Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… PIGMENTS!

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48 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Pigments

  1. Dee

    I love pigments because they’re huge and i feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. I hate pigments because I wish they were cheaper and smaller, like the holiday sets were.

  2. styrch

    I love my MAC pigments. They are some of the best things out there because I can use them for a variety of purposes. What I hate about them is that I can never get them to look as vibrant as they do on YOU! Also hate the containers from the holiday sets, even though the holiday sets have exactly the right amount.

  3. I love them because I can use thing for tons of things. I hate them because some of the colors reallu aren’t multipurpose unless you’re doing a photo shoot or something. Like deep teal pigment… Lips, cheeks, uh no.

  4. msviolet

    Love pigments! Of the six colors I have, my personal favorite is Naked. Of course, I wouldn’t mind having one of EACH to play around with! :)

  5. NJ

    I love pigments! They can look so vibrant and really stay in place. You also get so much for your money. I just wish they did more shades.

  6. Angie

    Love them!! I love the pigmentation in them. I love the way they apply.

  7. Cassykins

    I love my pigments for the color payoff without having to use much product. Fairylite was my first one I bought maybe 4 years ago and it is STILL going strong. My only complaint is the same as for regular eyeshadow really and that’s fall out on dark colors. I have tried all the tricks and nothing really helps aside from spot cleaning and re-foundationing.

  8. love the vibrant colors. mixing n matching them can create soo many newer shades.
    i wish they wer smaller n so obviously cheaper…like half a jar or even less…for like 7 8 bucks…:)

  9. Melissa

    I love pigments although it can get messy sometimes….

  10. Daria

    I love them! They don’t move! I find that the the color(s) can be seen the best if you use either a eyeliner converter or something along those lines to make it a liquid or creamy texture…I like I’d weather everything by Bare Escentials…it comes with small mixing palette as well! :)

  11. I love them… I feel that I get alot for my money and some of the colors are beautiful! I wish they had a dispenser more like the bare minerals eyeshadows. This would help when applying and also just in case you drop them it wouldn’t spill all over. Scary Thought!

  12. Stephanie

    I love pigments, but I hardly wear them:( I’d rather use plain eyeshadows though, since they’re easier to work with

  13. Eva

    I am just now falling in love with MAC pigments..I love the intensity of most colours and that you really get your money

  14. Claudia M.

    I agree with pretty much everyone here, you guys said what I was thinking, love the intensity, big size for the price, but I do wish they were smaller like the holiday sets, except the container shape is too skinny, I can mix and match to my taste, they’re easy to work with, my fave is Naked too, wish I had a small jar of each color as opposed to a few big jars (i just think it’s too big!), they stay put all day with primer….

  15. slick

    I’m kind of indifferent about pigments. I’ve never purchased my own jar but I have purchased several pressed pans off of others. I dunno, loose pigment is just too messy for me to deal with! I do love the texture and blendability of pigments though. I tend to stick to regular eyeshadow but I especially love Teal, Vanilla, Sweet Sienna, and Blue-brown pigments (which I’m wearing today actually). Thank gawd for the internets so I can get me some pressed pans, I would never want to pay for a full jar!

  16. A little of both –

    RANT: Fallout (ugh), huge container that I feel like I’ll never use, some of them can be sort of chunky, and they’re a bit expensive for one eyeshadow, I think.

    RAVE: Gorgeous sparkle, great colors, ability to foil them (yay!) and you do get a lot for the somewhat steep $20 price tag.

  17. I LOVE pigments. I hate that my MAC doesn’t sell them and I have no way to get them.

  18. Susie

    I love pigments. There the best bang for the buck. I use them a lot with fix as a wet/foiled medium and apply it so there isnt fall out. If I want it toned down just put it dry lightly over it. I use mac paint or eye prime (neutral or closee color) to get a vivid color payoff.

    I wish there were more variety, but I hope they work on it.

    Also, Christine, I met a fellow temptalia reader in scottsdale, az (hi melissa) so thank you for brining us makeup junkies together!


  19. mich

    pigments can get pretty messy,but still love em!

  20. SusyLovesMac

    Good: EXCELLENT color payoff..very pretty and I get LOTS of compliments.. (<—-green eye girl)

    Bad: Expensive and you fill like they will never run out! Sometimes it’s a good thing on LE colors :) They need a bigger color pick

    Good or Bad..I LOVE THEM!

  21. SusyLovesMac

    I meant *feel*

  22. Priscilla

    im really unsure.. i had a pigment called Heritage Rouge or something and it creased REALLY BAD. even over UDPP and MAC paint.

  23. Rachael

    I love the way pigments look but I hate how big the containers are. I wish they came in half sizes with half the pricetag

  24. Julia

    I love pigments, but there is nothing sadder than spilling it everywhere… my rug still is pink from a Bright Fuchsia accident :(

  25. kat

    I am not so into them. I used to be because I liked to split the containers with my friends so it was like we would share the makeup, and that was fun! But I feel like they have a lot of fallout, and they are pretty expensive and I can’t get through the container cause there is so much. Some people mentioned they’d like them better in the holiday size and I agree!!

  26. Karla

    I have a couple pigment and they are impossible to use up… they seem to last forever. My favorite is probably grape. The texture of some are soooo flakey. I tried UDPP with this one called fairy lite and it all flakes right off. They either don’t stay on… or never come off. Hopefully this Milk one will be a better texture. I love them, and hate them. lol. You can’t help but want them they look so pretty in the containers…

  27. I love pigments for their colors, the muli-use factor, and the effects it gives depending on the pigment. This was my first MAC purchase, they were samples, but still my first MAC purchase.
    I wish they were a bit cheaper, and maybe more and more colors would come out at a time.

  28. I love pigments! I love all the colors!

  29. SN

    Love pigments thanks to you…Your lovely tutorials cured my fear! I just wish the container came with a sifter..

  30. I love pigments because the colors are so pigmented!! My favorite one is Vanilla because I use it for highlight over the Vanilla e/s. My second favorite is Milk so far since it’s a pretty silvery pink color that is recommended if you don’t own Kitschmas or Helium pigment.

  31. They’re so messy! And not travel-friendly at all – I love the colors, but I travel a lot, and they’re so impractical to take anywhere that I’ve just given up.

  32. justine

    i am obsessed with pigments :) i love them because the colours are so, uh, pigmented. hehe. i like adding some of mine to nailpolish to change the colour. i love the blendability of them too, you can make them so dark or so subtle. i also love how much you get for your money, but i do find that you get so much and i would never ever use the whole thing. i usually split the cost with a friend, and the mac counter girls always give us a few little empty sample containers so that we can split the pigment container in half and share it. also that way, if you are travelling you can just take a tiny container and not worry as much about it spilling and wasting a whole container. though i’ve never had one spill while travelling!

  33. Macaddict

    LOVE pigments. I only started to love them when I discovered the mixing medium and how colorful they become when wet. I love that they are very blendable. I use them as a e/s base, as an e/s, to color clear nail polish, I also add them to clear lip gloss. They are so versatile. Unlike most ppl, I love the container and have no problem using or spilling (I hate the sifter “thingy”; I usually toss them). I think they are great for travel! I like that I get lots (for app. $7 more dollars than the pressed e/s). The only draw back imo, is that there are not enough colours available!!! I now own app. 30 pigments and I wish that I would have purchased more in the past but, at the time, I wish I had swatched them wet so I could see how vibrant they could be. Then, for sure, I would have purchased more.

    • Julie

      Hi Macaddict

      I am totally with you on the size. I would be greatly dissapointed it they made the Pigment jars any smaller. I collect just like you and the LE is very hard to find and I want them to last forever!

      TIP on fallout: I have purchased the paper shapes the hairdresser puts under your eye when dying your eyelashes, I stick them under my eye like her, and it will pick up any fallout for you.

      • Macaddict

        Bonjour Julie!
        I personnally don’t experience any fall out because I wet my brush and then dip it in the jar (not all the way down, but just on the top), then I shake the brush in the air on top of the jar and voila!
        I am aimimg at buying all the pro pigments. My first haul (which I should get next week)for pigments is: True Chartreuse, Blue Sky, Kelly Green. I also want all the bright ones (neon like orange, yellow, red…), esp. the purples (my fav color), & the other Chartreuse. I also love glitter reflects & will eventually get them all from MacPro.

  34. Joanna

    I love pigments, vanilla is my absolute fav!
    Not liking the $23 cdn price tag =(

  35. Arika BH

    I love pigments! You really get a lot for your money, and it’s great how versatile they are. You can even make a nailpolsh color! I wish the color lineup was more versatile the non Pro stores. All of the regular ones are so frosty. MAC Pro stores have mattes, and neons, tons more!

  36. bCreative

    I’m not too big on pigments, I know that I will spill them or something.

  37. ms bonita

    I love pigments for going out and when I have more time to do my make-up, because it requires much more time and detail to put on as opposed to regular eyeshadow.
    Your overall look is so much more vibrant when you use pigments.

  38. Nicole

    I actually don’t own a MAC pigment, but I think I will buy one in the future. I think about purchasing Vanilla or Naked because these will hopefully work for a simple daytime look with just mascara.

  39. Sylvia

    I love pigments. I just wish that they’d come in smaller sizes. I share my pigments with my best friend and still have plenty for years to come. I wonder how long they were made to last. My favorite is Bell Bottom Blue. I only use pigments for shadows and eye liner. I’m not sure how to use them for the rest of my face and I’m afraid to turn my face into a big ball of sparkle. I have to place a piece of tp under my eyes along my face to make sure this doesn’t happen.

  40. Julie

    I love pigments, almost more than shoes LOL.
    I don’t have a problem with the size or the price. This is as good as it gets in the world of makeup, so stop complaining.
    My favorites are Violet, Kelly Green, Fuchsia, Grape/Entremauve, White Gold and Emerald Green, just to mention a few.
    I really wish they would just release all of the colors, instead of them being so LE and hard to find, holding it back from us. AND go back to the original formulars on LE colors. I have two Emerald Greens one first edition and one later released, they are so different you would not even have guessed them to have the same name. But Grape and Entremauve are so similar, you can’t tell them apart. I have many examples like this. But still love them like my precious things to make me want to get out of bed every morning…

  41. geri

    Love them cause the color payoff is fantastic!! Hate them cos they can get messy and expensive!

    My fave is Violet, Cornflower and Golden Lemon! Still saving up for teal! I can just wear them alone on a creamy eyeshadow base or mixed with fix plus. Fantastic!

  42. Liz

    I LOVE pigments! Sweet Sienna and Your Ladyship are my favorites. I like pigments a lot better than any shadows out there because the have the shimmer and glitter that I don’t get from pressed shadows.

  43. katie

    i love the unique colours and the versatility, but i hate that they’re not really readily available all the time unless i order them online. i also hate the size of them! they could make them half as big and still sell plenty, and i would actually be able to get one without feeling stupid because i’ll never use that much!

  44. DaniMae

    Too messy :(

    I adore most of the colors though. It makes me sad that they aren’t just shadows instead LOL

  45. cmferret

    i personally only get them when they have their holiday pigments sets, bc they i get a variety of colors fo r the great price. i dont think i can spend 20 dollars on one pigment jar that i wont use all of it that much. but u know thats how mac makes their money , by charging people that much for such a huge amount. thats why im surprised by how some mac counters gives samples of them?