Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Noir (261), Sable (211), Purple Shock (270), Precious Gold (290), Emerald Sparkle (250)

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Liner ($5.79) is a waterproof, self-sharpening eyeliner that comes in in six different shades (Deep Ocean being the only one not shown).  Each pencil also has a smudging tip on the opposite end.

  • Emerald Sparkle is a greenish teal with silver sparkle.
  • Precious Gold is a true yellow gold with a frosty sheen.
  • Purple Shock is a darkened red-based purple.
  • Sable is a warmed-up coffee brown.
  • Noir is a dark black with subtle sheen.

The formula on these is pretty good, but they could live up their claims of being waterproof and budgeproof just a little bit more.  I found that they stayed pretty well, but on oilier areas (yes, I put eyeliner on my forehead–don’t you?  What, you don’t?  Say it isn’t so!), it doesn’t hold up 100%–more like 90%.  The other downside is that they seem to take a little longer to set/dry, so make sure not to blink too hard or else you might unintentionally smudge!  On the other hand, if you want to smudge it, you have plenty of time to do so.

None of the shades seemed to last on my water line for more than a half hour or so, but they stayed put on my lower lash line when I wore them just fine (for reference, my skin is normal-to-dry).  More watery or oilier lash lines may experience a little bit of migration or budging after several hours, but for a drugstore liner, these worked out well.

The liner itself feels very soft along the lash line, and it doesn’t tug at it either.  The tip is fine enough to get a thin line, but it might too thick to get a really tight line if that’s what you’re after.  I like that they’re self-sharpening (the sharpener is included on the pencil), because it’s something you can keep in your makeup bag and never have to worry about a sharpener.  They also are fairly waterproof–they barely budged after I ran my arm under a faucet.

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  If you’re looking for a good eyeliner to use that’s self-sharpening and soft, Rimmel Exaggerate might work for you.

Availability:  Local Drugstores (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.)

See photos & swatches!

Noir (261), Sable (211), Purple Shock (270), Precious Gold (290), Emerald Sparkle (250)

Noir (261), Sable (211), Purple Shock (270), Precious Gold (290), Emerald Sparkle (250)

Noir (261), Sable (211), Purple Shock (270), Precious Gold (290), Emerald Sparkle (250)

Emerald Sparkle (250), Precious Gold (290), Purple Shock (270), Sable (211), Noir (261)

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35 thoughts on “Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kelsey

    I have deep ocean, and it may just be me, but I find it is one of the hardest liners to work with. It tugs, and is really patchy. May just be my pencil though.

  2. Shannon

    So pretty!!!!! :) :) :)

  3. Leenie

    the swatches are pretty I never tried any of them maybe I’ll pick one up,

  4. Nicole

    How funny! I bought the Sable one last night at my local Walgreens because I needed a brown eyeliner! 😀

    Did you know that there is a sharpener attached to the end of the liner pencil? Pull out the smudger tip, and Ta Da! Attached sharpener! (The Revlon Colorstay eyeliners have this too. I still don’t understand why no one knows this. It’s clearly labled on the packaging, lol.)

  5. I have one of these, I bought it months ago but still haven’t tried it lol! 😀 I have a dark blue color. :)

    I like Rimmel London stuff, I use their eyebrow pencil for years now! They also have great lipglosses and lipsticks! :)

  6. Roxanne

    I don’t know what it is but I seriously dislike Rimmel products XD Their nailpolish chips, their eyeshadows aren’t pigmented and fade super fast, and this liner- while not a bad liner, is IMPOSSIBLE to sharpen. I don’t know if I gummed up the sharpener or something, but I just can’t get it to sharpen.

  7. I’ve tried these, I don’t like them at all- they do not last on my eyes, even for a few hours.

  8. Karmen Can

    i had the black one before and when i put it on it smudged right after. its pretty pigmented other than that.

  9. amy

    Emerald Sparkle and Purple Shock are my favourites, but I have similar colours already :).

  10. Mara

    Emerald Sparkle reminds me a little bit of Mac’s Undercurrent XD

  11. I have emerald, and it is really not a good eyeliner to work with – it’s dry and tugs at my eyes. :(

  12. Ashley

    I just purchased my first Rimmel eyeliner yesterday- Spark It Up gleaming eye-darkening liner in black gold. Thought it may be similar to pearlglide in black line. I also love their lipsticks! Airy Fairy, a somewhat violetish nude with gold shimmer, is a beautifully rare combo for a drugstore lipstick. I think it would be a great color for you:)

  13. stilaparakiss

    They must have redone Purple Shock because I got that last year, and it’s not dark at all! Mine’s more of a fuschia pinky color. Too bad too, it makes me look like I’m sick when I wear it. lol.

    • I have an older Purple Shock Rimmel Exaggerate liner that’s fuschia, too! I think the color isn’t that good for an eyeliner (plus it drags and doesn’t last around my eyes) , but I’ve been using it as a lip liner- I use a lot of fuschia/ magenta/ purple lipsticks and it’s usually hard to find a liner in those colors.

  14. Ooh, I really want the teal one!

  15. Can they be used on the waterline? If so, how thet perform?

  16. JB/Brandi

    These look cute color wise….but I gave up on Rimmel a long time ago so don’t think I’ll be trying these. Think I’ll stick with Milani.

  17. lily

    I don’t think they have Rimmel @ Rite Aid, i’ve never seen it there.

  18. Ashley

    I remember buying the black ones on a buy 1 get 1 free deal at SDM, and oh my gosh, they were horrible! I understand this is a liner you can smudge, but this liner smudges like no other! I apply a thin line on my lower lash line and on top of my eyelid, and it creases like I applied cream eyeshadow super messily, and about 30 min later, I became a raccoon (and I don’t have oily lids or anything). I also went through it quickly… it was one of those liners where you had to sharpen very often, hated this product, but for me, these were the “you get what you pay for” products. Thankfully, I found GOSH liners, they are amazing~

  19. Kaila

    do you know if they have a white liner? If not, can you recommend me a white liner? Many thanks.

  20. i think that I am definitely going to go get a few of these!!! I think that they give off a great color.

  21. Amal

    I don’t know.. After seeing the swatches I’ll probably skip these.

  22. I own all these and I found this to be a spot on review! Great job Temptalia!

  23. Laurenz

    I’ve bought the Purple Shock, Sparkling Emerald, and Noir. The Purple was easy to apply and never creased or smudged on me. The Emerald tugged like Hell but did not smudge. As for Noir, I love it. This color and brand is my preferred eyeliner. Noir never smudges, or creases, or tugs. Now, I am one those people who does the “cat eye” to the extreme. Meaning, I use up quite a lot of liner. The color never fades or anything, and the stick lasts me nearly 3 weeks. I use eyeliner everyday. It’s inexpensive so I have no problems buying it. When it runs out at the local places, I turn to Maybelline’s Unstoppable. To add, I apply the liner without any primers or shadow or anything.

    • TayTay

      i love it too! i have it in Noir, and it’s amazing. i think Rimmel changed the formula, because all the reviews i read from 2010 say that it smudges like crazy, but all the reviews i read from 2011 say that it doesn’t budge. And i also love Maybelline Unstoppable (:
      but now, this is my go-to liner.

  24. Kitty

    I just bought this for the first time in Noir and it is sooooo pretty! They made my eyes look super big! Since I am Chinese, it’s a big deal to have big eyes!! haha However, I do use it ONLY on the bottom of my waterline while I use liquid on the top line since I have really oily lids. I do have to reapply the lower waterline but the color is soooo intense it’s really really pretty! Love the noir! I will buy this again in the future!! <3