Monday, October 19th, 2009

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic:  SHOWER GEL!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about shower gels and all that those entail.

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23 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Shower Gel

  1. Ashley

    I love shower gels. I always use different scents from Bath & Body Works.

  2. i love shower gels b/c it smells so good in the shower, but you cant really smell it after washing it off :(

  3. amy

    I like the way shower gels glides on my skin and I like that it can be doubled as bubble bath!

  4. Siledhel

    I love them. I like that they smell while you bath, but also that the aroma doesn’t linger after you use it. I don’t like fruity smells to mix up with my perfume, that would make everybody dizzy.
    Many think they could be expensive but I believe that they are a much better option than common soap. They are more practical and hygienic, as long as you change your loofah on a regular basis.

  5. Shealyn

    I love shower gels! My favourites are from Lush. Snow Fairy (limited edition Christmas scent) is my absolute favourite, but when my stock runs low/my last bottle expires, Yummy Yummy Yummy is good too. They are more expensive but I think it’s worth it for the quality of product you get. Plus the shopping experience at Lush is always awesome too. And when soap gets down to the end, it’s difficult to use, whileas with gels, you can use them to the last drop!

  6. I like them and they’re easier to rinse off then some soaps.

  7. Jennifer

    Right now Im digging Philosophy’s Amazing Grace… I also like the shower gel from Mariah’s M perfume set.

  8. I also really like Lush. I use their jellies. At Christmas they have one called ‘strawberry santa” that’s lovely and “Sweetie Pie” is my year round back up. I prefer sweet/fruity smells to florals or musks.

  9. For me the smell and texture is important. They must feel like satin on my skin and they must have special smell (not heavy). My favorite shower gel is from Yves Rocher and the smell it’s incredible a combination between bourbon and vanilla leaves my skin smelling sensual for many hours.:)

  10. Rebecca

    I only use shower gels, but absolutely despise ones that don’t stay sudsy on a wash cloth. I don’t know why I ever bother buying anything but Bath and Body Works because with them I am never disappointed, and with other brands I’m usually disappointed. Their shower gels are sudsy with a shower pouf or just a plain ol’ wash cloth.

  11. Jay

    I always wash with a normal bar soap first, because I don’t really get a clean feeling from most shower gels. But other than that, I love to wash with a scent, especially around fall and winter. Makes me feel comfy cozy and smell good too!

  12. Kelly

    I don’t use shower gels for the most part, except to shave my legs. I find the fragance and harsh detergents irritate more sensitive areas, and to me, seem more drying than my homemade soap. The ones that are more mild and moisturizing just don’t make me feel clean! So I just make my own soap with goatmilk and shea butter, so it is very creamy and smooth, but I still feel squeaky clean. I prefer bath prodcuts to not be too scented because the fragance irritates my skin and also can clash with my perfume!

  13. Dorie

    Living in a dorm means only being able to use shower gels, because you can’t exactly leave a bar of soap in the stalls. I particularly love Philosophy Shower gels like Senorita Margarita when I can splurge but otherwise, I stick to the drugstore staple, Dove.

  14. fwy

    I really love those from Lush. Alas, they are too exp for my budget.

  15. Christina

    I love shower gels from Bath & Body Works.

  16. Valeria

    i love all shower gels!!! i havent used soap in the longest time, unless its from lush…but i think shower gels are much easier to use in the shower, you dont have to worry about dropping the soap LOL.

  17. Heather

    I love shower gels. I particularly love the ones from Victoria Secrets Garden collection. I don’t really like shower gels that come along with perfume gift packages because the smell doesn’t last and they don’t seem to clean very well (no suds).

  18. Proximity

    Laura Mercier’s Creme Brulee Body Wash has been my favorite for … wow, at least 8 years now!
    This is Seriously Good Stuff. It’s actually moisturizing (I have chronically dry skin), it makes a really soft creamy lather, and it smells fantastic. It makes the whole bathroom smell great, and leaves a nice but light fragrance on your skin which will fade in time to not compete with your perfume.
    I love this stuff so much that I find a bottle in my stocking *every Christmas*. My mom knows what she’s doing :)

  19. Chiara

    I LOVE Lush shower gels. I actually collect them, and keep their 100g bottles in a little rack just above my shower, so i always have plenty to choose from :) My top three gels are 1)Ghost 2)The Olive Branch 3) Taai taai , which is a Benelux holiday edition and it smells just like gingerbread

  20. Tania

    I prefer shower gel that’s fragranced but not to loud (that Tone blueberry one, blech). My current favs are the ones from Caress and I’ve tried high end and low end. Another good one is St. Ives Mineral Body Wash. Another bonus is that they are INEXPENSIVE yay!

  21. Diana

    I like Fresh’s sugar lemon. It makes my skin smell really clean. :]

  22. elysia


  23. Bridgette

    I like shower gels. But I don’t like it when the scent doesnt stay on when you get out of the shower.