Monday, June 17th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Summer Color Collections!

my answer: Seasonal collections are fun but they can be boring, because there are always a few trends/colors that repeat depending on the season.

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13 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Summer Color Collections

  1. I love the focus on dewy, shimmering skin and all those bronzers… but I hate that all those bronzers are just the same overly orange colors… again and again and again. In a sea of hundreds of options, it sucks when there still isn’t one for you :/

  2. I like ’em :-) Yes, stuff like the sun-kissed theme always come back, but I don’t mind.

  3. Summer collections have become predictable; and more often than not, shades are similar across brands, especially eyeshadow palettes. :(

  4. They’re harder to use year-round. However, I do think that some shades — especially neutrals — offered in summer are really distinctive.

  5. Summer collections usually represent a bit of a break for me. I’m not a fan of bronzers and the shades are often too warm to work well on my collection. I find that the colours in collections at other times of the year are more unique.

  6. Mariella

    Not all of us love coral lips and cheeks; not all of us embrace bronzers and gold glitter mixed with bronzers. But these are usually the predictable products that get trotted out as part of every summer collection.

  7. Safyre

    Anything mermaid, ocean, or nautical themed will get me excited. Anything bronzer themed will generally turn me off, I mean I get that people want to look tan but I don’t. Lol. Unless say, the bronze-y theme features coral lip/cheek colors and bronze colors for the eyes, which I do happen to like. But not an all-over kind of thing. I hope that made sense. And… I do have to agree with what has been said so far – I’m very cool-toned and will use a bronzer to contour my face but most do tend to be either too orange or too shimmery. :/ Meh.

  8. xamyx

    I don’t typically care for Summer (or Spring) collections, as they do tend to fall into the same general color/product range. However, the same can be said for Fall & Winter collections, which tend to have the same amount of predictability. Makeup trends follow fashion trends, so it makes sense there will be a certain amount of repetition, as fashion is the same way. Also, when companies put their collections out, they also take into consideration *most* people don’t have the same amount of makeup many of us here have, so when they come up with a palette or lipstick shade, it does stand to reason the *average* consumer may not have something similar.

    I actually look forward to these collections, since they generally don’t appeal to me, aside from one or two random products that really catch my eye. I use this time to catch up on some permanent items I may have missed for whatever reason, and to save money for the Fall & Winter collections, which generally fall in line with my personal tastes.

  9. Angela

    I generally prefer fall/winter collections because neutral colors just suit me the best. Some summer palettes are nice but a lot of the time they have colors that just aren’t that wearable. I also agree with Dusty that bronzers can be a bit too orangey, especially for fair skin. I feel that bronzers for people with fair skin should have a rosy pink undertone :)

  10. Diana

    I love the blue-green, coral, and pink colors that tend to show up. However, I hate the constant focus on bronzers and tanning. I like bronze colors on my eyes, but that’s it. I’m fair-skinned, and bronzers just make me look orange/covered in dirt (plus there’s no point in putting it on my face when the rest of my body wouldn’t match). I also have no patience for self-tanners. I realize it works for a lot of people, but I would like a focus on something other than bronzer/tanner.

  11. Shev

    I don’t mind what goes into them, but it bugs me that cosmetics companies seem to forget that half the world isn’t in summer! All these great bronzers and bright nail polishes don’t really do much good when it’s the dead of winter in the southern hemisphere!

  12. I get excited for summer collections when they are first announced, but now I’m already ready for some autumn/winter, The autumn/winter collections definitely get me more excited & always have.

  13. I love the brights – bright teal blue, golds, hot pinks and acid greens.