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RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up ($36.00 for 0.20 oz.) is supposed to be used as a “foundation or a light concealer” that covers “imperfections and redness.” It is also supposed to be hydrating and healing when worn. It is available in five shades.  The shade I used and is photographed is shade #22.

I can see why reviews on this are divided–some swear by it, others try it and go, “Huh?” If you need heavy, full coverage concealer or have oily skin, it’s not a product I’d recommend to you. If you have a lot of fine lines, it may not be the best for use underneath the eyes. The first ingredient is coconut oil, and you would be correct if your first thought was, “This is going to settle into fine lines and crease instantly,” because it absolutely does. I like it for concealing mostly-healed or post-acne marks, but for under eyes, it requires patience, layering, and powdering. A lot of me feels like this is a concealer for someone who doesn’t really need a lot of heavy concealing; for someone who has fairly nice skin from the get-go. It doesn’t feel heavy, offers moderate coverage, and doesn’t dry out the skin, yet it doesn’t really conceal that well, doesn’t take care of all the darkness, and is prone to creasing and settling into fine lines and nooks and crannies. It doesn’t fully cover imperfections or redness; it reduces and softens, yes, but a light-coverage foundation performs similarly.

To apply it underneath eyes, I took a palette spatua and took a bit of product out and put it on a metal palette, and then I used fingertips to pat it underneath the eye, lightly patting until it was spread out evenly. The creamy, more emollient consistency made it easy to spread and blend, but it is prone to sheering out from the get-go so coverage is more light-medium than full. If you want to layer, it’s best to wait a few minutes or else apply a dusting of translucent powder. If you wait, you’ll need to blend and smooth out the initial layer somewhat, as it will have settled into fine lines/creased to a degree. Otherewise, if one layer is enough, I highly recommend setting with translucent powder after you’ve waited a few minutes (and then re-blended). When I did this, I didn’t see any creasing until after six hours. It seems to be hydrating when worn for the long-haul, but it was very unforgiving if there was noticeable dryness (like flakiness) around or near the eyes–it exacerbated every flake for the first hour and a half of wear, and then after that, the flakes seemed to diminish as the product continued to melt and hydrate the area.

For concealing moderate redness, stray marks, post-acne parks, and the like, this worked well to reduce the appearance, but anything really dark or noticeable wouldn’t be fully concealed. I have normal-to-dry skin, and I didn’t have application issues when I used this on my face like I did when I used it underneath the eyes.  It lasted seven to eight hours on the face, generally. I had some similar settling when I used it around my nostrils, but like with underneath the eyes, if I waited a few minutes, blended again, and then set, it stayed well for six to seven hours. As a light foundation, it definitely works and helps to even out the skin. I don’t find that it’s a practical product for that purpose–if you are actually applying it all over and not just as in some spots–because the jar and amount of product is quite small.

The Glossover


"Un" Cover-Up


A lot of me feels like this is a concealer for someone who doesn't really need a lot of heavy concealing; for someone who has fairly nice skin from the get-go. It doesn't feel heavy, offers moderate coverage, and doesn't dry out the skin, yet it doesn't really conceal that well, doesn't take care of all the darkness, and is prone to creasing and settling into fine lines and nooks and crannies.











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RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty
Bare Skin / Foundation / Foundation + RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

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34 thoughts on “RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Karen

    Thanks for this review, Christine! I think the concealer looks really good and flawless on you based on the photo. I’ve actually been considering purchasing this concealer but haven’t really been able to justify paying $36 without being able to test the product myself. I’m also very concerned about using coconut oil on my face since it’s rated quite high on the comedogenicity scale. As always, thank you for your unbiased and honest reviews! =]

    • No problem, Karen! Coconut oil – will definitely depend on what breaks you out (or not) – it’s fine for me, but for some, it may not work out so well!

  2. Strange product. I definitely need a lot of coverage, so both as concealer and as foundation it’s a no no for me.

    • It’s an interesting product, because it’s not practical as a foundation yet better suited for a light-coverage cream foundation more than anything else.

  3. Thanks for the comprehensive review which was most helpful in determining this is definitely not a product for me. Putting money away for the more deserving.. 😀

  4. Thanks for the honest review!I have a lot of redness in my skin, so this probably won’t cover it up.

  5. Jen

    I’ve been super curious about this- thanks for the honest review! :)

  6. xamyx

    The coconut oil is going to just be absorbed into the skin, especially on those with drier skin, leaving the pigment to just sit on top of the skins surface. While coconut oil is great for the skin, it’s not the best base product for a foundation or concealer.

    • Thanks for sharing, Amy!

      • xamyx

        It’s an issue I’ve been dealing with for a while, with most foundations, regardless of ingredients. I know most people use primers to counteract oily skin, but I have to use them to keep my skin from sucking up any moisture, LOL! I actually fare better with powder foundation, especially in Winter.

  7. Kelli

    What shade in MAC would you compare this to? And it’s a bummer this has coconut oil in it – that breaks me out – as I’m trying to switch to more natural make up product.

  8. G

    Yikes! I had a totally different experience with this concealer, in the fairest color, #11. I use it under my eyes, even up to the inner corner, and it covers the dark patchy area’s perfectly. Set with a little powder it stays all day, no creasing or settling. I’ve tried literally dozens of concealers and RMS ended up being my holy grail for under eyes. It’s hands down the best color match I’ve ever found for my fair skin. Can’t rave enough about it!!

  9. G

    There’s also a lighter color: 00

  10. zainab

    This just sounds like too much work for me with my oily skin.

  11. When the line was first added to Beautylish I thought the whole thing was kind of gimmicky (natural! plant extracts! everything’s packaged in the same jar!!) and very overpriced… And now the product seems kind of useless, too.
    Perhaps the worst part is that there are only five shades, so it kind of HAS to be sheer, but instead of saying it’s sheer (which would fit its “un-cover” spiel), it claims to somehow melt into your skin…so that the color can adjust. ????? I propose that makeup that says it can magically change color should be burned at the stake for witchcraft.

  12. I have to say, the swatch of this concealer looks absolutely *beautiful*–very sheer and glowy. That being said, I can see that it wouldn’t make for a great concealer, coverage-wise. It looks like it’d be a nice base but as you mentioned, not very practical unless it were in a bigger jar. I always hear rave reviews about RMS products and while I’ve always been curious (especially about the Living Luminizer that all the pros love), I’ve never purchased anything because a.) I’ve tried using pure coconut oil on my face and it broke me out horribly and b.) every single product from the blush and highlighter to concealer would slide right off my oily skin. Too bad, the line seems great :/

    • I wish they sold it as a foundation (and the size was more in line with a foundation), because I think it would be better as that – assuming you’re not reactive to coconut oil, of course. I know I’m not, as I’ve used rms beauty’s coconut cream or oil (whatever it is, I know it’s not particularly different from what you can buy at grocery stores, though), and that’s been fine for me.

  13. I use this almost everyday in #11 and love it. I tend to use it as 1/2 foundation 1/2 concealer but I do not have much to cover up. It evens me out nicely but you are correct that is it light coverage. I have dry to very dry skin and I think that might be why I like it.

  14. abigailod

    Wow, I’m really curious about this! I use coconut oil every night all over, and as far as I can remember it didn’t bother my face, when applied on or even when on my hair. (I’m doing a coconut oil challenge, ha!) So, did it leave your skin oily without the powder (if you tried that)? Oily enough it affected your foundation too, Christine?

    Is it anywhere near how Mac’s paint pots feel?

  15. I reviewed a lot of products of RMS on my blog and my conclusion was that it’s quite pricey per gram and not long wearing. I like it on my dry skin and I prefer it to cover rosacea patches, but it is really too expensive for what it is.

    Also, since it’s oil based you can only use it with other oil based products. Silicone and water based products do not interact well.
    Judith Recently Posted: Skin care routine essentials

  16. I loved the creaminess of this concealer but I did find that the spots where I applied it were kind of oily by the end of the day. Nothing drastic, however I did break out pretty badly from the coconut oil. I’m so disappointed because I love the idea behind RMS Beauty and most of their products are coconut oil-based! :(