Monday, June 4th, 2012

Rant & Rave

The Topic: Shimmery Blush

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about shimmery blushes. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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34 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Shimmery Blush

  1. Abby

    I prefer to have a matte blush (or one with a light sheen) and just add the shimmer on separately

    • GUSnail

      So do I.  I haven’t tried too many, but I find that the color fades before the shimmer; and that’s not a look I like.

  2. lauramarie100

    I once again tried Nars Orgasm this weekend, and I once again wondered why I gave in to the hype and bought it. It looked terrible in the sun and emphasized any slight unevenness in my skin. I have bought shimmery blushes because they look so pretty in the pan, or because I couldn’t see the shimmer in the store lighting. I’ve always been disappointed with them. I’ve promised myself no more, because even though they seem to translate well on camera from videos on YouTube, in a sunny climate with lots of natural light they look all wrong. I’ve been tricked by my last pretty shimmery blush pan.

  3. I HATE overly shimmery/frosty blushes. Their is no control with how they look on the skin. Once that got a warm shimmer that is subtle are nice with a pink matte base when you can find them. Sleek has one in their LACE 3 blush palette that is so worth checking out.

  4. kathrynvm

    The only reason I like them is that I can take what was leftover on the brush and dust it on the apples of my cheeks for a glowy look.

  5. fabiola

    I bought nars orgasm at nordstrom a long ago, and the next day I returned it, it was way too much shimmer and frankly it is over rated, mac springsheen is almost identical swatch next to it, no shimmer and less money + the texture is better. I like matte blushes or satin, they suit me better.

  6. Gina

    I love them! They can add such a beautiful glowiness to the skin. I own mostly shimmery blushes, and none of them give me problems with emphasizing pores. You just have to watch the shimmer level–some blushes have more or less than others. A bit of research and swatching are definitely necessary. Some have a soft sheen, and others are full on frost. I’m not a big fan of frost anywhere but eyes, so I tend to avoid products like that (like Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks).


    It could work. not for every day though, but nights out for sure. also people get a little heavy handed on their blushes and tend to over do it. a little shimmer is very effective.

  8. army_wife_in_alaska

    I actually prefer shimmery blushes on the apples of my cheek than contouring matte blushes/bronzers. Matte blushes and bronzers sink my face in makes me look…I dunno, like a vampy villain in a disney princess cartoon. :( And I’m not a novice in blush application. It’s just the shape of my face, I guess.

  9. I love shimmery blush.  Matte finishes tend to look a little too dark on me.  Plus they give a natural highlight right where it should be.

  10. Miss J

    It just depends on the size of the shimmer particles and how much sparkle comes across when applied. I probably have an equal amount of matte and shimmer blushes in my collection.

  11. If they’re done right, I love them! My cheeks are mostly normal (could lean dry in winter), so I welcome the little glow a good shimmery blush could give me. I do tend to pair it with a matte bronzer and skip highlighting though, because I’m a little wary it would be an overdose otherwise!

  12. xamyx

    If by “shimmer” you mean “glow” or “dewy”, then yes, I *love* a nice shimmery blush; however, when “shimmer” crosses the line over to “glitter”, then that’s where I get off the train. I prefer matte though, as I like a lot of shimmer on the eyes, and too much shimmer can look a bit juvenile. Also, in order to feel comfortable wearing shimmer on the face, I need to be fully primed (read: spackled), and there’s often not enough time fo that. NARS Nico provides just the right amount for me, but I’ve been playing around & mixing it with NARS Albatross as a more evening option.

  13. k

    Large glitter. Like one of the Nyx blush/bronzer combos has large gold glitter in it and it looks hideous. DNW large glitter ever.

  14. CiaraAinsleyFears

    Hm… I much prefer matte blushes over shimmery, just so I can choose what finish I want. You can’t take away shimmer, but you can add it! 

  15. Cat G

    I love shimmery blush, I love the glow they give to my cheeks and how it brings attention to my cheeks. I guess my only rant would be that I wish it were more acceptable for older women to wear shimmery makeup. I just can’t imagine going without all my shimmeryness once I’m older!

    • xamyx

      @Cat G Don’t let age be the only factor that influences your makeup. I’m nearly 39, and I *still* wear shimmery eyeshadow. The key is to choose one area to apply it. For me, my pores aren’t as refined as they were in youth, but since my eyes are still smooth, I focus there.

    • CiaraAinsleyFears

       @Cat G IMO that beauty rule is kind of like saying redheads can’t wear red, or blondes can’t wear black mascara. Making a blanket statement about a certain makeup product looking bad on a certain group of people is not only ridiculous, but it’s also often the opposite of reality! As a natural blonde who went red for a short while, I can say that both the examples I mentioned are completely untrue: redheads look great with red lipstick (Christina Hendricks) and blondes look awesome in black mascara (Goldie Hawn). Just get a high quality product and rock on with yo bad self :)

  16. EnchantedDaisy

    I really don’t like wearing or seeing others wear shimmery blush. To me, blush is supposed to look natural and shimmer blush certainly does not. What really irks me though is that I have found quite a few blushes that I really love the color of (Nars Orgasm in particular) but they are not made in a non-shimmer form :(

  17. StephanieT

    I like shimmer! But not glitter. For example I adore NARS orgasm and benefit coralista.. But I would never go near super orgasm

  18. Daniellenm30

    I like shimmery blush, but not where there are huge chunks of glitter in it. My blush collection has a good mix between matte and shimmer.

  19. cc60720a23

    If the shimmer power is fine, that make me looked energetic; if the power is rough (most of the blush), it will attach to the edge of the pores so that the pores looked deeper like a bunch of holes on my face.

  20. misscheriamor

    I love shimmer in blush. It really can make you glow and bring out the color better. I do hate how some make-up brands don’t realize that you need to use small doses of it or make sure it isn’t chunky, large pieces of glitter. Instead of looking beautiful it looks ugly and doesn’t add anything to your look unless you are trying to look like a glitter bomb. It really comes down to the brand and their understanding of shimmer and how it looks on the cheeks.

  21. Deb

    Hate shimmer blush.  To me, it always make cheeks look greasy.  And sorry, but I mean it looks that way on everyone I see it on.  I know I’m in the minority and the majority thinks it makes you look “glowy” or “dewy” .  I just don’t agree.  And if you’re skin isn’t absolutely perfect, it emphasizes every pore, line, flaw, etc.

  22. Laura Geller’s Blush ‘N’ Brighten in Como and Highlighter in Portofino. It’s seriously the glittery-est blush I have ever used. It’s very frosty. I like the pink tones of the color, but the shimmery-ness is not flatter. It’s all glitter. 
    I am currently using MAC’s Bite of An Apple which has a matte finish that I am quite happy with. 

  23. Kastehelmi

    I love a blush with fine shimmer or a dewy highlighter blended on the cheekbones–but not chunky glitter, and it should be applied with care. I am not a daily blush wearer since I fear wearing face makeup too often will make my oily skin break out. I usually stick with a more matte and not outrageously unnatural blush, but a bold shimmery blush with glossy red lips can be very beautiful–My Milani blushes are shimmery, and lovely. Milani Red Vino is especially bold and “radiant”. I would love a Nars blush–Super Orgasm or Deep Throat (or both?) will eventually be mine–and I am not even going to blush about that!

  24. I love to have both slight shimmer and matte blushes on hand depending on my look.  I very much dislike glittery blushes and feel they draw undue attention to all the bad things about my skin and face and I think they look far too young for me as well.  I gravitate towards matte blushes for the most part as they can easily be transferred into shimmer blushes with the addition of any shimmer powder/highlighter. 

  25. Adelita

    I love blush that has glow in it, but I prefer sheen/satiny finish than shimmery/sparkly finish.
    It’s easier to add shimmer powder/highlighter on top of my matte/satin blush than using a regular shimmery blush. As a tan/medium-dark skinned girl, I need to build up the color when I’m using light-colored blushes or blushes with low or medium pigmentation, and when you “build up” the color on shimmery blush, you build up the shimmer as well. And that my friend, a road to disco ball-esque cheek.
    Besides, I have large pores problem that puts hell hole into shame. With matte/satin blush + shimmer powder/highlighter, I can control where I’m gonna put the shimmer (and control the amount of it!). 

    • ValerieAllison

       @Adelita Exactly this! It is SO much easier to just add shimmer to a matte or satin blush.


    Like refined shimmer that lights up your face. Chanel blushes are masters at it.

  27. GlamorPuss

    Don’t love them.  The only two I have that qualify as shimmery are MAC Springsheen and Benefit Coralista.  That’s about as far as I go with the shimmery blushes.  Plus most of my eyeshadows and lip products have some shimmer in them.  If you pair both of things with shimmery blush = overkill. 

  28. ValerieAllison

    I prefer any and all shimmer to be on my cheek bones as  a highlighter. I’m on the larger side, so I have a really round face. Contouring and highlighting are my bff’s and a shimmery or glittery blush takes away from me faking skinny.

  29. JackeeTM

    Not big into shimmery shades because I have large pores on my cheeks and I feel that shimmer emphasizes them more. I do use them from time to time, but sparingly!

  30. summerblue

    I prefer a matte or satin finish & normally don’t go for any blushes that have any glitter.  This said,  my fav blushes of all time are Mac’s Love Rock & Improvise.  Not only do I get color with these, but using a stiff fan brush (Loew-cornell), I can wisk away much of the excess glitter specks..  I absolutely abhor blushes like Laura Geller’s as her’s don’t produce much color; escentually, they are nothing but glitter.