Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… RED LIPS!

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19 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Red Lips

  1. Cat

    Nothing screams sexy like some red lips…but to kiss your bf what a mess. I’m mostly a neutral lips kinda girl but for special occasions I’ll pull it out.

  2. HeavenLeiBlu

    I’m indifferent, mostly because I haven’t found and worn *my* red yet.

  3. dee

    When worn right, it’s like the BEST THING EVER. Seriously. You can’t help but notice someone in red lipstick(for better or worse) so when it’s done right, it just elevates that person’s whole look.

    Personally, I haven’t found my perfect red yet. When I do the first photos will come here :).

  4. Don’t like it much because it’s one of the fall looks this year right.. It looks gorgeous but not on me! =P x

  5. Rowan

    I adore red lipstick! It must be more blue toned and matte, and I think it looks best with little other makeup and red nails. The prettiest one I’ve found was MAC’s Seriously Rich mattene, & of course Russian Red is a staple

  6. Karen

    I so want to have the courage to wear red lips! I think I look good in it but it seems that I can never find an occasion to wear a true red lipstick. Currently lemming NARS Cruella Matte lip pencil. Tried it on Sephora and made me look striking!

  7. Julia

    I LOVE it, but not on me :(. It makes me lips look smaller, . I’m also only 18, so it doesn’t really work somehow.

  8. I am pretty indifferent to red lips. I like it on other people more than me, Julia I agree it seems like if youre young red lips don’t look right or something.

  9. stephanie

    i don’t like red lips because it makes me look older. same goes for any dark colors.

  10. Hillary

    me and one of my friends were just talking about this, red lips are one of the best things a woman can put on.

  11. brenda

    I love red lips they’re so classic, so bold, so sexy. But my boyfriend is not a fan so sadly I don’t get to wear them much even though I have a few.

  12. Alessandra

    Love-hate. When done right, red lips is the most chic, classic , sexy and timeless of looks. But when done wrong… oh boy. You can have teeth that look yellow, a washed-out complexion, you can look older and there is always a little risk of ending up looking like a tart. And smudges ruin everything! Most people can wear it if they find what works for them (I have, yay!), but with red lips, the line betwen looking amazing and missing the target completely is quite thin.

  13. Tekoa

    I love, love LOVE red lips. Wear it once a week.

  14. vinna

    I like it on other people… but it definitely won’t work on me. I have smaller lips that are pointy and since red lips frame your teeth……….. my teeth aren’t straight (T-T)I stick to neutrals and subtle pinks. Yay for Viva Glam V

  15. Jennifer

    Classic and sexy, but requiring serious confidence and the right balance of colors to pull off. If you let the red wear you, or if you choose the wrong shade, it undermines the whole look. Not for the meek or the mild.

  16. Asta

    Love the look of red lips, but I never wear it so it’s weird to me. I vow to practice!

    Rant: I was wearing my new Cult of Cherry lipglass today, and I hugged my friend and got red all over his chef whites! D’oh!

  17. Kella

    I would love to be able to rock red lips, but I have really full lips that are naturally red.. so adding red lipstick to them makes me look ridiculous; it’s just waaay tooooo much. Plus I have crazy blue eyes… so it just makes me look like a clown. I LOVE red lips on other ppl, especially with less full lips. But on me, I struggle to make my lips pale.

    • Alessandra

      Kella, just look for a mate, darkish red tone. Angelina Jolie wears red lipstick once in a while and she doesn’t look the least bit ridiculous. Use it with your hair up, so there’s less “information” on your face, and neutral eyes.