Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Rant & Rave

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38 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Tinted Lip Balm

  1. EmiiLouu

    i love tinted lip balm because it conditions your lips, and gives you some colour at the same time!
    The mac tinted lip conditioners are my favourite!!!!

  2. I love balm! I especially love Burts Bees chapstick in pomegranate, it gives me a subtle deep tint. I also really like their shimmer chapsticks, too.


    LOVE IT! Much needed moisture + sheer colour. Low maintenance at its best. I love MAC’s tendertone in Take A Hint.

  4. I love tinted lip balms, my favourites are Benefit, Burt’s Bees and Too Faced. I’ll try some more when I finish them!

  5. geri~

    I don’t use it as much as I would like too =)

  6. Amy

    Love them…they’re multi-use because I don’t need to apply lip balm to prime my lips before applying lipstick. My favorite right now is Aveda Tinted Lip Conditioner in Peony. Verbena is also nice. I’m always looking for new tinted lipbalms.

  7. Catherine

    I love it… gives me just the right amount of subtle color while conditioning my lips. They aren’t greasy either. Very MLBB

  8. Tina

    i love korres tinted lip butters! they moisturize a lot and have such a pretty color :) my favorite is the guava one.

  9. Kelsey

    i like tinted lip conditioners from MAC. love the smell, love the feel. 😀

  10. I personally LOVE tinted lip balms, especially when they have SPF! One of my favorites is Alba’s TerraTints tinted lip balms (they come in a chapstick sized tube and have SPF 8). It leaves a gorgeous wine colored tint to my lips, and wears off well (no ugly ring around the mouth!). I’ve found it takes the best characteristics of lipstick, lipstain and lipbalm and combined them all into one.

  11. Mary

    What is there to hate?

  12. Mary

    :) love pink fish

  13. Carla


  14. Cindy

    I loveeee tinted lip balms because I always have to have chapstick on, but tinted lip balms give me color along with moisturization. what’s there to possibly hate? I personally like The Face Shop tinted chapstick and MAC tendertones. I wish tendertones were in stick or tube form :(

  15. Anitacska

    My current favourite is Rosy Lips Vaseline which is just as good as traditional Vaseline (my all time fave lipbalm) with a lovely pink tint and subtle scent. I also have some Nivea Care Glosses, but I prefer the Vaseline.

  16. I do like tinted lip balms, but I think if I had a choice between two formulas that were the same except for one having tint, I’d choose the one without tint. My lips are pigmented enough that I don’t really need the color and any tint in the balm doesn’t really show up for me anyway hehe.

  17. Mariana

    I dislike tinted lip balm because I like to wear lip balm under lipgloss or lipstick, so I prefer it to be clear so it doesnt alter the colour of the stick or gloss. Also regular clear lipbalm gives a nice MLBB look

  18. Merenwen

    I hate tinted lip balms. The formula is often too light for my dry lips, and colours too sheer (if not invisible). To have colour, I’d rather use a real lipstick, with a good clear lipbalm underneath!

  19. I have very dry lips, including the skin slightly around my lips, so I prefer a clear balm so I can extend the moisture past my lipline a bit. Plus I like to wear it under my gloss or lipstick.

  20. i love tinted lip balm that are very pigmented & moisturizing like MAC TLC.. i like the stick kind too, the pot not so much since i have to dip dip dip my finger in it or use a lip brush but i’m still a fan of tinted lip balm =D

  21. Dancerwendy

    I love tinted lip balms! Ones I love include MAC Tendertones (hope they come back into the rotation again!) MAC TLC sticks from last year as well as the TLCs in the permanent collection, and Revlon Beyond Natural protective liptints. Can’t wait to try Korres lip butters and Benetint balm!

  22. Meg

    I love tinted lip balms because they give color as well as moisture. However, I rarely find tinted lip balms that I love. Some are too sparkly, some just wash out my lips, and others just give a cheap, red, waxy look. Mac Tendertones and Korres lip butters are my fave because they are quality products with nice color selection.

  23. I love Tinted lip balms/conditioners.

    My personal favs are Lip dot (or whtevr its called) frm The Body shop,
    Popster TLC by MAC and HIP jelly balms.

  24. imelda

    Laura Mercier lip balm with SPF12 is awesome! since it’s got shea butter on it it really moisturize the lips.

  25. Sass

    I love it because I’m not a lipstick wearer so I need some color with a moisturizing agent so why not. I also like lipgloss a lot too.

  26. Marina

    I never use tinted bamls, they just make no sense to me. If i need treatment, there are clear balms, if i need color/shine, there are glosses.

  27. Kimberly

    I love them, there are a ton of great brands & colors to pick from too! Girls if you haven’t tried them out yet, pick one up. You’ll be like the the rest of us here!

  28. Proximity

    The only one I use right now is only slightly slightly tinted – Smith’s Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm.

    I generally don’t want very colored lips for everyday, because I don’t like having to be aware of the color – if it’s staying, smearing, feathering, fading etc. I just want to put on some more lip balm when my lips feel dry.

    I’ve been wanting to try the new Fresh Sugar Rosé tinted lip balm.

  29. Marisa

    i LOVE the MAC tinted lip balms…i carry one in my purse regardless!!! love to just put some on with a simple liner and it does the job!!!

  30. leslie

    I just bought 2 of Laura Merciers Hydratints spf 15(?) in Mocha and Berry tint(my favorite) is really moisturizing. I think i need more of those!

  31. Rio

    I’ve been meaning to try a tinted lip balm. I use Chapstick like a madwoman because my lips get so ridiculously dry, and I have a bad habit of licking them too much if I am not wearing a lipbalm. I do feel like needing Chapstick all the time limits my lipcolors, because I worry about reapplying colored gloss and such without a mirror. I think I could possibly handle a tinted lipbalm though, so I should really try it.

  32. kathy

    LOVEEEE! so much better than gloss, which i mostly hate. they are perfect for me :) christine, you are the one and only mac goddess, so i ask you, are tendertones ever coming back??

  33. Chris

    They’re nice, but I usually like having more coverage found in a gloss or lipstick. I did get both MAC HK Popster & Pink Fish, which are both lovely.

  34. Jennifer

    I love my Dior Lipglow lip balm, although it was a bit too expensive.

    I like the feeling of wearing something formulated to condition my lips, but yet I don’t have to wear lipstick, because it provides a nice sheer color.

    It’s like hitting two birds with one stone of make-up.

  35. scarlettholly

    I love philosophy’s the kiss which is tinted and I LOVE but it’s in a squeeze out tube which doesn’t work well in cold weather. Right now I’m loving Fresh!’s sugar which is clear and yummy. They have just brought out a rose tinted one which is tempting…