Thursday, June 13th, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer
RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection

This is more than summer love. Rihanna and M∙A∙C strike a chord with an online-exclusive colour collection created by the global superstar. Bronze and cool coral combine for a Powder Blush Duo in the unforgettable Hibiscus Kiss, while Retro Matte Lipsticks in RiRi Boy, Heaux and the instant classic RiRi Woo make a statement against sheer, shimmering skin highlighted with rose gold Lustre Drops.
Exclusively online.

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • RiRi Woo Matte cool red (Retro Matte)
  • RiRi Boy Matte vivid lavender (Retro Matte)
  • Heaux Matte berry (Retro Matte)

Powder Blush Duo ($26.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Hibiscus Kiss Cool coral blush and matte neutral bronze duo

Lustre Drops ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Barbados Girl Rose gold bronzer

Availability: North America June 18, 2013 at at NOON EST, 1.800.588.0070; International June 2013 at, 1.800.588.0070.

See more photos!

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer
RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer
RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection — Hibiscus Kiss

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer
RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection — Heaux

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer
RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection — RiRi Woo

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer
RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection — RiRi Boy

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer
RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection — Barbados Girl

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120 thoughts on “RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection for Summer 2013

  1. Matte lavender?? I’m excited and looking forward to your review 😀

  2. Finally! I want RiRi Woo and the bronzer/blush duo :)

  3. Samantha

    Will you have any swatches before the collection is released by chance? Super intrigued by the lavender!!

  4. Ana

    Thank you :))….Will you be posting swatches on this collection?

  5. I’m interested in the Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo. I hope there both usable shade for me (the bronzer more neutral then warm/orange). I just wight ti a a 50/50 or more like 1:2 ratio because that coral look gorgeous but it only fills a quart of the pan. But I hope it’s the same size as the MAC Wonder Woman Blush Duo’s.

  6. That bronzer side of the blush is huge!

  7. I wish the blush/bronzer was half and half instead of just a little sliver of blush! I might get the lustre drops though. I’ve never tried them and this shade looks really pretty!

  8. Lauren

    Wow I’m looking forward to thiS! Rir boy is a spin off off “Up the Amp and heaux is a spin off of “rebel. When will swat he’s be up?

    • beck

      I want to try the one that may be a spin off of Rebel..and Riri Woo because I have never tried Ruby Woo either. Rebel looks beautiful.

  9. all the lipsticks have the same name? in the promo that red looks gorgeous on her

  10. malinda jane

    The only things that would interest me are the lipsticks (aside from riri woo) but i don’t think the shades would suit my super fair skin. Sadly, another pass.

    I’m holding out for some eyeshadows.

    • If, as people are saying, Heaux is a spin off of Rebel, then that might interest you. I am super fair and I adore Rebel for the fall, or anytime really.

    • Ruca

      Every fair skinned woman needs at least one deep evening shade, or even a vamp or two, in her collection! I’m paler than NC15, but I wear Deeply Adored, Rocker, Strong Woman, & other deep shades, like OCC’s tar, Black Dahlia whenever I like, and the look perfect against milky white skin fairer than mine! I bet you will look stunning in the deeper shades. Never say never! :-) if not one of these, do try something dark & fun the next time you visit store or counter; I bet you’ll be surprised. 😀 xoxox

  11. Mily Gomez

    will you be able to use your pro discount??????

  12. Danielle

    A MAC employee told me that these colors are just matte versions of what’s permanently available. For instance one of the colors (for this release) is supposed to be a matte version of “Up the Amp” and we all know that Riri Woo is just an altered version of “Ruby Woo”…do you any of you know if this is true?

  13. Daisy

    I won’t lie. I’m totally curious about that matte berry shade.

  14. Melissa

    I wonder how close Barbados Girl will be from Pink Rebel…As similar as Ruby Woo vs RiRi Woo? My bet is they’ll be just as similar. =\

    • Ruca

      Only one? Probably not. Are you right? Again, probably not. The Wonder Woman collection blushes were like this, only those were in MASSIVE compacts. They were actually quite popular! I know dozens of people in the MAC collecting community (you know… the hoarders, the fanatical, & starters of frenzies), and everyone is coming at the but over this duo. I suppose in fairness, we should define “duo”: it only means “TWO things together”; the word in no way implies “two equal parts.” 😉

      ~ P.S. I know tone translates poorly in text, so I hope you understand that I mean no offense! I’m just making a point, and my intentions are friendly. :) Thank you! R.

      • BooBooNinja

        The $26USD/$30CAD price tag on Hibiscus Kiss (duo) makes me suspect the duo won’t be the size of the Wonder Woman one.

    • Ruca

      I think they’ll be different. I’m told the new lustre drops are a rose gold, although they look bronze to me… I have pink rebel, and it’s very much a candy pink. I love them, actually! But I confess, I rarely use them. Since I don’t think this is a product that will keep well on the shelf forever, I’ll probably get this bottle of Lustre Drops, and never buy another.

  15. Liz

    MAC RiRi Boy is love. I really need it in my life. Super excited! I’m also excited with your swatches Christine.

  16. evo

    I haven’t been impressed with MAC lately but I think i want them all?

    I have Riri woo but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

  17. Liz

    MAC RiRi Boy in matte vivid lavender! I’m over excited, I wish it’s June 18 already!

  18. I don’t know if any of these do it for me. And I’m not a fan of blush & bronzer duos.

  19. Sarah

    Under each photo it has Riri Hearts Mac Summer. I think that is what is confusing her.

  20. Clio

    I like the idea of the matte berry shade, but I already have a dupe for Rebel. I wonder if swatches will become available before the launch.

  21. So excited to see swatches of Heaux and RiRi Boy when they’re available!

  22. omg, i am so waiting for this collection, i can’t tell you!!!

  23. I am sooooo ready to buy each one of these lipstick shades. I can’t wait to see swatches. xoxo- Maisha

  24. RENA

    that bronzer looks like one milani has had out but i hope its works for deep skin tones *doubtful* and the matte lippies are great! but i suspect their matte versions of whatever shades mac has out, i wish the would re-release mac heroine lipstick, now that i wil go cookoo for!

  25. I am going to be waiting online for the release for that RiRi Boy. I hope it doesn’t suck because theres no way I am waiting for swatches!

  26. Carrie

    Kind of disappointed (at least from the promo picture) at RiRi Boy, that hardly looks like a matte lavender.

  27. christina

    cant wait to read and see the review! im so excited for the two new shades as i love mi riri red so much

  28. Kim

    Does anyone know if the collection will be like when Riri Woo launched (limited to 1 and you have to be on a waitlist)?

    • There will be a waiting room set up according to MAC (I spoke with a MAC Pro rep and a CS rep at Corporate). Not sure on the purchase limit. I didn’t ask about that but I recall mentions of either 1 or 2 limit…

  29. I know I’ll be getting Heaux and RiRi Boy…maybe a b/u of RRW (I’m one of the lucky ones where there is a noticeable difference in coloring and feel between RRW and RW). I’m pretty sure I’ll pass on the duo…and I’m leaning towards getting the drops. I keep hearing different answers from MAC on whether we can use the pro discount on anything, but if now it’s not big deal. I’m grateful for the savings I have got on all of the other items I have purchased in the last month using my discount so paying full price for these is acceptable. Trust me…I LOVE my discounts but after saving $100 today on my Nudes & Metallics order…even if I buy all 3 lipsticks and the drops I still saved more today then what I will spend on those items full price. I’m fine with that lol. But after such a busy MAC release period I think I will be done for awhile…and I am pretty sure I’m done with the RiRi collection after this since I’m not really a RiRi fan…I just like the color options. I love UTA so a matte version is perfect for me…and the matte berry is gorgeous. I don’t have Rebel so even if it’s the same it means nothing to me…besides, I’m currently loving mattes. I have absolutely no interest in the special packaging later this year and unless something really stands out to me I can’t imagine wanting anything else in the follow up collections.

  30. beck

    does any one know can I get this stuff at Macy’s or MAC stores only? thank you!

  31. nubian_queen15

    Hi Cristine. As this is n online collection, it will not be available in my country, because we don’t have MAC on;ine. I was wondering, other than RiRi Woo lipstick, do you know if any of these products will be re-promoted, with the upcoming ‘ RiRi hearts MAC ‘ collections in the future ?

  32. beck

    Sorry I am not sure if my comment went through… can we get this stuff at Macy’s or MAC stores only?

  33. AAAAAHHH!!!

    That entire collection looks absolutely amazing. I have only heard about the RiRi Woo lipstick….but that Heaux shade looks even more endearing!!!

    I NEED to get this entire collection!!

  34. Am I the only one laughing at that bronzer “duo”?XD I didn’t know duo meant a whole lot of one shade, very little of the other shade! What a fail. I hope that its just a screw up in the photos, for the people who want the duo.

  35. ChicGlimmer

    Thought this collection would have the special pink packaging like the photos that went around during the first promo.

  36. Alex

    So it is launching at noon, and NOT midnight? I just wanna make sure I’m understanding this correctly

  37. N8iveBeauT

    Wow, another MAC collection that will get sold out maybe in minutes only because it’s LE, even though the shades will be slightly off to a permanent product already on the market. Good luck to you all!

  38. DJ

    I want Heaux! 😛

  39. Bella

    Hey, do you think Heaux looks like Rebel?

    • Ruca

      I do not. Rebel is very purple; this is a deep berry red, from what I’ve read and seen. It reminds me of many colors, but mostly like the Marilyn Monroe shade, Deeply Adored. It also reminds me a bit of the Mineralized shade, Lush Life.

  40. Tracy

    I read that riri boy is the up the amp lipstick but changed to matte instead of amplified. Is that true?

  41. Jenny

    The Heaux lipstick is super gorgeous! The other products I´m not interested in them because I don´t use bronzer and I have already Ruby Woo, but Heaux is really pretty! Can´t wait to see swatches!

  42. maisha

    I think I might get all 3 lipstick I only have ruby woo so I guessing im getting all 3 then im done till next few

  43. V

    So glad none of this intrigues me; lipsticks can be easily mattified. I refuse to support anything with Rihanna’s name on it.

    • VickyM

      Same here nothing in this collection appeals to me.

    • april

      what do you use to mattify? I’ve never tried it myself before

      • Ruca

        Apply non-matte lipstick of your choice; take any finely milled translucent setting powder, such as Ben Nye Neutral set: take a flat brush (taklon lip brushes are good, or firm sable); gently pat the powder into your applied lipstick.

        The powder is absorbed instantly, leaving a perfect matte finish. It’s fast, easy, and the Ben Nye Neutral set is only about $6 for a 1.5 oz container, or $4 for people with pro discounts.

        It’s an awesome way to turn colors like Impassioned into Party Parrot instantly, instead of paying 90 bucks for PP on eBay! :)

  44. Tahlia

    MAC’s twitter statement specified that it will be released internationally on June 20th, is that still the case? Because your post just says “June 2013″

  45. Mika Avila

    Oh my, Heaux looks beautiful!

  46. SA

    These look promising! I’m looking forward to seeing your review and swatches!

  47. Chettra

    Christine, will this available to Pro members first? Or will it release as the same time for the public?

  48. Will this collection be carried in department stores or mac stores? I’m personally excited for RiRi Woo, Heaux, and Hibiscus Kiss bronzer duo. But I’m terribly afraid it will all sell out :( I missed RiRi Woo last time it was released!

  49. Katie F

    Retro matte?! Sold! It’s my absolute favorite formula, hopefully I can get my hands on these.

  50. Shayna

    Hey Christine!

    Do you know if these gorgeous lippies will be available with the fall or holiday RiRi collection as well? Thanks !

  51. chris

    I hope they send them to you.. I always go by your swatches! I now know how the colour on you will translate to my lip colour from experience, makes no sense for me to go by anybody else’s swatches. Fingers crossed :)

  52. AC

    What is the international date?

  53. Marilyn

    It will be interesting to see how the purples look in real life, but I have a hard time supporting Rhianna because of her life choices.

  54. what is ‘retro matte’?

  55. Kate

    This collection seems very uninspired and half-hearted to me. I don’t see any stand-outs or must haves here, and you don’t even have to go beyond MAC to find dupes of all these products/shades! Seems like an effort to cash in on her (notoriety) at mark up prices, and I’m not interested enough in her to want anything for her signature alone.

  56. cel

    Whoa Heaux is so pretty!

  57. artemis

    too matte everything :))) they’re all pretty colors

  58. dayna

    ugh, I like the 3 lipsticks… I’m supposed to be on a no-buying-makeup time. :(( lol

  59. Basema

    I hope MAC bring this collection to Dubai. I’m very sad they did not bring the Fashion set collection. We have sooo many MAC addicts here </3

  60. AmyD

    oooh, rose lustre drops…i’m dark-skinned and use one of the surf baby bronzer sticks as my highlighter (it’s the shimmery one), but i’m totally intrigued by this as a highlighter!

  61. bella

    what times does the collection come out online?

  62. abigailod

    Hi Christine! What do you predict (or maybe you know) Rihanna’s MAC [foundation] shade might be? =) So nice to be back here!

  63. abigailod

    Christine, I know your love of Jack Black lip balms and the Sara Happ lip scrub; what’s your routine like, how often to do use each? I’m asking because these Retro Mattes are calling my name and my lips may need some TLC. Thanks in advance lady! =)

    • Hi Abigail!

      I very rarely use the lip scrub (or any for that matter) because removing lip products for swatches basically does what exfoliating would do, LOL! I use lip balm usually after I shower in the morning and before I go to bed – during the day I am usually testing lipstick/gloss so I don’t wear lip balm!

  64. The Lustre Drops! Must have them! :)

  65. Seeking because

    So it will be in stores in the US on June 18?

  66. Aryn

    Is Hibicus kiss , kind of like the Dior Coral Glow Duo ?!

  67. RE: MAC Tropical Taboo is now available online at MAC.