Monday, June 6th, 2011

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss
Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss ($7.49 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is described as a “weightless gloss [that] makes lips pop with 5x more shine than patent leather.” It’s supposed to yield mirror-like shine with “rich color” and a “weightless feel.” It also includes “moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E.” The range includes fifteen shades.

Strawberry is a softened pink-red with subtle, warm yellow undertones and flecks of silver and pink micro-glitter. The formula is soft and smooth, and while it’s a little thick and nearly non-sticky, it’s comfortable to wear. I was able to get semi-opaque color with ltitle effort, and there was definitely a high-shine finish.  This gloss wore about three hours on me, which is particularly noteworthy given that it isn’t a sticky gloss.  I wouldn’t call it a moisturizing lipgloss, but it didn’t dry out my lips either.

I detected a subtle scent of sweet vanilla initially, but the scent seems to disappear in the tube and when worn on lips quickly–the two tubes I bought two or three months ago no longer have any scent to them.   The packaging is slim and functional, with a semi-matte black cap and clear tube.  The applicator is interesting, as it is an indented doe-foot (best understood by a visual, as included below).

The Glossover



Revlon's ColorBurst Lipglosses are one of the best drugstore lipglosses I've come across, and it would hold its own against some high-end lipglosses, too. The pigmentation is on point with formula that doesn't dry out lips, wears well, and looks as shiny as advertised.











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Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss
Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss
Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss
Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss
Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss
Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss (Left)

Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss
Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss (Left)

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50 thoughts on “Revlon Strawberry ColorBurst Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Aqua

    wow it reminds me of some MAC lipglasses.

    • I just got this shade and it’s a tad less sticky then a lipglasse but thicker then a cremesheen glass. I don’t like the feel of glitter on my lips but this is tolerable and not all the shades have glitter. Papaya is the next one to get (light coral/orange).

      • Reby

        Did you end up getting the Papaya color? What did you think of it? I’ve been eye-ing it for sometime now but haven’t read any good review for it… Let me know what you think and if you would recommend it:) Thanks!

  2. Cate

    it looks similar to mac’s love alert dazzleglass but without the fuchsia glitter. looks pretty darn good for a drugstore product :)

  3. Mariella

    I haven’t tried these glosses yet but they seem to be a good idea for summer and I love this colour. But I’m not seeing a photo of the applicator…

  4. kali

    i LOOOVE the revlon colorburst lipglosses! i own two of them “sunset peach” and “Gold Dust” sunset peach is like a coraly one and its my favorite and gold dust is obviously gold . haha. the sunset peach one taste yummy(: i LOOOVE these lipglosses. i think im going to get the straberry one now(:

  5. I bought this myself and love it, one of the best drugstore lipglosses and I love the lack of strong scent! Same goes to Revlon lipsticks too.

  6. Shi

    Oh, that looks fantastic on you Christine!

    Is the glitter gritty? I have a Shu Uemura gloss that I love so much but every time I press my lips together I can feel the individual pieces of glitter and it bothers me some.

  7. daphne

    Except for the smell, I like these glosses quite a lot. I would almost wish a more synthetic smell than an overly sweet one. But I think the packaging is very nice and sleek, and the formula is lovely.

    • Jenny

      I agree, I do not like the smell on these. It’s odd. I have two colors and one of them almost smells like sour milk to me so maybe that was a bad tube or something. The other one I have is not quite as strong fragrance wise, but it still has a weird fragrance.

  8. Jarucha

    I have a Super Lustrous lipstick in Siren and I love it.

  9. Elysia

    I have the lilac one, and I love it!

  10. Lorraine ER

    Wow, I really love the look of this! If you said it was from a high-end brand and not Revlon, I would believe it.

    • Carolyn

      yup, that’s exactly what I was thinking. The shape of the packaging alone sort of said “high end” to me.

  11. The truth??? I adore Revlon for lip shades. The color is great & it isn’t too hard on the wallet.

  12. I love Revlon lip products! They are really fantastic, and just have a great color selection! I especially like the Super Lustrous lipsticks in Berry Haute and Wild Orchid, and the super lustrous lipglosses in Pink Pop, Lilac Pastelle, and Coral Reef! I love that they offer unique colors outside of the normal drugstore range, and that at Target they’re only $5-6.

  13. Mina

    I love the strawberry color! I have “Hot Pink” and I also like how it looks on my lips… kind of like a darker “barbie” pink. :)

  14. This is lovely for summer!

  15. Aubree

    whaaat? those don’t even look like Revlon!

  16. char

    The papaya shade is amazeballssss

    • Sarah S.

      LOL I have to second this! Best color by far. I can just pair Papaya with Milani baked blushin Luminoso and I feel just about as pretty as can be :) And yeah, I own Chanel, Nars, Benefit, Guerlain…

  17. Kate

    ooohh i am in love with these please review more!!!!!!!!

  18. Melissa

    I have about 7 of these glosses and I think they are fabulous. I am a Chanel glossimer gal, but these are so much more affordable, especially when they are on sale. I love the scent, the applicator, the pigment, and the non-stickiness of the gloss. The colours could be more varied, but that’s usually the issue with DS glosses. All in all, a great find and buy.

  19. I love these glosses- great feel, great pigment.

  20. Michelle

    Aww man, I’ve been on a lip gloss no-buy and I’ve really wanted one of these lip glosses. That strawberry one is a great color; if you decide to review another one, I hope you get Sunset Peach as I want that one :) thanks for drugstore reviews!

  21. Lori

    I have it in rosepearl and i love it. I’ve always been a fan of revlon’s lip products.

  22. Maya

    Revlon really makes great lip glosses, period.

  23. Carrie Ann

    I love their Super Lustrous glosses (Coral Reef is probably my favorite coral lip gloss ever), so I’ve been wanting to try one of these. I’d heard the pigmentation was great. Revlon really puts out some terrific products. So many of them are department store quality.

  24. Melody

    Wow, I’m surprised you like these, Christine. I bought a couple that go on really streaky. That may be because the ones I got are rather milky though. Maybe I’ll check out the less creamy ones!

    • Jen

      Hey Melody which ones did you try that you didn’t like? I want to buy some of these and curious of which ones to stay away from. Thanks!

  25. Stephanie

    can you review the whole set christine? :))))

  26. Christina

    This looks UNBELIEVABLY beautiful on you! Love it

  27. Steph

    I was pretty amazed by these- definitely the best glosses I’ve bought from a drugstore brand and better than a lot of more expensive ones, too! I do wish there was a bigger shade variety though.

  28. C

    Its just a shame all of Revlons products are tested on animals.

    • Olivia A.

      Hi there, C – I was curious and concerned about this (since I like Revlon lip products), so… I just figured I’d share that I checked to see whether Revlon is on their “do test” or “don’t test” on animals list, and at least according to PETA, thankfully Revlon does *not* test on animals (and from a little Googling, it looks like that’s been their policy for some time now). Yay! :-)

      Also, Christine – that strawberry gloss is just gorgeous!! :-) Thanks for reviewing!

  29. This is really pretty on you! And it’s definitely nice for a drugstore gloss.

  30. Puffnstuff

    I love me some revlon glosses!

  31. tawny

    this is my favorite drugstore lipgloss! such a perfect sheer strawberry for summer.

  32. I kind of want to get these but they run $12 CAN up here …

    • Bernice

      In Vancouver, I know these ColorBurst lipglosses are only $4.99 on sale at Shoppers! I picked up Papaya, Fire and Hot Pink. Now I’m thinking I should get Strawberry as well.. 😛 The sale’s only until the end of today though!

  33. mnm

    I have Hot Pink and I love it, and the applicator is probably my favorite part. It’s really soft and flexible and it feels good on my lips LOL! I really want to try Strawberry, might have to pick it up.
    So glad you like these too Christine!

  34. Stephanie

    These are only $5.99 at the grocery store I work at. I picked up a tube of Strawberry after seeing your swatches. It’s a really nice gloss! :]

  35. I’ve gotta try these some time. I’m definitely a Revlon gal when it comes to drugstore brands at least for lip products. I have an amazing Coral lipgloss from their mineral line or whatever, it smells so strong/bizarre at first but the scent goes away. However the color/lasting power/comfort is amazing and worth the stench.

  36. Rose

    I had tried a couple of these and i honestly wasn’t a big fan of them, and i think mainly cause of the smell that they had, it somewhat had made me feel nauseous

  37. Diane

    Just went out and bought this after seeing this review. I wouldn’t have given it even a look otherwise (I’ve pretty much lost all faith in drug store products… just one disappointment after the other, lately).
    I have to agree though, I’m super impressed by this!

  38. Val

    I love these and I am going to get a pink maybe hahaha! These are so addicting ;]

  39. blahitslizz

    I really need to pick some of these up, there so pretty!

  40. artemis

    pretty! 😀