Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… ROLL-ON PERFUME!

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10 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Roll-On Perfume

  1. Kellie

    I love roll on perfume. For one, a lot of them come in small sizes for travel and purses. They can be re-filled too :D. Sometimes I save the bottles for other perfumes. Another thing that I love is that I can control where the scent goes. It’s all about control for me.

  2. It’s definitely a lot more convenient and portable. I like the idea of putting your own perfume into an empty roll on, or adding a bit of oil for longevity. With that said, I’d rather do it myself then pay for a whole new one, even if it is smaller/less expensive than the bottle. Sometimes I want a spritz, other times the roll is good.. it’s all about options for me. :)

  3. SnickerDoodle

    i’ve actually never used a roll on perfume. Seems pretty convenient to me though :)

  4. Alannah

    I love roll-ons! So many times when I use a spray perfume, I get too much on or don’t get it exactly where I want it (I always hit the side of my face when I’m aiming for my neck!). Roll-ons are so easy to stick in your purse and you can always put just a little bit more on in the afternoon when the scent is fading.

    (My favourite roll-ons are Bathed & Infused!)

  5. kayla

    Something about roll-on screams white trash to

  6. Amanda23

    Hmm… I’m not really into perfume, but roll-ons remind me of elementary school??

  7. Ashley

    I don’t like them, I like the creativity that goes into the bottle of perfume alone, not including the scent itself. I don’t know why but roll ons just seem cheap to me and I always get the vibe with them that they’re just something the companies make in order to throw in gift sets to make it seem like you’re getting more.

  8. Annie

    Not a big fan.. I’d rather fill up an atomizer.. I guess it’s the fact that it sprays that I like..

  9. Asta

    I used to pooh pooh roll-ons, but I have a few now and love them. I grabbed SJP Lovely and Stella McCartney Stella because I wasn’t sure I wanted a whole bottle. I rarely use up even 50 ml of perfume because I’m always on to a new favorite scent (I got into makeup/beauty blogs from a few perfume blogs I frequent). I think any small size perfume (yet bigger than a sample) is a great way to introduce more people to the scent without having to commit to a full bottle. The roll-on apparatus itself I haven’t had a problem with, although there is something satisfying about spritzing yourself. I love that these are more purse-friendly, but the roll-on doesn’t turn me on or off to the product.

  10. Cat

    Love the new roll-on scents but also love the spritz. My favorites now is Vera Wang, Juicy Couture and Stella.