Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener

Glossy Eyes?  One Slippery Ride…

Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener ($7.29) are great in theory, terrible in practice. I don’t usually use the word “terrible” to describe beauty products, because I don’t come across too many that merit such a negative descriptor. These are glossy pencils to give lids “vibrant, yet transparent” colour, and Rimmel says you can use it as an eyeshadow or eyeliner.

  • Stand Out is a sheer, golden-shimmered light olive green.
  • Talk to Me is a soft medium sky blue with a silver sheen.
  • Girls Only! is a peach-shimmered pale petal pink.

May all of the beauty gods and goddesses be at your side should you dare to use these as an eyeshadow! These slip and slide and crease and migrate all over the place. It’s like a waterslide adventure where the produce is in my lashes, glitter is on my cheeks, and my eyelids look more like an oil spill than beautiful and luminous. It looks awesome for the first few minutes, so I think for a photoshoot, they could work, if you were going for a sheer, glossy lid look. If you’re actually planning to wear these out of the house? Not so much!

Even applied over an eyeshadow base and “set” with eyeshadow, these still end up creasing within a couple of hours, and by setting with eyeshadow on top, you lose the glossy effect (so why bother?). They have a sticky texture, so eyeshadows adhere well to them, but I felt like it kind of gunked up my brush at the same time. I couldn’t find a way to make these creaseproof at all, unfortunately.

As an eyeliner, they definitely fair better, but I still found the liner migrated to the corners after two to three hours and some of the glitter fell under my eye. It’s a cool effect, and for a quick trip out, it could be worth trying. Girls Only! is a shade that could be used elsewhere on the face, like the cheeks, for a highlighter effect. It doesn’t seem to ever fully dry, so while you can get glistening cheeks, be wary of touching them. I’m not sold on using it elsewhere, to be honest, because it slips around so easily.

I didn’t get great pigmentation out of the three shades I tried–they were definitely on the sheer side–but according to Rimmel they’re supposed to be “vibrant, yet transparent,” which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

No, I’ll just stick with clear lipgloss if I want a glossy look–lasts about the same and sometimes a little longer.

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  • Product: 7/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

RECOMMENDATION: For photoshoots or five-minute wear, maybe. As a novelty, maybe. I’d skip.


See more photos & swatches!

Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener

Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener

Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener

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66 thoughts on “Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Hilana

    Wow. What a pity!!!! Specially since Rimmel is widely available here in SA and I could actually get it without problem.
    Girls Only is a gorgeous colour, but I would not dare get it.
    Too bad.

  2. Miss Silver

    Eek! Sounds like a nightmare product! Did they not test it out before?

    Maybe you can use them as crayons. Or give it to a kid who would love glittery crayons. I’m not sure what else you could do with it if it’s that bad, lol! Would it work as lip gloss?

  3. Charlotte

    Well the packaging of Talk to Me is pretty, I’d love a nail polish that was that duochrome!

  4. You’re right. Vibrant but transparent makes no sense! Will you do a look with these? I really want to see how they look as an eyeliner.

  5. K

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen an “F” rating on your site! I knew there was no way you loved EVERY beauty product out there. 😉 Thanks for the honest review.

    • I’ve given one other, actually! I usually don’t even bother accepting/requesting or purchasing I know are terrible, which is why things skew positive overall, lol! Why waste time on something I know sucks?!

  6. melissa

    Ohhh dear. this review made me giggle!

  7. Amy

    Rimmel is always extremely deceiving, for me at least. For example, the Rimmel Underground line had eye shadows that were extremely infused with shimmer and glitter…. but after the first swipe you were left with a bland, powdery, dusty mess. AND- I’ve seen sooo many jumbo pencils (very similar to NYX jumbo pencils… in size and shape at least) with gorgeous neon and/or chameleon color effects on the outside labeling, but as soon as I swipe the actual product it looks like any other basic, dull color. UGH! I know they are an inexpensive brand…. but there are SO many other inexpensive brands that perform much better in my opinion. (Such as NYX and Prestige).

    • Amy

      FYI- I think the Rimmel “jumbo sticks” I was referring to in my comment include the pencils Christine reviewed…. see what I mean?! See how gorgeous and bright the color of the outside of the green pencil is, compared to her swatch?! And the blue looks like a completely different color than what’s shown on the outside of the pencil.

      • Buttttt to be fair, Rimmel says “vibrant, yet transparent” color, so I get that they intended them to be sheer. I mean, I know you see VAVOOM! and don’t get that, so I understand!

  8. Julia

    OMG !
    A F !
    Have you ever given a F to a product?
    Those seem awful

  9. Kerri

    I tried these a long time ago and got the same god-awful results. They’ve been sitting in my makeup purgatory while I figure out a way to make them work. I’m starting to think there’s no hope for them.

  10. Katie

    I bought a few of these in the last CVS BOGO1/2 sale, and had much the same experience, except for the orange one, Flaunt, which is amazing for some odd reason.

  11. KC

    Wow! These must be bad,because you hardly ever give out ‘F’s, I can only remember one other. i guess they meant vibrant as a substitute word for sparkly glitter crap all over your face.

    • It’s REALLY hard to get an F! I know that sounds funny, but I’ve actually felt that way in school sometimes, LOL. Like you really have to *not* do anything to get a real F.

      But anyway, yeah. :(

      • erieli

        i totally understand.lol it mustve been a horrible experience. when u said “oil spill” i spilled my coffee lol i just pictured it melt off ur eyes.

      • sillylilacs

        >.< maybe they got too carried away by the idea, hopefully they'll reformulate it better and get it right the next time, b/c it IS a cool idea =)

        (F's ARE really kind of hard to get though lol I agree with you on that one =p)

  12. Lulee

    Ouch! F… I think this may be your first. This is sad because I actually have started trying rimmel and I like their moisture renew lipsticks and the eyeshadows you reviewed recently (posh peacock is amazing!!!)

  13. erieli

    fail!!!! lol wow

  14. sillylilacs

    Oh ouch…they pictures were so pretty, then I saw the grade. >.< That's really disappointing from Rimmel, I love the brand =/

  15. Sarah

    I love negative reviews. Is that bad? I love seeing people be brutally honest and beat down a product. Its even better if its a sponsored review. Sometimes reviewers aren’t so truthful anymore. You give me hope Christine :)

    • Well, not sponsored – I’m not paid to review it! :)

      I don’t really like to read negative reviews myself, and I don’t like giving them, since they just bring me down, man! I just like to see long, verbose, descriptive reviews with lots and lots of photos, lol!

      • Sarah

        True, not sponsored. But sent in for review. I know i personally would have a little bit of bias because I would be so excited haha :)

    • Mai

      It isn’t bad, I like seeing what doesn’t work especially since things are so hyped up and expensive nowadays

  16. OMG it’s rare to get an F here. And a SEVEN out of THIRTY?!

  17. Alexis

    I totally LOL’d when I saw the F rating – that’s a first!!

  18. This is kind of gross (And bad, LOL), but I did try these once in-store. There was one that had already been opened, so I swatched it on the back of my hand. I thought the same exact thing- horrible! I can’t believe they’re like $5 or $6, too.

  19. i tried one of these last year and it was a huge disappointment!!! I agree with everything you said: and on top of that, they are so sticky that when i applied enough of it so that the color would show, my eyelids kept getting stuck!!!
    It was a sad waste of money…

  20. I have the pink and the green. I love the colours but they run off my eyes and take everything else with it. :(

  21. Catherine

    I totally agree, these pencils crease like no other!! They’re terrible!!!!!

  22. Heather

    thanks for the review Christine! Naturally I would have loved these when I saw them in the store!

  23. Josiane

    Yeah I bought this product a while ago and this really is crap. I gave it to my garbage

  24. An F! Wow, that’s rare. I can’t remember the last time you gave an F. Although I’m not too surprised. Rimmel really is hit or miss.

  25. “Vibrant, yet transparent” sounds like something you’d say when you f*cked up and were trying to figure out what to do with all these pencils you just made. LOL!

  26. Tara

    Oh if only I had read this review a few hours ago! I would have been spared the nightmare of trying to get the god awful glitter off of my eyelids, under my eyes and cheeks! I put it on and immediately had to get it off of me. Hate, hate, hate these things!

  27. patty

    Rimmel has yet to come out with some products that are worthy of my money . I bought a mascara once and it was the worst mascara I have ever come across.

  28. And if your CVS is like mine I noticed people opening the ones that were not the tester, swiping them and then putting them back in the display! YUUUUUKKK!

    • Mindy

      I had to check out like 8 of these evil pencils to get one not tested just to go home and have it be crap lol

  29. Helena

    Someone gave me Girls Only! (…) as a gift. Oh, man, I just laughed when I tried to use it. And there’s not even a green flash…gold, maybe, but not green. How misleading. Boo.

  30. Steph

    I bought the pink & blue ones a few years ago, & they were TERRIBLE. Absolutely agree with this review. A slimy mess.

  31. Krista.K

    I have two of these in Stand out and Flaut. Defintely a ‘F’ product.
    Super slippery and slides everywhere. Have you noticed when you apply eyeshadow over them it applies ‘patchy’ like some areas on your eye would have more eyeshadow then some parts? and it gunked up my brushes also! which probaly explains the ‘patchy’ eyeshadow work. Awful products.

  32. Mindy

    lmao, thank god you gave these an F, I bought one last yeat, holy crap was it terrible. I was so upset too because the colour was beauuutiful, but it really does get all over the place. It’s even too greasy to use as a base. Fail fail RIMMEL FAIL!!

  33. K

    Ooh, sad! I would love to try out the glittery eye look that they always show in music videos and have it last for an entire night. Dagnabbit.

  34. Hilana

    Oh Wow. Seems like a lot of people had some seriously bad experiences with “The London Look” ( I love it when Kate Moss says it in the ads! :)

    I am not a big fan of Rimmel, but I have bought some OK lipsticks and at least two eye shadow quads that I was very happy with. Oh. And a bronzer that really works very well for me. But the rest, especially their mascaras and foundations truly suck.

    I once forgot my whole make-up bag on a trip and the store I ran into to get the basics had mostly Rimmel. I used the mascara and foundation only on that trip and never again. Still have not thrown ’em away, but they sit in my make-up box un-used. I should give it to my little niece to play with actually.

  35. Rachael

    Hahaha, I was just wondering why you never rated drugstore products and why it never seemed you gave any products a grade below B. I got both in! Hahaha. Just a funny coincidence.

    • Rachael

      Send me ALL your useless lipstick and eyeshadow liners/crayons. I will use them on poorly parked cars in Los Angeles! :)

    • I generally avoid wasting time on anything I don’t think will work 😛 I deliberately spend more time reviewing products I think will work or are else very new. It’s kind of like say you have 20 comments to read, you’d rather read the 15 positive ones than the 5 negative ones!

  36. Michelle M

    Yup, definitely ‘F’ worthy. I bought Talk to Me and Girls Only on a whim at Target one day. Worst 15 bucks I’ve ever spent.

  37. michelle

    eyeful? more like awful.


  38. Chelsea Forma

    It’s a good thing I read this review ahead of time because I was going to buy the gold/green one. I did swatch one at Wal-Mart and it looked really nice but it was really slippery and it really didn’t look good a few minutes later.

  39. Noel

    I would have to agree 100 percent with you on this review. I bought a greenish-blue pencil and went at it only to look like a worn out hooker by the time I got to the end of my workday at my desk. It’s probably great for a halloween costume. It sort of reminded me of Mimi on “The Drew Carrey Show.” I was looking for tips on how to apply it, but it doesn’t look like there will be any. I may use it for mirror messages for my husband.

  40. Sandra JT

    I’m surprised you fail these. I own 3 shades of this product > the lavender type color, the pink and the green. They all work great under eye shadow as a base and add dimension to pretty much any look. I find them too expensive for drug store products in my area, though. Around $9, although they are ‘jumbo’ pencils. They’re much longer than NYX’s jumbo shadow sticks, so you do get a lot of product. They also have a lot more color to them IMO than these particular photos show.