Monday, July 21st, 2014

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Satin Eyeshadows!

my answer: This is one of my favorite finishes, because they’re easier to work with than a lot of mattes but not so shimmery that they’re frosted, which makes them more versatile. Sometimes, though, they have so little shimmer that they look more matte than satin, and I like my satins to have a subtle sheen!

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19 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Satin Eyeshadows

  1. Lily

    This is my favorite finish for eye shadow and I agree with you Christine I like them to have a subtle sheen!

  2. Rachel P.

    I like satins for their wearable nature, but for some reason I can have a hard time blending them/can get a patchy coverage with certain shades (and certain formulas). It’s easy enough to work with nudes and pale colors, but bright pops or charcoal or black can give me a tough time if there’s no shimmer or frost!

    • but for some reason I can have a hard time blending them/can get a patchy coverage with certain shades (and certain formulas).

      *side-eyes MAC Scene*

  3. I really like them!
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  4. It’s my favourite finish too. I like having just the right amount of sheen and not shimmer or glitter. I just wish there was a bigger range of colours, if I really had to rant.
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  5. Yep, one of my favorite finishes too! Forgiving, easy to work with, just perfect!

  6. Rave:
    I like them because they are softer looking for dark or dramatic colours, therefore, they are kinder to my aging eyes when I want to go with a more dramatic look. I like a mix of textures so satin finish is well represented in my shadows, but I wouldn’t say it is my favourite.
    Sometimes they come off ho-hum when the finish doesn’t translate or the pigmentation isn’t there. This would be second to matte where you can really determine the lack of pigmentation or any textural issues when blending.

  7. Jan Kelley

    Yes. Satin is my favorite finish for the reasons you’ve listed.

  8. have a soft subtle sheen and pigmented!! many time they have too much shimmer or too much powdery

  9. Samantha

    I love satin eyeshadow when I am creating an eye look. I usually use a satin as the medium eyeshadow shade in the crease with darker matte in the very center with the highlight on the browbone and the inner corner as a light frost or veluxe pearle. For me, a satin is almost essential in pulling together an eye look. It is really the color that is most noticeable. I love tbe softness of a satin! I would say comfort wise, it is #1.

  10. Marc

    I love them for brow highlights! Not so much on the lid because there’s not enough pigment :)

  11. Heidi

    I love satins but my only frustration is that every company seems to have a different definition of satin. To me, it’s a buttery matte with a very subtle sheen but some companies seem to include shimmer in their mattes.

  12. xamyx

    Eyeshadow is the most essential product in my arsenal, and for the most part one of the 3 products I never feel guilty splurging on (contour & highlighter products being the others). I like using a variety of finishes in all my looks, so there really is a spot for every finish in my stash, and none are favored any more than another. That said, quality is the key, and if my eyenis drawn to a particular shade, and it seems worthy, I’ll buy it, then figure out how to wear it when the timencomes.

    • Way to go, xamyx – buy first, figure out how to wear it later! :)
      I agree that quality and color are paramount; I can find some way to wear just about any texture.

  13. I like them as they are easy to work with.
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  14. I like them because they’re generally easy to wear/flattering (assuming the formula is good). Sometimes I find they sheer out to nothingness though! I know that depends on the brand/quality, but I didn’t really have another rant, LOL!
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  15. Helene

    I like satins, for the same reason you do, Christine, and I agree with all you said. That sutle sheen is, I think, universally flattering.

    • The satin finish is my absolute *favorite!*
      I’m 50, and though my skin has held up well (thank you, genes, and my aversion to tanning!), I find that very shimmery products tend to look a little harsh. Good mattes are wonderful, of course, but I find the subtle sheen of a satin flattering.
      The only drawback is that satins are hard to find!
      Does anyone know of any particular line that offers a lot of satins?
      I no longer buy MAC, and while my current favorite, Inglot, offers loads of eyeshadow choices, their Mattes are straight-on matte (though smooth and beautiful) and their Pearl formula is a bit too shimmery to qualify as “satin.”

  16. Jip

    I also like this finish as well. Matte is too ashy, and frost/sparkle is way too glittery for my taste.