Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Beginning November 7th, Sephora is inviting VIBs for a Celebration of Giftopia, where VIBs will get 20% off from November 7th through November 11th.  Use the code VIBTOPIA to save 20% off all VIB purchases online.  Sephora states you should have received an invite by 11/5, but as long as your status shows as VIB/VIB Rouge, you should be eligible to use the discount code VIBTOPIA.

Canadian readers should be able to use the discount online and in-stores per Sephora’s Beauty Talk FAQ.

Note:  No official information yet on what will be available for BIs as Sephora provided this information officially just for VIBs and said to stay tuned for other upcoming promotions for BIs and VIBs.  When I have official information, you’ll see me post about it here. :)

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229 thoughts on “Sephora 20% Off for VIBs Coming This November!

  1. Lizzi

    Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for one of you beauty bloggers to post this! I just hope they do the VIB and friend 20% again this year. I have a co-worker that wants me to share the VIB savings with. She’s got a 13 year old that just starting having interest in makeup.

  2. Rafaela

    I just want know, which meant Vibs?
    thank you

  3. Hi! Have you heard anything, even rumors haha, about what is in store for VIB Rouge members?

    • Hi Bianca,

      All the info I know of is posted – sorry!

      • Thought I’d ask, thanks anyways :) Crossing my fingers Rouge members get like 25% off or extra perks or something haha

        • A reader commented on our Facebook that she’s VIB Rouge and it’s just 20% off!

          • Melissa

            I read that on a post in specktra too. This person had VIB rouge but received the regular VIB 20% discount.

            I hope that when rouge gets their discount that it will be more than the vib discount of 20%.

            20% is a lot, but you would think that rouge would get more since it’s much much harder to get rouge status.

  4. Kristen

    That tote bag is really cute. I usually couldn’t care less about those bags, but I kind of want that one this year LOL.

  5. Karla

    Is this for Canada also?

  6. Poulomee

    Hi Christine, do you know if they will be doing anything extra for VIB Rouge members?

  7. alyssa897

    Christine, I need some advice/info and I’m hoping you can help. I just recently got into makeup this year and I have been saving up some money for the last few months. I have almost $500 saved up and I’m hoping to participate in the VIB sale. I’m only a BI because I heard that Sephora does this sale every November and a few months ago I decided to save up and wait for 20% off instead of spending full price for products. Would you say it’s easy to participate in the sale if you’re not a VIB? I’m honestly thinking of just showing up at Sephora and saying “Look, I have all this money I want to spend at your store, but I only want to do it if I get 20% off.” Any chance you think that would work? I don’t know anybody that shops at Sephora that could get me a code (if they do the VIB and friend). I’m seriously starting to stress out about this because I don’t want to miss out on this sale! Thanks for any insight you can offer.

  8. Alex

    Exciting! Do you know whether this an in-store only event?

  9. Adele

    You rock, Christine! Thanks for posting!

  10. Mimi Maldonado

    Woo hoo! Hourglass ambient palette will be mine! :)

  11. Dayna

    Yes yes yes yes!!! 😀 Love when this comes around.

  12. Sue

    Time to get that Hourglass Ambient Palette and Jinsoon Obsidian!

  13. So I’m curious what VIB Rouge will get!

    • Alejandra

      It’s the same discount.I already called the Rouge line.

      • That’s somehow less glamorous and exciting than I thought it would be. I mean, so far with VIB Rouge I haven’t seen anything different than VIB :/

        • divinem1 (Melissa)

          Phyrra- I LOVED your review on KVD palette. The lighting you use is fantastic. I hate it when people review things with lighting so poor that everything looks yellow. I also love your hair color. 😀

          • oh thank you! I have a light kit with umbrellas and a ton of natural light in my bedroom. I sometimes still feel like it’s not enough light even with all my daylight bulbs!

        • divinem1 (Melissa)

          I also agree with you about the VIB Rouge thing not netting anything remarkable. I will be cutting WAY back this year b/c of our health care expenses, so Sephora will not be getting my standard crazy amount of purchasing anymore. Can’t wear makeup if I’m dead, yanno?

          • dayna

            I’m personally not a VIB ROUGE member but even I feel you all (ROUGE members) should of received SOMETHING extra or special. Especially since Rouge members spend such a crazy amount of money. Hopefully something will pop up during the rest of the year?

            • Lyn

              I can definitely understand why it would be nice if VIB Rouge members would receive something extra – since it seems only fair.

              However, as a BI only, I think it’s pretty lame that we get nothing – no discount at all.

              This is why Ulta has been getting my money. Don’t feel it should be that hard to get a lousy 20% once or twice a year. Yet, if you are a VIB you can give a discount to a friend – even if they are not a regular Sephora customer (huh?)

              I don’t like Sephora in how they do their business. There are items I would like to buy but won’t without a discount. Every customer helps to keep them in business so I think ALL customers should be rewarded somehow.

            • I called the 877-SEPHORA line and asked them if there will be any early access to the VIBTOPIA event (my tiny Nebraska Sephora doesn’t carry the high-end items) to beat the rush on highly popular brands.

              Last year the system crashed, and I had to call my order in. Some of the items on my list were sold out before I got the order in.

              The Sephora CSR checked with a supervisor who told her, “Well, VIB Rouges do get free makeovers, events where champagne and confections are served.”

              Well, La-De-Da. I don’t consume sugar or alcohol of any kind under any circumstances, so Sephora can bite me.

              I have to use them to get to my tried and true MUFE products and some of the LE releases that come through UD and other brands, but I’m tired of these games.

              They should have told me I’ve earned VIB Rouge-colored Sucker status! 😡

              Sorry for all the bitching, Christine. I know you have to read this whining from us every year, and I know it has nothing to do with you.

              As always I appreciate you keeping me more informed than Sephora CSRs. <3 😀

        • Emme

          My thoughts exactly. : /

  14. CatG

    Glad you posted about this!! I was waiting for you to! Do you know if I can use the coupon I get as a VIB member both online and in store? Like, is it a one time use coupon? (I plan to go to store the 7th, but then make one order for the things they don’t have in store…)

    • I’m really not sure – I haven’t received my card, and Sephora seemed to say it was individualized codes but readers are reporting a super generic code.

  15. Yay! I look forward to this every Fall!! :) Thanks for posting, Christine!

  16. Denise

    I saw this post while at work and just came home to find my 20% off cards in the mail. Super excited! You get two, one for you and one for a friend, as stated in the post. I already have my cart with items I have been meaning to purchase. I recently purchased the Hourglass Ambient palette, wish I would’ve waited, but I do have my eye on other goodies.

  17. Saving my money! Have to get the rest of the points to retain VIB status anyway.

  18. I hope I’ll get the coupon in the mail, cause somehow the emails I receive from Sephora seem to be “disconnected” from my rewards account (they always show me as a BI with 0 points, although I’m a VIB with 360 points in the bank…) despite the fact that I receive their newsletter on the same email I use for my VIB account.

  19. Christine85

    This is the first time in years that I might not participate in 20% off sale. The only thing I would buy is the LORAC Pro palette but it’s been sold out for a few weeks now. Plus, I found a better deal at Ulta for $39 that includes eye primer and liquid liner.

    Do you know if Ulta has a F&F sale or if they put out a coupon that includes prestige brands?

    • They recently had (maybe have?) a coupon going around that includes some prestige brands, but I think you had to receive an email or the actual card (it seemed like a one-time use code).

      • Christine85

        Thanks, Christine! Will keep an eye out for the coupon :)

        • The sale ends November 2nd. It’s 10% off their prestige brands and 20% off everything else. If you’re subscribed to Ulta, you should have gotten the discount. It’s a one time use only. Hope that helps!

          • Christine85

            I’ve shopped in their store using the card but never signed up on their website until now. Bummer :( Hopefully they have something for Black Friday!

  20. Cait

    I just qualified this past week. I’m kinda excited. I like how sephora actually gives perks to loyal customers and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. This is so exciting.

    I have to admit I was kinda ashamed to achieve that status but you know what? I get incredible perks so it is kinda ok.

  21. I’m so excited for this sale! It’s the first time that I’ve qualified…I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of or not, lol. I plan to pick up:

    1. Dior’s Golden Flower 5 color palette (Only if I hear good reviews before then. I’ve searched the internet and haven’t found much of anything on it.) Will you be reviewing this, Christine?

    2. Hourglass ambient lighting powder palette. (I have mood light and it’s fantastic.)

    3. Caudalie’s Vinosource SOS serum. It’s super pricey at $48 but it’s lasted a solid 6 months, and I have about 1/8 of the container left.

  22. amber m

    Thanks Christine for the heads up. Not that I’m not grateful for the 20% off but did the sale just have to coincide with IMATS Toronto November 9-10. This is the 1st year that I planned on going (sad that the closest IMATS requires me to leave the country but that’s another story) All my sad sad wallet can say is why Sephora …why?!

    • xamyx

      I hate that it coincides with the Holidays, LOL! I have others to shop for this time of year, so I never actually benefit from the sale. I wish they’d move the sale closer to Summer…

      • The Sephora VIB discounts are typically around the same time each year. One in April and one in November. Usually the first weekend of November. IMATS Toronto is also usually in November, sad part is that this year it coincides with Giftopia. My suggestion (and what I’m planning on doing), hit up Sephora after IMATS for the things you weren’t able to purchase at IMATS. Especially since the lines and crowds get hectic, it might actually be to your benefit to stop by. Granted, that’s if you don’t end up using your whole budget.

  23. Brittany

    Never mind, she just got word from Sephora themself that it will just be for VIB and VIB Rouge. :(

  24. Anh

    Does this apply only to the US? I’m in Canada and I hope this is offered in Canada as well!

  25. divinem1 (Melissa)

    I wonder if VIB Rouge customers get any special perks above VIB?

  26. Dkla_diann

    I got it in the mail today, it does include an online code & i dont think it is exclusive to each VIB because it has the promo name in the code

  27. TamaraB

    It’s so weird. I have almost a thousand points and still am not titled VIB. It’s not points from last year either because I barely started a account at the end of last year. It’s confusing.

    • You should call Sephora to make sure they figure it out!

      • TamaraB

        I emailed and she said that all points have been added if I bought from a sephora, or sephora online. Where else would be getting my sephora only sets from. I don’t do eBay or amazon. Ugh. Like I know I bought things from sephora, and they aren’t on my purchase history. Thank you writing back. If I don’t get the code, it’s less money spent at sephora anyway. :)

    • divinem1 (Melissa)

      I’d be riding somebody’s butt about that right now so you get the points you’re entitled to AND the code! 😡

  28. Claudia

    Christine, is this U.S. Only? I am rouge member but have not received anything in email or mail.

  29. rileynak

    Sweet! I’ve got some stocking up to do.
    NARS lip pencils, Buxom lipsticks, UD lipsticks, YSL glossy stains, Ole Henriksen skin stuff.
    I can tell already I need to reign myself in and not lose my mind & wallet!

  30. I have to spend $90 dollars to become a VIB. do you think if I spend $90 during the sale that I will become a VIB and get the discount on that purchase?

  31. So excited! I have been waiting for this.

  32. Hi, has anyone here heard about Sephora Employee’s Friends & Family Sale?

  33. Anna

    It’s pretty disappointing that they haven’t included anything for regular BI members. I’m a BI, but I’m lucky enough to have a VIB friend who’s offered to share her friend code with me :) Not everyone can do that though, and it would be nice to have a 15% IB code that I could use online for online only items

    • jay

      I agree with you. Sephora is starting to become worse and worse every year. I mean first they changed the ff sale to only include bloggers,butt kissers and friends of employees. We all know friends and family of people who work at sephora use their discount all year round so that sucked and now no word on anything for the BI. Ugh.

      • Yeah, I’m starting to feel pretty grumpy about it. As a VIB Rouge, I’ve seen no real benefit except I get free shipping no matter how much I spend — $5 or $49.99.

        To take advantage of that, I split my orders up into 2 or 3 to take advantage of promos that I would benefit from, like premium samples of certain products, or sale items that are wicked cheap. At least I know I’m costing them more in shipping and samples, but there’s nothing special about the $1,000+ I’ve spent.

        I can assure you I will not reach VIB Rouge status again and will pay attention to sites like Ulta and who tend to have better sales more frequently. Who cares about 3 samples and “points” when you never spend them because the 500 point gifts they offer generally suck? I was SO mad when I missed that Bobbi Brown palette. It was gone in hours! @_@

        I hope they have some decent 500-point VIB specials. I have over 3,500 points to burn and want something decent and usable!

        • beck

          I feel bad to split orders up, I recycle the boxes
          and packaging, I just feel bad to waste more
          than I need to so I try to consolidate orders.Y’know?

          • Cristina

            Well hey, the more packages you order, the more money you give shipping companies, which in turn boosts the economy! The shipping companies employ the people to ship the products who in turn go out and spend their money to boost the economy, and the shipping companies buy the shipping materials from suppliers, or trucks to deliver, which also create more jobs. It’s endless!

            Our country needs us! Spend, spend, spend!

            But yes, be conscious of your environment and recycle! :)

      • Lyn

        Totally agree!!!

  34. Hannah

    I am a VIB Rouge and just got my Giftopia coupon in the mail. I am a little disappointed that VIB Rouge’s didn’t get something extra, maybe to shop earlier or longer. Makes me wonder what the difference in perks are between VIBs and VIB Rouge’s.

    Glad to have the coupon though. Now to fill up my cart :)

  35. Caren

    I got my postcard in the mail with a 20% card for me and a friend. But the friend has to be accompanied by the VIB holder

  36. Veronica

    I think my purchases were too scattered this year to achieve Sephora’s VIB status, unfortunately, but happy purchasing to those who did! :)

  37. Sara

    So i’m in Canada and I’m a VIB but I haven’t gotten an email yet. Have they been sent out yet or should I wait a couple days?

  38. Sue

    It’s so frustrating as a loyal Canadian consumer to only have the VIB events in-store. Half of my wishlist is always online only (brands like Sunday Riley, D&G that aren’t available in Canada) with the anticipation that the current year will be the first time they offer online discounts to us Canucks.

    I’m thinking this is going to be another year of “womp womp”!

  39. mary

    I saved up when I heard about the sale but I’m not a vib member. If anyone has an extra friend’s code could you please send it to me? marfranco9
    thank you :)

  40. Lorrie

    Thank you for posting! I was starting to worry I was going to miss it. My friend got her coupons in the mail this weekend and I haven’t received anything yet. Of course there is the slight chance my husband threw it away so I wouldn’t go shopping lol! I’ve got a wish list I’ve been keeping just for this occasion!

  41. Sephora -better- have an online code for Canadian VIB’s or I’m gonna be so upset! Their family & friends sale was in store only & that was a huuuuge disappointment for me since I’m physically incredibly far away from a Sephora store!! And I mean really far, as in 1500 kilometers/ 932 miles!

  42. Terri

    I am a VIB rouge but I have not gotten my card or email yet. However when I do I will be more than happy to give my “friend” one away if anyone wants it. Although they are saying the VIB has to be there, which is ridiculous to me. Anyway if anybody wants it , it’s theirs. I did this last year with a random girl and it worked out nicely.

  43. Irene

    So disappointed that BIs get nothing. I was hoping to get some products but I’ll have to pass until some promotion comes up :(

  44. JJ

    Haven’t got my card in the mail yet, was wondering if this the card is useable at sephora inside jcp?

  45. aditi

    Just putting my question out there if anyone can answer:

    I am currently just a BI, but does this discount work if I shop enough to qualify me as a VIB and then enter the code at the checkout? (Probably wont lol)


  46. Sarah

    Can anyone share me with the friend’s code>_<

  47. Ms

    Look man, you can’t accompany someone online. So if someone gives you their friend code then you can use it online.
    Vib you can use the 20% as often as they want during the nov7-11 time. Cos they have the vib attached to their vib email account. But they won’t give you the 20 percent off by default, so either in person or online (online is the all caps vibtopia), you have to tell them explicitly that you want your 20 percent off. Non vibs can’t type the all caps vibtopia online and get the discount cos they don’t have the vib status attached to their account.
    The non vibs who use the friend code, can use the shared code only once , only once. If you do it online use the code that has been shared, if you’re doing on person then you have to be accompanied, you can’t read off the funky code and expect the discount in person.

    For the vibs it says explicitly on the card they was snail mailed to you, “all vib purchases”.

    C’mon peeps let’s share our friend code with people here.

    Happy shopping.
    Please Someone review the smashbox full exposure eyeshadow thing before next week. I got my eye on it but don’t wanna buy without review.

  48. Ashley

    If anyone has a spare friend code, I would greatly appreciate it! 😀

  49. I am so so so excited for this sale to be happening this year! I’ve been saving up and not shopping in the last couple of weeks so I can splurge on my wishlist items!
    Stephanie @ Fantasia Beauty Blog Recently Posted: Beauty Chat | Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist & Sephora’s VIB Celebration of Giftopia.

  50. Shelby

    Do you think there will be anything special for VIB rouges?? I would love something a little extra!:)

  51. Riri_MUA

    I would be si grateful to anyone who can share their code with me….I too have a list a mile long and was waiting all this year for this sale….and no one but my “online makeup community” understands my makeup addiction…like noy having yhr coupon is putting me in severe withdrawal but I dont want rehab!!!! I want yo score makeup!!!!

  52. Val

    I am VIB but if i havent any 20% off mail yet, can I still use the discount code?

  53. Cindy

    Here’s some info on the VIB sale.
    For Canadian VIB’s, the discount is apparently applicable in-store and(!) online.

  54. Barbie

    Im a VIB but still haven’t gotten an email
    Or postcard :(

    • If you’re shopping online, just use the code VIBTOPIA. Not sure what to do if you were planning on in-store purchasing.

    • Sallie

      Same here. I emailed Sephora, and they said they send postcards to a “random sample” of VIB members and everyone would get emails. That sounded fishy, so I called. On the phone they said they sent the postcards out in “waves,” and that I must be in the last batch. They assured me I’d receive the postcard “by November 7″ and an email “before the sale.” When I pointed out my concern that things might sell out before I even got my code, they told me I could call back the day before the sale (so, today) to get a promo code over the phone. Frankly, I think they mean well but I don’t think anyone I’ve heard from knows what they’re talking about.

      • This is the first year I’ve gotten my postcard in time.

        If I were you, Sallie, I would ride them hard. Call in and don’t give up until you get a code over the phone.

        I agree with you in that I don’t think they do it deliberately; I think it’s the latter (one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing).

        The anticipation is so much fun but not so much when you’re hoping to get your code in time so you can get your top picks.

        I hope you get your code and everything on your wish list! 😀

  55. Kim

    This code will only work form VIB’s, correct? Waitig for sales event for BI members.

  56. Celine

    Hi all, I am from Singapore and the prices of the same items in our Sephora is severely marked up :(. I usually try to buy direct from the Sephora USA website to save myself some money.

    Was wondering if any kind fellow Temptalia readers here is so kind to share your friend code with me please? It will really help me a lot and I will be so super grateful. My e-mail is celine_chanks [at] hotmail. [dot] com.

    Many thanks in advance, all!!

  57. annie

    Hi, would really really appreciate someone sharing their friend code with me..ive been holding off buying for months coz i thought us bi’s would atleast 15% code..super disappointed i need some good skincare :( .. my email is: ..tia!

  58. Haley

    Hey can someone answer my question? I have two account and if I combined the points on them
    I would have enough to be VIB can sephora combine my points ??? I really hope so because I guess that’s my only chance on getting into this sale . If anyone knows the answer let me know ! Thanks ! Have a blessed day !

  59. beck

    I am dreading this sale, I went NUTS last year. It’s exciting
    and scary all at once haha. Our wallets will be on fire.
    Can’t decide on the Vice 2 or not, I don’t care for the black
    or pink shades, I really like some of them others not so much.
    I can’t decide I love the purple box though! Will be getting
    some staples for sure, NARS foundation, cleanser etc.

  60. I have been editing my cart for 2 weeks now, but I think I have narrowed it down to”

    Tarte LipSurgence Collector’s set
    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (though I’m a tad on the fence because of how dark Radiant Light is/)
    Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette
    Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadows (after reading your recommendation I had to try these tonight in-store and loved them!)
    Guerlain Météorites Pearls in Teint Rose 01
    Fresh Crème Ancienne® Tradition Anti-Aging Skincare Set (Holiday gift for my mom!)

    I will probably pick up some brushes too, and of course since this lasts a few days I might also try another foundation lol as if I need more! I bought so much with the F&F sale as well argh! Your reviews of all these products have been SO helpful though, I can’t thank you enough!

  61. jamie

    does anyone want my friend coupon code for online?

  62. Ayen

    I did not know that members need to hoard points in order to reach Vib/vib rouge! I happily exchanged my points for beauty samples! I should have been a vib rouge by now. Now i cant even get a 20% off. Bummer!

    • Gloria Ly

      Ayen, you don’t need to hoard the points, you just need to spend at least $350 in a year, your account should let you know how much more you need to spend to reach the next status

  63. Amber

    I would love a code if anyone has one they want to share. Thanks!

  64. furandlace

    I’m so glad that Canadians finally get to participate in the sale online as well. I had two separate orders planned. One online and one in-store. My online order had items that are not available in store as well as items I was worried may sell out in store before I could get there. So today I placed an order for:

    beautyblender double blender set in black (never tried these yet!)
    Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Bonne Aventure 986
    Laura Mercier Artist palette
    Sunday Riley Start Over Active eye cream
    Hourglass ambient lighting palette
    Givenchy Le Rouge Intense matte lipsticks in Violine Precieux 312, Rose Precieux 311 and Rose D’Exception 206.

    In-store purchases I will hopefully make today or tomorrow:

    Urban Decay all nighter spray
    Glamglow Gift Sexy
    beautyblender solid sponge cleanser
    Philosophy Purity Made Simple
    Dior Gel Coat
    MUFE primer in pink
    Dior Airflash CC primer
    Givenchy Le Rouge in Grenat Initie 307

  65. Karla

    I really hope they have some discount for BIs, i wanna buy the hourglass ambient powder :(

  66. I had the Hourglass Ambient Powder palette in my cart and before I could check out, it sold out!!! Grrrrrr! My nearest Sephora store doesn’t carry Hourglass so I guess I won’t see it again online until after the sale. SMH

  67. I’m planning to stock up on Smashbox Waterproof Kohl eyeliner in Raven, (Stays on my waterline better tan Bobbi Brown gel liner!) maybe try a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush, and try my very best NOT to buy any new eyeshadow palettes. (UD Vice 2 or one of the new UD Face Cases)

  68. Hannah

    Does anyone know if the online code can be used multiple times between now and November 11th?

    • Hi Sandie! I just filled out a form on Sephora’s website for you, you should be receiving an email with the code soon. Please reply to this comment to let me know that you got the email. Enjoy! 😀

  69. Heather

    I’ve been waiting for the Sephora sale to get presents for family & friends. I’ve been saving up to get some skincare products for myself as well. I wanted to treat myself to something for passing my nursing boards. I’m only a BI and I’m so disappointed that we aren’t eligible for this sale. If anyone has a friend coupon to spare, please let me know! I would be eternally grateful! My email is [email protected]

  70. Christine

    Hi (:
    Im A VIB and I didnt get an email or anything in the mail and I was wanted to go buy something in the store. Any advice? Do I contact Sephora?