Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Celestial FX Top Speed Nail Lacquer

Revlon Celestial FX and Hearts of Gold FX Nail Lacquer ($5.99 for 0.50 fl. oz.) are two glitter top coats I spotted earlier this year at my local drugstore, and they looked like a lot of fun, so I picked them up. They were, unfortunately, both very un-fun and more frustrating than anything else.

  • Celestial FX has multi-colored glitter along with larger, holographic diamond-, star-, and moon-shaped glitter pieces suspended in a clear base.
  • Hearts of Gold has gold glitter with larger holographic, heart-shaped glitter suspended in a clear base.

I applied both polishes on a few occasions, and the swatches in this post represent the best results I was able to get–and I went on a major fishing expedition to do so. I just couldn’t get the larger glitter pieces (the shapes) out of the bottle; on the few occasions I did, there was so much of the clear base that it just pooled and dribbled off the nail. The clear base is so, so thick and runny.  To top it off, the larger glitters curled along the edges, so they did not lay flat.  This caused the few glitters to snag on things, and I did have two of the three catch and flake off.

The only positive thought I had was that the small glitters in Celestial FX are pretty on their own, since they’re multi-colored.

The Glossover


Revlon Celestial FX & Hearts of Gold FX Nail Lacquers Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The only positive thought I had was that the small glitters in Celestial FX are pretty on their own, since they're multi-colored.











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Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Celestial FX Top Speed Nail Lacquer

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Hearts of Gold FX Top Speed Nail Lacquer

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Hearts of Gold FX (pointer, middle) / Celestial FX (ring) Top Speed Nail Lacquer

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Hearts of Gold FX (pointer, middle) / Celestial FX (ring) Top Speed Nail Lacquer

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Hearts of Gold FX (pointer, middle) / Celestial FX (ring) Top Speed Nail Lacquer

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Hearts of Gold FX (pointer, middle) / Celestial FX (ring) Top Speed Nail Lacquer

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33 thoughts on “Revlon Celestial FX & Hearts of Gold FX Nail Lacquers Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. z

    ah, revlon polishes are always so disappointing because they look SO pretty and fun in the bottle, but every one i’ve tried turns into a disaster on the nail. not to mention that for me they chip after about a minute. at this point i’ve just given up on trying to find one that i can work with.

  2. Yellowlantern

    I haven’t had a lot of luck with Revlon glitters though I haven’t tried these specific ones. Those stars and moons look so fun if it were easier to get on the nail.

  3. This is why I wish most of these glitter polish where in smaller bottle so that the glitter would be denser in the base!

  4. Too bad this product doesn’t work because the shapes in the glitter look very cute.

  5. KEG

    such a shame- the concept was great. I hope a company comes up with a better application of this idea

  6. SusanG

    Yikes. How does a product like this even get to market?

  7. xamyx

    I almost bought these a while back, but the larger hearts, stars, etc turned me off a bit. If I catch these on sale/BOGO/coupon, I may pick them up. I actually like the “smaller” glitter, and for my purposes, the fact the larger bits don’t turn up is actually a *good* thing.

  8. Sam

    I was given these…I don’t mind them too much. The big glitter is tough to get out of the bottles, but I didn’t have any curling issues.

  9. L

    That’s really dissapointing. D8 have you seen any that have these types of glitters that actually work well?

  10. Monica!

    This is kindda lame isn’t it? I love glitter but not heart or star shaped ones! I think I would find this appealing if I were 12

  11. Well, I never expect polishes like this to work that well since the shapes are really hard to be picked up by the brush. I try to keep my expectations low in mind when I get them. The idea of moons and stars in my polish is really cool though! Drugstore polishes are getting so expensive though… I’d rather just pick up something else instead of a failed, kind-of expensive glitter.

  12. Ouch, F… I don’t think I’d like this either.

  13. Quinctia

    It doesn’t help that the labeled these Top Speed…if it’s really the same formula as all the other top speeds, then no wonder the formula sucks.

    I like Revlon’s regular line, don’t know what it is about the Top Speed one that they’ve messed up.

  14. I got the celestial one a couple months ago and, with plenty of fishing, was able to get good results! I enjoyed it!

  15. Awwww that’s too bad! They look terribly cute in the bottle :(

  16. evr

    This is almost laughable. I guess they made this one thinking the young kids would like it. I’ve had bad luck with large shaped glitter before too, and I wish companies would put more effort into making this type of polish actually work. When you can’t get the glitter out of the bottle, what’s the point?

  17. Vivian

    I bought this fully knowing that it was going to be crap nail polish like the ones they sell from like Santee or like LA Girl. I bought it anyway… which I am pretty sure means i’m an addict. I will probably craft something with it?.. probably not.

  18. Oh wow, you can just see that it applies thick on the pictures.
    I’m very picky about my glitter, so I probably wouldn’t have picked this up anyway ( I don’t really trust nail polishes with big shaped glitter).

    If you want a good drugstore brand, you should definitely pick up some Catrice. Very nice products for a very reasonable price.

  19. AnGeLwInGz

    Thanks or the review. I was actually considering buying Celestial the other day when I spotted it at the supermarket. Good thing I didn’t

    • [email protected]

      Ok this person obviously is lost because I bought both today and no problems. I did a French with a top coat on toes and nail you shake the bottle up and each time 4-5 big pieces come off. The you dot them onto the nail in the places you desire them of you can scrape the brush on the edge of your nail the way you would when you want a thick layer of regular glitter and then use the brush to ,move them around. Then blot the brush on the edge of the bottle like you do with any nail polish you use so it doesn’t drip. Now paint the smaller glitter over top. Wait 4 mins paint a top coat on a voila my nails are adorable. I’m 34 and wanted something I could use to spice up my weekday work nails. It’s perfect for on top of neutral colors or a French to spice it up. Oh and after 4 mins its dry enough that when you paint the top coat on the big pieces don’t move so it is quick drying. Don’t let one person discourage a really cute product because they didnt use it right lol if anyone wants pictures hmu on Facebook ill message them back. Super easy super cute oh yea cvs has a great promo combo right now. Sally Hansen by $10 recieve.$5 back now. Got Sally pink satin Xtreme wear, gray area Sally extreme wear, Sally Hansen diamond shine combo top and base coat $10.23 for all 3 on sale buy them first get $5 instant cvs cash now the reckons are buy 1 get 1 half off celestial fx and hearts of gold fx use instant $5 cash back from Sally’s both for $3 so I got 3 Sally’s both silver and gold glitter for $13.23 the price of these two if you bought them alone…get to cvs while the sale is still going and get 5 polishes for price of the 2.revlon glitters we are talking about :-) then use it right and it’s adorable. Plus the Sally hansen diamond shine dual base and top is the perfect top coat for this glitter it holds it down so it can’t snag. enjoyyyyyy 😛

  20. What a bummer! That’s how my Kleancolor start glitters were as well.

  21. Jen

    LOL, wow, that’s not good. It looks so beautiful in the bottle, and even knowing it’s not going to look exactly the same on your nails, I sure would have expected something better than that. I mean, you could just get little decals to stick on your nails and it would be simpler and work better.

  22. I love the look of black polish and glitter.

    I agree with what someone said about revlon polishes. The quality is horrible.

  23. Jen

    Almost bought it yesterday. The silver one sure looks pretty in the bottle.

  24. Green Bird

    I had all the problems you described with Celestial FX, Christine, and THEN the actual clear polish chipped off later in the first day. Buyer beware!

  25. Bethany Curtis

    I had the same problem with the Revlon Moon Candy. The glitter flakes curl up and come off or get caught on things. I even tried a thick application of topcoat.

  26. Molly

    Darnit! I’ve been eyeing these debating if I would buy them or not! The celestial still seems pretty with the sparse larger glitter but the gold doesn’t.
    Thanks for saving me the hassle… I’m not usually a fan of the quick dry nail polishes anyway, as they seem to be more brittle to me and chip faster.

  27. Jessica

    I wonder if we could get the look by using tiny confetti shaped like stars.

  28. This is a little disappointing…My daughter really wanted to try these:(….Thanks for the review.

  29. I have to agree… I am actually taking back the Celestial FX today. I tried it out and none of the big stars/moons came out. I thought maybe I was doing it wrong which is why I thought I would look at some reviews on it and it seems other people are having the same problem. :(

  30. Cynthia_ess

    I bought the Celestial FX, and lets just say I’ll stay clear away from buying those kinds of revlon polishes for a while.

  31. Wow I’m surprised you gave this an F! I have both of these and they are gorgeous. I did have to do some fishing and placing of glitters with a toothpick, but I haven’t came across a polish such as these where some fishing wasn’t required. For me it was worth it though and the completed nail is gorgeous!! It takes no longer than any other nail art.