon

    Seems like a bit of a joke to me. I tried to order but not a thing I wanted was available. Fresh and Wen aren’t available either. I don’t understand why it is selected brands only, does anyone know why?

  28. Annie

    They won’t ship Kate Somerville. I could have cried!

  29. avril nakouzi

    can you ship Fresh – lip moisturising lipsticks to the UK?

  30. Vicki

    They won’t ship Ole Henrikson either… :(

  31. Zheen

    Can i get sephora products by DHL post to iraq

  32. Niamh

    They won’t ship Clarisonic either! Probably because they sell it at really hiked up prices in the UK already. FYI for any Irish sephora shoppers you can use parcel motel to have your order shipped to you from Northern Ireland!

    • Lealou Belle

      I know I’m a little late to the party here, but I live in the Netherlands where there is no official Urban Decay retailer since Sephora pulled their stores from the country. Sephora doesn’t ship Urban Decay here, so it’s not just a case of Sephora having trade agreements with the company due to other means of purchasing. Literally, the only way to get Urban Decay here is through ebay or Amazon.

  33. Alexa

    Why would they bother shipping soap an glory. It’s an English brand that we can get over here easily.