Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… SCENTED FACE PRODUCTS!

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34 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Scented Face Products

  1. Luv J

    I know that scented products are not the most ideal to use on your face because of the added fragrance, alcohol, etc. But I find that lightly scented products are very plesant to apply.. I guess somewhat of an aroma therapy.

    • Gwynedd

      I hate all scent in face products, makeup and lipstick. I won’t buy certain brands (Estee Lauder, for example) that are highly scented. Disgusts me.

      • margot

        My dad bought me this estee lauder lipstick and when I put on my lips I just had to take it off immediately ! I hate when makeup I put on my face smells, it just makes me sick.

  2. Diabla

    In general, I prefer products with a very light scent or no scent at all. I find it unpleasant to apply a very perfumed product on my face (like Diorskin Eclat Satin foundation… horrible strong smell).

  3. Rio

    I absolutely hate scented face products. I often don’t even like the smell, and 99% of the time, the scented products give me a horrible rash. I love perfume and perfumed lotions, but I never apply them on my face.

  4. Nadine

    I dislike scented face products. I especially dislike face washes with fragrances so strong that they linger on my skin even after I rinse, rinse, rinse with water and dry.

  5. Andrea

    I only buy producs that are unscented or only very lightly scented! I really can`t stand heavily perfumed products.

  6. I really don’t like scented face products either… they can make me sneezy and I’ always afraid of getting an allergic reaction to the perfume (on my skin I mean, like a rash). That’s why I like Clinique products so much; all unscented! One product I actually returned because of the smell was Airy Fairy lipstick by Rimmel. It’s a very pretty color but the smell made me nauseous…

  7. Sanita

    I mosly hate everything fragranced in makeup/skincare. And most of the haircare smells too. But I love my Moon River blush! 😀

  8. Sass

    Scented face products even lip gloss, for me, is annoying. I like to smell my perfume, not my face. I was never into the scented stuff. This is not a rant, but it’s something I just don’t do.

  9. I love the scent of Guerlain’s Meteorites powders, and also Mac lipsticks and lipglasses. :) I never have an allergic reaction to scented products and most of them I find smell nice. The only thing I don’t like is the new UD Pocket Rocket lipgloss, that really smells horrible. :(

  10. Michelle

    I love when beauty products have nice scents, I use almost only dior make up and skincare which smell heavenly.

  11. Amber

    No matter how yummy it might smell, the smell eventually gives me a headache so I steer clear of scented facial products.

  12. Charlestongirl

    I hate scented face and hair products. Occasionally, I’ll find a product with a light scent, such as Lierac Hydro-Chrono, which is a nice light rose. Most of the time, I won’t buy them at all. I can’t buy L’Oreal lipstick because it smells like cheap perfume in a tube. I prefer to choose my scent in my own perfume.

  13. Having a fine day. BBQ was good, everybody’s relaxed,.. execpt Mr. Fluffikins. I have nothing to rant about at the moment.

  14. Kim

    I hate any scented face products most give me the worst headache the only beauty product with scent i like are lip gloss and lotion thats it…

  15. lisa

    I dislike them with too much fragrance because they irritate my skin.

  16. Ali

    I kinda like them if they have a clean scent to them. If it’s too perfumey then no. But if they smell like cotton or something then I don’t mind.

  17. Erica

    I *hate* scented skin care (face wash, moisturizes, etc). Ugh. I don’t mind lightly scented cosmetics, but I am very picky about skincare.

  18. auroragyps

    I don’t like very strongly scented products or dislike ones that have a really chemical/plastic smell as opposed to perfumed ones. I’m allergic to rose scent and oil, so I have to avoid anything that has either in them, which is a pain, because a lot of products do.

  19. I like products that smell nice when you put them on (Like my Too Faced blush from their Glamour 2 palette, mmm vanilla) but I want products to smell like nothing on my face.

    I don’t want ANY sentence to start like “Oh hey your face smells like…”


  20. tess

    i have sensitive skin so when a face product is scentend.. i steer away cause i know, i’ll break out in rashes…

  21. firepail

    I am not into scented cosmetics. I was so excited to get my first Anna Sui lipstick and then so disappointed that it was heavily rose scented–it’s like you have an old lady plastered to your mouth. gross. I don’t mind so much if a lippie is lightly scented with something food-like, but floral? who wants to have perfume on their mouth? meh.

  22. I’m not a big fan of scented face products either. Lipsticks with strong smells are the worse! I don’t mind lightly scented ones though like MAC.

  23. Kella

    I hate hate hate them bc I CANNOT use anything containing perfume or that has a fragrance bc of my health. That pretty much rules out 95% of products…

  24. CeeBee

    I don’t mind lightly scented products – I like the Estee Lauder and Anna Sui (Turkish Delight!) lipsticks but hate how chemically and gross Stila lippies are. The Lip Glazes are fine though…
    I love the scents in DiorKiss glosses and Juicy Tubes and how the Chanel powder blushes smell like tea rose. Guerlain Meteorites smell like violets, which is lovely, but something in their KissKiss lipsticks (which smell like raspberry in the tube) turns me off when I apply it and I can’t wear them at all.

    And I LOVE Guinot’s Radiance Renewal Creme – it smells so PINK!

    So yeah, overall I don’t mind it if the scent appeals to me and is not too strong but to each their own!

  25. Rebecca

    I agree with people about Estée and Dior having a strong smell in all their products. A lot of fragrances are actually toxic and carcinogenic so I try to stay away from fragrance and other harmful ingredients… Though sometimes I have to have something. As long as there isn’t a strong overwhelming scent that doesn’t dissipate I can usually tolerate items. For some reason though, I feel like cleansers and creams/lotions should have added fragrance since your face just ‘sucks’ in the ingredients.

    I loved the sample of CrèmeWash MAC gave me as it cleansed my makeup off my face really well, but was put off by the lingering scent it left on my skin AND facecloth even after repeating rinsing of fresh water.

  26. I personally don’t like using scented face products, in fact, they tend to give me a headache when I do use them. Also, I normally wear perfume and mixing scents never ends up working. I like tinted moisturizer though…being bronzed is always fun!