Monday, August 15th, 2011

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about pre-made eyeshadow palettes. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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39 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Pre-made Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. I feel like there’s almost always at least one shade included I don’t need or will use. The exceptions to this are the Wet n Wild Lust & Vanity palettes. So sad they are being discontinued! :(

  2. Melissa

    There’s usually one or two colors I want mixed in with a bunch that are either dupey for things I have or I would NEVER buy on their own. It’s not a bargain if you will only use one or two of the shades!

  3. Kelly

    I love the BH cosmetics palettes because they offer so many different colors. Yet what is a love/hate is it could take me hours to match up colors I want to use on my eyes. I love smaller palettes for the reason there’s less of a choice. I love UD’s naked palette and kat von d palettes for that reason.

  4. Meghan

    Personally, I hate them. To make them comercially viable, the company includes both cool and warm shades, and thus almost no one can actually use all the shades. I always feel like I paid for 15 shades, and actually use only 8 or 9 of them. I prefer buying my palettes empty and filling them myself.

  5. Nancy

    They’re a good idea but I always find they’re great to look at but fall short on performance and practicality for the everyday woman.

  6. Maria

    I always find that I will use one color more than the others. (If its a small pan) you will run out quicker of that one color and be left with colors that you may not like.

  7. Some of them are too big/bulky. My idea of a palette is something you can use, on the go, holding in one end (using the other to apply) Things like the newer UD palettes are pretty, but forget holding those while applying. You kind of have to have a table or counter (and even then some of them are huuuuuge)

  8. Courtney

    I don’t often buy palettes, but as someone who can’t coordinate colors to save her life, I am quite grateful for them.

  9. Chynna

    They definitely have their pros and cons. I love them for travel because it’s so easy to throw a good one in and have all I need for the trip. The UD Naked palette is my favorite because I should be able to use every color in there for something. As Melissa said, it’s not a bargain if you will only use a few shades, so that matters a lot. I really don’t like it when a palette has LE colors, like many of the UD palettes, because often there’s one color I really want and the rest I just would’t use or already have something close to. LE colors that come only in palettes are evil.

  10. Sarah

    RAVE: I love when a pre-filled palette is sold at a great value (i.e. the 15 year UD palette selling right now, UD Naked palette, MUFE Rock for Ever/Tres Vichy palettes, MAC palettes for the most part). If I can’t pick the colors, I want it at a “discounted” value price.
    RANT: When limited edition palettes come with permanent colors included (I’m talking to you, MAC and UD) and when the color selection doesn’t fit my collection/tastes for even the greatest values (UD 15 Anniversary palette–I weep for you, but I cannot justify over $50 for 2 colors of which I don’t have similars). But to each their own! :)

  11. hitzchicky

    I guess it depends on the palette. I like urban decay’s palettes because I feel that the money is worth it, and all their colors are phenomenal. I have like 3 of Sin now though. Lauren Luke’s palettes were a letdown. there’s really only one look, and the shadows were kind of week. They didn’t apply at all like they look in the palette. I bought it on Hautelook and used it like twice. Haven’t used it since. I guess I prefer ones that are just a combo of multiple eyeshadows, and not the ones that are supposed to give you a specific look.

  12. Angela

    Urban Decay can be guilty of making too many palettes with the same colors over and over again or using similar neutrals. i also hate when i get a palette that i can’t figure out how to use-meaning what color combos would work together. i have a hard time w/ that! i do like the value that usually comes with buying a palette, such as 30-40 $$ for about 10 colors or more. :)

  13. LM

    brown eyeshadow! (hate!)
    price (like- palette price is often equal to 2 shadows)
    packaging (indifferent)
    theBalm (love- best shadow colors, quality and quantity for price)

  14. I usually buy singles even if cost more ….except for Urban Decay which I found all colors to be delightful even if I dont use all the colors consistently especialllllllyyyy those glitter shadows. I like to make my own palettes like the discontinued Cle de Peau single shadows.

  15. Rave for the value. Rant for the fact that I either a) already have a shade or two that are included (or at least something strikingly similar), or b) the packaging is so incredibly space-wasting and ridiculous.

  16. Renske

    It seems cheaper at first, but when I start to use it, I always find that I don’t use every shade:( I do like the fact that there are different colours, that often match, in one palette, so I only need that one. So for traveling they are very convenient, but most of the time I don’t use them that much and I must say that I don’t own that many palettes as well.

  17. Nicole

    I have been loving the premade quads since MAC released the Smoke Signal Collection in 2007. I almost bought every pre-made quad.

    Why? I like the color combinations. If I feel uninspired and have to leave the house soon, I’ll pick a quad and start applying the colors.

    I hate that they are sometimes hard to get here, because of the limitation, so I have to preorder and have to relay on swatches.
    I recognised that the texture and quality of the last pre-made quads was disappointing. They applied so sheer and I recognised lots of fallouts, but the colors looked so nice in the pan.

    I am looking forward to the Lady Grey Quad and I hope the quality will be better compared to the last 2 quads bought this year.

  18. Sephora

    Not a fan, generally. I think that the number one reason I’m drawn to MAC for eyeshadows is because of their availability in pan form. I don’t like having a million and one pre-made palettes lying around nor do I like having to store individual pots of shadow. If more brands made their shadows available in pan/refill form, I’d be more inclined to shop with them. I own only two palettes: Naked and Dior’s Impression Cuir Leather Couture For the Eyes(discontinued). I love and use all colours in both.

  19. Yazmin

    they have some colours that i will never use.or if i buy from a specific brand, they will always have one colour that looks similiar in all there pallettes. Urban decay is the worst, whenever i look at the swatches or the products when i visit a urban decay counter i just see the same thing all over again, just with different names.

  20. Becky

    Aside from there being a couple colors in palettes that I usually won’t ever use, theyre large and bulky and harder to fit in my makeup bag!

  21. JudithB

    I love them when they are really “new” shades. Some offer up the same shades just change the name to make it more gimicky. Some such as the UD naked palette is one of the best out there. Other like Inglot matte palette seem to me that have the same shade more than once.

  22. I get annoyed when they include shades that I would never use, such as really bright colors or too much glitter. Because then I feel as though I paid for something I wouldn’t use just to get something else (i.e. another LE color in the palette). But at least the palettes are usually a good way to stock up on a lot of shadows at once. It’s cliche, but my favorite is the UD Naked Palette because almost every shade except for Sidecar (glitter bomb) is easy to use.

  23. Vanilla

    Rave: Value~ especially palettes from UD and Tarte. It’s hard to go wrong when each shadow works out to be $3-5. Even if I only like half of the colours, that’s already a good deal.

    Variety~ I love to experiment with colours and new looks/combinations, so I don’t mind if there’s shades I don’t think I would use often. It gives me a chance to try things out without the commitment of having paid full price for it, and sometimes I end up falling in love with colours I thought wouldn’t work for me! It’s also a good way to try out a new brand.

    Rant: Bulk~ Generally this isn’t a huge deal, as I don’t carry my make up around with me other than travelling. But some of the packaging such as the box of shadows are getting to be a bit ridiculous. I don’t need all that gimmicky stuff. Packaging should be unique, practical, and portable all at the same time. Kat Von D palettes are the best in this regard.

    Dupes~ UD has way too many repeats of certain shades in every large palette, where as some of the permanent shades never get featured. Then they will lure you in with a couple of LE shades. I wouldn’t mind LE colours if its the whole palette!

    Quality~ I find MAC and even NARS palettes to have less than ideal colour payoff for at least 1 shade in every combination. The cream shades in Kat Von D palettes dry out and become useless quite quickly. A shade that doesn’t apply well is worthless.

    Overall: I still find palettes to be the best value for someone that doesn’t have a huge make up collection yet. I like to try things out and change my mind about things, so I have yet to invest in single eye shadows from any brand yet.

    • Corliss

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. The best value is in palettes and these days Mac eyeshadows are a little hit or miss anyway. UD needs to cut it with the repeats and Kat von D needs to leave the cream eye shadows out of the palettes completely. Other than that I love palettes and I always look forward to them coming out especially during the holidays. I can’t wait to load up again this year.

  24. Corliss

    I love palettes it make choosing eye shadows so east and their usually a great buy, but I also want the quality to be as great as the price.

  25. When all the shadows are too shimmery or glittery, even in high end palettes. Different Finishes are a must! another thing- Stila including Kitten in everything is getting on my nerves!

  26. Anne

    Rave: UD Naked Palette in my opinion is perfection. I am a neutral girl and find that all of these colors blend beautifully with one another. Also, each eyeshadow is .05oz. Each individual MAC eyeshadow is .05oz. I truely cannot find one thing wrong with this palette

    Rant: I love Kat Von D palettes. The colors are crazy pigmented and again you get a good .05oz BUT the cream eyeshadow…why kat von d? just why? Every limited edition palette which is all but two has one cream eyeshadow in it. They are gorgeous but dry up very fast making it difficult to work with. Aside from that, this product is a rave because there is nothing negative I can say about it. Oh and the packaging is beautiful.

  27. Mel

    I like pre-made palettes a lot because they are of good value and I feel a bit weird paying a ton a single eyeshadow when I can pay close to 50 dollars or 54 dollars for 12 or 16 high quality shades. Though there are usually a shade or two that I won’t use right off but that’s okay. Also I don’t mind if there’s a repeated shade like in UD palettes. I’m pretty new to UD and everyone complains about the Midnight shades or Half Baked being included all the time but I don’t have these shades so it’s a good way for me to be introduced to the basics.

  28. Laurel

    I love palettes because I never have to spend extra on a colorful shadow that I may use once. UD 15th anniversary palette, for example, I bought mostly for the neutrals, but when the mood strikes and I want teal or hot pink eyeshadow, I don’t have to shell out extra for it, and I won’t feel bad if I never use it again (assuming the prices are good like UD’s)

  29. Hannah

    I love palettes for value and I wear pretty much every colour (or I experiment with a particular colour until I find a look I like with it) and they help me to find clours I didn’t think I would like but actually love.
    But after a while I get dupes and repeats of colours, especially with urban decay, and I seldom use only the colours in a palette to create a look, I sometimes use four or five. So I started depotting stuff which makes everything so much easier, but it means I have to buy empty magnetic palettes and sometimes magnets which doesn’t come cheap.
    So I love palettes, but with everything else the price always manages to creep back up despite the ‘value for money’. But that’s just because I like to depot things and make my own ‘palettes’.

  30. beth maiorana

    I am just hopeless when it comes to effective color combination- I’m not wired that way at all, it’s pathetic. So, I really rely and am thankful for palettes (small ones) that are designed for a particular look. I have found the BH and Coastal Scents palettes are a bargain in that they provide really lots of pretty shades but most of them really are of inferior quality re application and staying power. Honestly, one gets what one pays for. I have many MAC shades that I adore but it’s a haphazard thing: I cannot put them together for a look. So, I search the blogs for instructions. It’s so time-consuming…but the high end shades are beautiful in all respects. I’m into palette purchasing now though, for all these reasons. I just get the good ones that break my bank account. They’re worth it!! Beth in Pgh xo 😉

  31. Saffy

    I am eternally lazy so I prefer the pre-made palettes as they don’t require any effort on my part to compose, but there are always a few colours I never use. My favourite palette is UD’s Naked, which I use everyday. But even then, I don’t use every colour.

  32. Heather C.

    I tend to prefer something I can customize for various reasons. Mainly because I can pick colors I’m sure I’ll use. I have many pre-made palettes the have if not one, many shades that I just don’t use.

    On the other hand, pre-made palettes give me a chance to use colors I either would not have originally paired together or not even given a chance at all. I can think of tons of colors/shades I would have never even given a second glance had I not had them in a palette.

    For me, both types have a place in my collection.

    For me, both kinds have a place in my collection.

  33. Erica

    For a very long time I would only buy palettes (never single eyeshadows) because I thought they were more of a bargain. Then I went through a phase where I finally understood the practicality and flexibility of single eyeshadows… then I swing back to the phase where I love palettes again…. Now, it really depends. I like palettes if they are well made, pretty, and practical to use. For me they are like a no-brainer.

  34. meme

    I like to have a rare few that I can just grab and take with me on a fast out of town trip. But most are a waste as there are maybe 10 shades and only 2 that I really will use and the rest are never wear or they are only a RARE accent color I would use. Exception is UD Naked pallet, my all time fav.

    • meme

      I would like to see more pallets go to magnetic for each shade that is in a standardized shape and refill for that shade can be purchased. Tarte has turned to this and I think it’s a great idea.

  35. artemis

    i have a lot of palettes…some are similar :)) custom made palettes are smth i never heard of before reading about them on here.
    i think a smokey eye palette is useful but i agree w/ people saying they only used some of the colors

  36. I love palettes, they save me a ton of money although palettes here are still more ex compared to US because of currency difference. However I’m willing to spend the extra cash because a single MAC eyeshadow costs $30! How ridiculous is that??? I also think that palettes with similar colors are good because I suck at pairing colors together! Also, pretty packaging always draw me in. (: