Monday, July 14th, 2008

The Temptalia team wants to know how we’re doing, and more importantly, what we should and can be doing to improve your experience and time spent perusing Temptalia. But in order for us to find ways to improve and provide you with what you want to see, we need to hear from you! Please take our reader feedback survey. ย Feel free to be as honest as you want, as all surveys are conducted anonymously. Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you.

You can take our survey…

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24 thoughts on “Reader Feedback Survey

  1. YAYYY Me first!I took the survey.Enjoyed throughly!!


  2. Kelly

    mmkay i took it :0

  3. Betty

    Koool-aid. I just finished the survey :)

  4. Tanya

    phew!….just finished
    interesting survey, I hope heaps of people take it so our voices are heard lol!~

  5. Bianca

    So cool that you care what we think and hope some great suggestion come out of your effort. Thanks so much!!

  6. Minty746

    Hi Christine! Thank you for letting us share our opinions, and I know that the Temptalia team is working hard! Thank you.

  7. DaniMae

    That was kinda long LOL

  8. sharon mason

    thankx christine for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves great blog keep up the good work!

  9. Sandy

    I just saw this and completed the survey. Sorry for the delay Christine

  10. Zsofi

    oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really want my own Temtalia profile :-DDDDDD
    and i want to hear more from Your personal life Christine,bc You are very inspiring,very put together,a young woman,who is a role model :-)
    i really liked the survey.
    and i wont change a thing in the site. new posts come very often,which i like very much. i visit Temptalia like a 100 times a day :-)
    may i ask You who are the members of the Temptalia team ?
    congrats to all of You,You do a great job :-)

    • Hi Zsofi,

      Thanks for all your input! It is very helpful :)

      The “team” is myself and my boyfriend – he handles all of the techy stuff, so he coded the layout, deals with any server issues, and those things.

      • Zsofi

        Nice powerful team the two of You :-)
        i like this new feature on the bottom of each side,when i can choose between which number page i want to see :-)
        (this is the most horrible english sentence i have ever wrote,but i think You can understand what i wanted to say)

        • Yep, it was something someone mentioned on the feedback survey, and I was like, “Hey, that’s a REALLY good idea!” so I told the boyfriend, and he put it up. :)

  11. Olaronke

    Took the survey … how are u dear? schl?