Monday, December 13th, 2010


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about powder foundations and all that those entail.

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58 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Powder Foundation

  1. Alison

    i love mac msf natural
    i use it to set my tinted moisturiser and its the perfect amount of coverage.
    i know most people prefer liquid but powder is just so quick and easy.

  2. Buddaphlyy

    The only powder foundation I’ve ever tried is BE Bare Minerals and I absolutely love it. It matches my skin perfectly and I don’t need a lot to get coverage whether I want minimal or full. I also like the fact that it feels like I’m wearing nothing on my face.

    • liz

      Yup, i love BE Bare Minerals as well. I use the matte version (I’ve never tried the original one) and it doesn’t break me out! It even works as an under-eye concealer; I pat it on with a synthetic eyeshadow brush and it works like a charm! (:

      Mac’s Mineralise Satinfinish SPF 15 liquid foundation broke me out BADLY everytime I used it.

  3. Anne

    Channel Double Perfection!!

  4. monika-luiza

    I have dry skin so powder foundations are nothing for me as they are to drying. I don’t know what it is but most MAs/SAs at counters always want to sell me powder foundations. I know that they are very popular in Germany, but that doesn’t mean that everyone loves them. every time I tryed out a powder foundation my skin got ultra-dry after two hours of wear though I use pretty good moisturizers. The only thing worse for my skin than powder foundations are mineral foundations as they dry out my skin + make it flake!

    • El

      Same here! I have very dry skin so I try to skip powders all together. I just use it sparingly under my eyes and in other certain areas so my makeup doesn’t smudge, but otherwise I cannot use powders or powder foundations because it just makes my skin drier throughout the day.

  5. Kelly C.

    I love the convenience and ease of application of powder foundation, especially loose mineral foundation; its impossible to screw up application! However, they just don’t give my combo/oily skin the nice finish a liquid or tinted moisturizer does. Since the powder absorbs the oils from my face, it can look patchy, and I actually find I have to blot MORE with a powder than a liquid. Then again, I do not wear a primer (yet to find a good one) so that probably makes a difference.

  6. Ani_BEE

    Straight up loose or pressed powder foundation always looked chalky on my normal to dry skin type. I get dry during the winter.

    Personally I use Mineral Foundation but it apply with a damp brush to buff it in. I also set it with sprites of FIX+ to help it meld into my skin before going out.

  7. Mineral foundation included? I am a decade long user of mineral foundation. I love it. Pros: It gives me superior, buildable coverage, has a natural, not there finish, when properly applied and buffed in, doesn’t feel like a nasty, heavy mask on my face. I can custom blend shades to match my skintone perfectly and most important, it gives me superior sun block protection without chemical sunblock, to which I am allergic.

    Cons: I have to buy it online. I have to buy several shades and mix. (I have crazy undertones!) It can be a bit messy. Sadly, as I get a little *caugh* older it is beginning to settle into my fine lines and show them off, rather than diffuse them. So, I fear that a hunt for a new holy grail foundation is imminent. It is going to be brutal… I have impossibly high standards for foundation. :S

  8. JoeyMelissa

    I love the Bare Escentuals original powder foundation. It totally evens out my complexion, and works as a spot concealer when applied with the right brush! And the color, I use “light”, seems to work even when I’m a little pale in the wintertime.

  9. Courtney

    Life changing!

    I could never wear liquid foundation cause it would clog my pores and it never covered up the redness on my cheeks and forehead. Powdered mineral foundation really smooths out my skin, making it look flawless, but natural.

  10. I prefer loose-powder foundations, because (for the most part) they have no preservaties and (for true mineral makeup, something with few ingredients) are an inorganic medium – meaning they won’t harbor bacteria. So a loose-powder mineral foundation will last much, much longer before “going bad”, assuming I keep my brushes clean and don’t get any water into the foundation container. I like the lighter-feeling coverage, too.

    I will wear liquid foundation perhaps twice or three times a year – whenever I’m going to be photographed. Otherwise, I’m a loose-powder foundation person all the way. I tried BE, but was not happy with the colormatching or the price. I now use Meow Cosmetics’ foundation and matching concealer.

  11. Joanne

    I am a powder foundation kind of girl. I’ve use MAC’s Studio Fix Powder for years. Recently I’ve tried Bare Minerals Matte foundation (since I’m combo oily skin) and I’m in love all over again. Its PERFECTION!

  12. Nichole

    I am acne prone so I don’t trust the daily use of any liquid foundation. Bare Minerals was a complete nightmare for me. I discovered Everyday Minerals and love it. No negative reactions to it after 9 mos of use. I apply it with a Sigma kabuki and use Fix+ if it looks too powdery.

  13. Britt

    oMG! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Pur minerals foundation! I didnt think I’d like it but it works so well and looks great! Its also a 4 in 1 so it is concealer, foundation, sunscreen and powder. I always wanted to try it and since it came with the free foundation brush i was gonna give it a try! looove it:) i have dry skin too!

  14. I absolutely fell in love with the MUFE Duo Mat recently. The MAC Studio Fix was my holy grail for a long time. The MUFE just sits better on my skin, lasts longer and doesn’t oxidize like the MAC does. I also get more of an airbrushed look. I have combination skin so it doesn’t really move or cake in various spots.

  15. I don’t like powder foundation at ALL. I find that it doesn’t cover my red cheeks very well (if at all) and clings to dry bits. I do use powder foundation over a liquid foundation if my rosacea is really acting up. Other than that, I tend to stay away.

  16. I’ve got dry skin, so poweders aren’t the best for me! I used to wear bare minerals, but after I had kids, my skin got really dry. I’m a liquid or mousse foundation girl now!

    • I noticed the same thing after I had my daughter; my face got even drier and more difficult to control. Why is that?!! Crazy hormones!

  17. Isa

    The only powder foundation I have tried is Mary Kay’s mineral foundation, and I really love it, I stopped wearing liquid foundation after I found it, it’s easier to apply, faster and gives a very natural look with a good coverage!

  18. supriya

    I wore Studio Fix for my very first foundation years ago and loved it always, it was so fast and always so easy to apply…a couple of months ago after reading another beauty bloggers review, I tried MUFE DUO MAT, and it’s soooo much better!! More pricey and I feel like it doesn’t last as long (you see the pan faster) than Studio Fix but the coverage and lasting power is so much better :) I love powder foundies because it’s just one step especially when you are just running errands.

  19. chips

    i had bare minerals and didn’t like it at all, look too cakey and doesn’t last long so i change to integrate mineral powder foundation and love it!

  20. Ashley

    I’ve only trued BE Loose Mineral Foundations and I have found it makes my skin look chalky ’cause I have normal to dry skin.

  21. I LOVE Chanel’s double perfection powder foundation, it gives sheerer coverage, but makes the skin look poreless. I used to use bare minerals until i realized the colors just dont match me, but i like the concept of it being healthy to use for your skin.

  22. Natalie

    I can’t stand powder foundations, even though I’m more on the oily side of the skin spectrum. To me, they do nothing for my complexion and wear off in no time. I also hate that powdered look, but if I spray it with Fix+, it seems all my product and hard work is done. I do enjoy MAC’s MSF Natural, but I just use it to set my makeup. I’ll stick with liquids!

  23. Maggie

    I love powder foundation! Especially when I’m feeling too lazy to bother with my MUFE HD liquid :) There are some that I love and some that I hate – BeneFit’s Hello Flawless is my FAVORITE. FOUNDATION. EVER. Especially since they released their new shades and finally made one light enough for me (previously I could only wear it around spring/summer when I’m slightly less than dead-pale! I love BareMinerals, too – I usually mix the matte and the regular and it gives me a finish I really love.

  24. olga

    I’ve tried so many powder foundations and MERLE NORMAN Luxiva powder foundation is by far the best! Great coverate, fantastic finish, awesome oil control ($34) very well rated on MUA

  25. Marian

    I re-discovered Lancome dual finish powder foundation this summer and I’m in love again! I wore it years ago and forgot how great it is. I’m “mature”too….well, physically mature lol and it still works! My skin is pretty good. It’s normal and pretty even toned, so I just need a tweak. If there are any areas that need a bit more, I just use a swipe of Bobbi Brown stick foundation under the Lancome.

  26. Marina

    I can’t use powder foundation because i’ve got thin delicate skin and any heavy products look horrible, like i’ve applied plaster.

  27. Svetlana

    I use MAC studio fix powder foundation when I’m toomlazy to apply liquid. The application of the powder foundation is just so much easier :)

  28. Hanna

    i love powder foundations because they’re so much more compact and just not as messy as liquid foundation (and setting it with powder and blah blah blah). my favorite powder foundation of all time (it gives pretty full coverage) is benefit’s hello flawless. LOVE that stuff.

  29. Kimberly

    I am not really a powder foundation type of girl, liquid all the way! I just feel like I don’t get any coverage with powder.

  30. Amy

    Love it! Been wearing BE six years this Christmas-my mom got me the starter kit and I’ve used no other (gag) liquid since. Im funny with my ‘brands’…BE on face, MAC on lips, and mainly lean on UD on eyes…and though my loyalty on mineral foundation lies with BE, I admit to being tempted to try MAC’s sooner than later. Any good?? XO-happy holidays!!!

  31. Scarlett

    I could never get into powder foundations. They typically do not give me my desired level of coverage and always make my nose look flakey. I have also never manage to have them look good under a cream blush.

  32. alicia

    If I don’t feel like wearing liquid foundation I go to my MUFE mat duo powder foundation…I used to wear BE minerals but it does give me good coverage as I want and even with primer my face is still oily but MUFE is my favorite and it gives me coverage and keeps my face oil at bay

  33. Nikki

    I like the Dior Nude Fresh Glow powder make up. I’ve also enjoyed BE in the past.

  34. Jeanne

    Estee Lauder’s Double Wear is my favourite daytime powder foundation and for nighttime I use my MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation.

  35. I love powder foundations. Throughout my teens and early 20s I tried liquids, but hated the sheen I would get because my skin was so oily. Enter MAC Studio Fix. Fantastic. Now that I am heading, okay, I’m not heading, I’m 40, SF is too drying, so I switched to MAC Mineralize (?). Love it!!!

  36. Stephanie

    I love the ease of use and portability of powder foundations, even with my combo-to-dry skin (over moisturizer and/or a primer). I’ve tried quite a few and surprisingly always seem to come back to mark’s Powder Buff so for me it’s not a case of more expensive=better like I used to assume. If it works, it works! :)

  37. Melody

    bare minerals MATTE is the best! Used with prime time oil control, i am an oil slick XD

  38. Laura

    I love love LOVE my Smashbox Halo (in Medium). Hydrating, mineral based, AND anti-aging? It doesn’t get better than that. I love the way it evens out my skin town while almost melting into my skin so I never have that “powdery” look.

    I’ve gotten several comments of “I didn’t think you were wearing any make-up!” when I’m rocking my Halo.


  39. I don’t like powder foundations — my skin is dry enough! Aside from that, I can’t achieve the same flawless look that I can with a good liquid foundation. I think powder is a great option for those with oily skin and a nearly perfect complexion.

  40. Tried them but I still prefer the look tha liquid foundation gives me. When I am in a hurry, I would use my powder mineral foundation, but I don’t see me ever changing to that full time.

  41. Lissa

    like that supposed to be natural and not clog pores but hate the mess and time to get good coverage without being cakey. so far my fav is definitely UDs puff top surreal mineral powder foundation with a click lock and you can replace the sponges with the philosophy ones too. does a nice job with coverage as long as I let my moisturizer absorb all the way before applying (avoids caking)

  42. Sophia

    i love powder foundations! i actually love anything that i don’t have to use another product to set!
    I recently bought mac msf natural and i love it! i use it on its own, i last all day! wonderfull!

  43. Arantzazu

    I HATE Studio Fix by MAC… And saying hate is not enough…
    I bought it thinking it was going to be amazing, but I turned it back quickly to the store =S
    I have oily skin, and the MUA told me this powder foundation was going to work perfectly on my skin; but what I found out when I started to use it was that it made me shine like nothing in my life -in less than 2 hours!-, and only stayed on for 4 hours…
    I tried it with/without mattifying cream; applied with brush and with powder puff; put it on the morning, the afternoon and the evening; used it only as mattifying powder, above the liquidi foundation…
    Nothing!! So, I can only say, look at it very carefully if you are thinking to buy this product!
    That’s all =)

  44. KelsieRose

    I love MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder along with MAC Select SPF Liquid foundation.

  45. Mandy

    I have combi-oily skin and I love it, esp in tropical weather. Application is a breeze and bringing it about is convenient, not to mention you dont have to fork out extra money for a separate product (as in the case of liquid foundation needing a setting powder- loose and/or compact)

  46. lazeny

    I now appreciate powder foundations. I mostly use them to correct the tone or add more coverage on my foundation, especially if the foundation oxidizes on me or if I find that the foundation is too pink on my face.

  47. Marcela

    i am anti-foundation of any kind. powder ones look… powdery! and liquid ones look like something plastered on the face. i have never seen anyone wearing foundation and NOT known they’re wearing foundation.

  48. I started using mineral powder foundations in the last year, and I love them. I may have dry to normal skin, but for some reason, the mineral foundations tend to play better with my skin than liquids do. I also can get an exact colour match (I use Meow at the moment, though I’m also going to try another couple of companies, one that’s within my country), which I could never do with liquids. (It also doesn’t help that there’s no Sephora or MAC stores in my province, so at least with the mineral foundations, I can test them and make sure they match. I’m not going to guess and spend $30 on a foundation and find that it’s too dark for me). My face looks less masky and more natural. Also, the speed at which I can apply it is great, too!

  49. Donna Schroder

    {pwder all the way!!! Ive been using itBE original almost 20 years and Ive never looked back. Its so much easier to apply and blend. It covers my pores and evens out my tone like no liquid. It is also waterproof so it never sweats off here in the Florida heat which is a huge plus. I have tried a few other brands, but for loose powder foundation I always go to BE. I am currently using Laura Geller Balance and Brighten which Im also very happy with. I needed to switch from medium to tan and thought Id try something even easier to use. Its even easier to apply than BE.
    I want to try the BE matte and Tarte powder foundation from QVC also.

  50. Saffy

    I wear MUFE Duo Matte in the summer, it can be a lifesaver when it’s so hot that liquid foundation melts off (not pretty!). Powder always sits better on the skin in warmer weather than liquid for me. But I love Nars Sheer Glow during the cold months.

  51. MUFE Duo Mat powder foundation all the way! If it’s a powder and can cover my rosacea then it’s golden in my book. But if you don’t like a really matte look then maybe it’s not for you because it does go on very matte but I guess you could always add highlight or shimmer, that’s what I do.

    • I also forgot to add that I also like Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Rich Loose Powder Makeup. It’s the best loose mineral foundation I have come across for covering my rosacea!

  52. Susan Young

    I don’t like them at all. I can’t see across the street, but at 53 I am still blessed (cursed?) with excellent up-close vision and can see every grain of that powder no matter how well I buff, blend, or whatever else you are supposed to do. I prefer liquid put on with a damp foundation brush followed by a LIGHT dusting of my Bobbi Brown bronzer powder.

  53. Chris

    Powder foundation all the way! I sweat easily so liquid foundation wouldn’t work for me. I absolutely LOVE my Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Finish Powder Compact foundation with spf 12! It goes on so natural on my face.