Monday, June 14th, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: SHEER LIPSTICK!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about sheer lipsticks and all that those entail.

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29 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Sheer Lipstick

  1. haha, just did a blog about that today! I love them! I like how a colour can look good on so many people and how you get the best of the lipstick and gloss worlds.

  2. starr

    i love how you dont need a mirror and it will still look fab. i love sheer lippies as they can look natural :)

  3. I love sheer and semi-sheer lipstick because you can still see your natural lip color to some extent. It’s a very natural look you get and thus you can get away with a color that’s no real color match to your skin tone whereas if you pick a not-really-a-match-color in an opaque finish you do actually see that it doesn’t look good. But first and foremost it’s the naturalness (semi-)sheer lipstick provides that I love.

  4. I just feel like sheer lipstick is pointless. At that point, I’d rather just use a lip gloss. Because, to me anyway, the point of lipstick is the pigmentation.

  5. Vijaya

    On the one hand, they’re easier to look good in: a sheer shade will suit a much larger variety of people than an uber pigmented shade.

    On the other hand, I REALLY hate when I was looking forward to a nice, dark, opaque shade of lipstick and it turns out to be sheer. I wind up thinking, “Ugh, that’s what gloss is for!”

  6. Katie

    love it! looks like a gloss but applies and feels like a lipstick!

  7. Brittney

    I would say i love them solely based on my favorite type of lipstick from mac are the lustres… i like that they give a less thick gloss to the lips compared to regular lipgloss and they give a almost natural glisten to the lips…

  8. Jamie

    Sheer lipstick is amazing because it looks more natural! It is better for younger girls new to makeup and older ladies for “wild” eyes. (dark smokey eyes and bright colors)

  9. Sweeda88

    I hate sheer lipstick. My lips are very pigmented, so sheer lipstick is useless to me. I love rich, opaque lipstick.

  10. I like them especially on days when I just want a sheer glossy look, but don’t feel like having my hair stuck in the lipgloss when out and about! :)

  11. Emma

    As I have really pigmented lips I don’t reach for sheer lipsticks that often, but I do like them to top of another lipstick – as an almost lipgloss 😉
    And of course there comes those days you’re not really feeling like wearing a heavy lipstick and sheer lipsticks (sheer lustres or glazes from Mac, most often) come handy then!

  12. Melissa

    I can’t stand sheer lipstick – it’s like a tease. And, depending on the brands you buy, you could be spending quite a bit for a tiny bit of color.
    Sheer lipstick reminds me of kiddy makeup they used to sell when I was little. It was vibrant in the package but, barely any of that color was visible when applied (a good thing – unless your kid was in a pagent or dressing for Halloween, makeup on a kid was/is creepy).

  13. amy

    I prefer sheer lipsticks. I like a little bit of color for most days. I do have and like fuller coverage colors but find that sheer colors look the most natural on me.

  14. Carrie

    I love sheer lipsticks, as long as they have some color payoff. They look more natural and are usually less drying than matte or opaque lipsticks. Plus, they tend to stay on longer than a lip gloss.

  15. AnGeLwInGz

    Hate ’em. I’d much rather wear a gloss.

  16. Jennifer

    I dislike sheer lipsticks. Especially if it’s a gorgeous shade. I always end up wanting it to be full-color and opaque. If I want sheerness I’ll apply cherry chapstick! UGH!

  17. I love sheer nudes, flesh pinks and reds, they are lower maintenance then fully opaque colours. I also love sheer reds, makes it possible to wear red more often on the lips. Some colours, like peach and candy pinks I don’t really like sheer, unless you can build it up. Sheer is nice only if it works with your natural lip colour. I love this for an everyday lip, keeps me from checking my lips every 5 minutes to see if they need fixing. Opaque colours are great when you’re having a night out or something. I can’t do it everyday, since I’m too busy in class to focus on my lips.

  18. Sarah M

    I love sheer lipsticks on others and would love to love them on me but unfortunately I have really uneven and pigmented lips which i personally feel need an opaque lip colour.

  19. You don’t need a mirror and there’s a chance pretty much every shade will look good! ^__^

  20. Marian

    I love a sheer lipstick for daytime. I’d rather wear a sheer lipstick than a gloss. A lipstick is not as sticky and gloopy as gloss. It feels better on my lips.

  21. Generally, I hate it. Like, what’s the point if I’m paying that much, right? But some of my favorite Mac lippies are sheer-ish. Like Party Mate (Naughty Nauticals) and All’s Fair (BBR) that are like sparkly, raspberry versions of my own lips! I always seem to look good in them!
    And the Slimshines!! Don’t forget those puppies!

  22. I’m not a fan. It took me a bit to figure out mac glaze was just a fancy word for sheer. :( I want how it looks in the tube!!!

  23. Hannah

    I LOVE sheer lipsticks. I’m very pale with rather unpigmented lips, and I’m quite young (22), so sheer lipsticks are great for me because they are so easy to apply and I don’t run the risk of looking too made-up! I do wear full coverage lipsticks for special occasions or for going out at night sometimes, but I really could not live without sheer lipsticks.

  24. Wendy

    I find most glosses a little too sticky, so I love sheer lipsticks!

  25. Pearl

    Sheer lipsticks look better on me, and on most people, but I refuse to wear them! 😉 lipstick to me should be pigmented, or else what’s the point? I love colorful lips!

  26. Christina

    i don’t like sheer lipstick on myself because my lips are very pigmented, so they really warp the color of sheers, and I’m always disappointed with the result because what I wanted was the color in the tube. Now I try to make sure they’re on the more opaque side.

  27. livnzoe

    i love sheer lipstick! it looks more natural than an opaque lipstick. sheer lipsticks look like a gloss.. but they’re not sticky like most of the glosses are!

  28. Natalie

    Personally I hate sheer lipsticks. My lips are very pigmented on their own so sheer lipsticks go on practically clear on me! It’s like wearing an expensive lip balm :(

  29. Hilana

    I love them!!! I have loads of make-up and I love make-up, but I always go for sheer colours. Eyes, cheeks, lips. I simply don’t like a “made-up” look.
    The only lips I like to be very pigmented would be a rich red lip. But the rest? Sheer all the way! :)