Monday, October 25th, 2010

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about pigmented lipgloss and all that those entail.

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34 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Pigmented Lipgloss

  1. Courtney

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just find that gloss applies easier when it’s pigmented, I don’t need to layer it over tons of stuff to get a good look.

  2. Vanessa

    I love pigmented lipglosses becuase you get the color without having to wear a lipstick. Since i dont tend to wear lipstick i love it.

  3. mkdallas

    I adore pigmented lipglosses, because my lips still look “done”, even if I’m too lazy to slap on lipstick that day. My favorite heavily -pigmented glosses are: Dior Creme de Gloss, NYX Megashine in Natural (total dupe for MAC Lust)and Guerlain Cashmere Matte lip gloss.

  4. Jessica

    I don’t care for super opaque lip glosses…. I’ve noticed that whenever I use a really pigmented lip gloss they can feel tacky or sticky :p Unless that’s just specifically the MAC glosses…too thick then my hair gets stuck in them. they look pretty but feel uncomfortable on my lips.

  5. Pigmented lipgloss is what I prefer- but only if it doesn’t bleed! I hate it when I get a gloss with a lot of gorgeous color and shine and it looks so nice but then it bleeds all over the place. :(

  6. Good one! I was thinking about this just the other day while I was organizing my kit. I LOVE pigmented glosses but also hate them! I love that they pack a ton of color but I hate that they cover so much of what’s under them.

    I was noticing that I have a lot of sheer products (which kind of shocked me!) for lips. I have a ton of Glaze finishes and lots of sheer “effect” glosses. I suppose I like those more because I can mix and blend easier with them. Go figure! Who knew? Not me! lol!

  7. Nichole

    Glosses I wear must be very pigmented. My natural lip color is a lot darker than my skin tone, which is very annoying. I have to make a mental adjustment for any lip product I consider using.

  8. I love pigmented lip glosses. If I want a gloss that’s all shine and little color I’ll go to the drugstore. I was so disappointed when I picked up one of the TokiDoki glosses and got it home to find that the color didn’t show at all. I didn’t have any decent clear glosses so I didn’t return it but now that I have one I see no point in buying more like it. Bring on the color!!

  9. Eh, I’m a pigmented gloss LOVER. I hate sheer glosses. But then, I have such broad cheeks, that i really need strong lips and eyes to avoid looking doughey.(IMO)

    My biggest issue is when they don’t wear evenly. I’m debating returning Wrong Spell, from the VV collection, because seriously TEN MINUTES after I apply it, it has migrated into the center of my lips, and they look splotchy and nasty. Alone, layered under other lippies….. It won’t even last through the touchups before I photograph it, let alone wearing it out in public!

  10. Love it because I of course WANT the actual color that’s in the tube to transfer onto my lips but hate it because say.. I’m shopping for clothes.. then it’s easy to get my clothes dirty! Who wants pink gloss on their white tee?

  11. Jan

    I love pigmented glosses, and prefer them because I have really pigmented lips and sheer glosses/the majority of glosses won’t really show up on me unless I use something like concealer overtop first.

  12. Linnea

    when the pigment is not consistent. So you have sections of your lip that are super pigmented, and some that aren’t!

  13. Victoria

    I love, love, love pigmented lipgloss! My recent favorite is Bold and Brash from M.A.C. Dare to Wear Collection. Love it!

  14. Skybluesky

    I’m kind of over glosses for now…BUT I think pigmented glosses are still great. I have medium pigmented lips, so it’s important for me to get a color that covers my purple-ish lips on my NC 35(ish) skin!

    Thanks to your reviews, I ordered Chanel’s Rouge Laque (name? spelling?) in Dragon! I cannot wait. I’m not sure what season it was…spring 2010 Prada (?) that had shiny red lips…then I saw the review here and I couldn’t get it out of my head!

    I think pigmented lipgloss is a more wearable way of wearing lip color and more polished than regular lipgloss. I still hate tacky feeling, though!

  15. CeeBee

    Mostly, I have a lot of love for pigmented lipgloss though I do admit it can be more flattering if just a hint of your natural lip colour peeks through. And I do hate it when shine gets sacrificed for colour! It’s a GLOSS, not a liquid lipstick!

  16. Marian

    I love pigmented gloss. It makes life more simple. Instead of having to apply lipstick and gloss, it does the entire job in one fell swoop.

  17. Alexandra

    I personally prefer pigmented lipgloss. I just dont see the point in glosses with poor pigmentation. If i want that i would just add a clear gloss over a lipstick. And i really hate the ones that look pigmented in the tube and are a dissapointment on the lips.

  18. jenny

    Love pigmented lipglosses. Sheer glosses don’t show up on my pigmented lips. Hourglass Hypnotic is my current fave

  19. Coco

    I loveeeee pigmented glosses! I have a lot of sheers,and even though im not a huge fan of it, I use them. The most pigmented glosses I have used are Lancomes Juicy Tubes 😀 and MACs lipglasses are steller.

  20. Katarina

    Personally, I love pigmented glosses. My lips quite pigmented on their own, so pigmented glosses are a nice way to get some color.

  21. I love pigmented glosses! My lips are very pigmented in themselves so it takes quite a punch to change the tone of them.

  22. Naomi

    I love pigmented lip glosses, there are not that many brands that I know that make very pigmented glosses except Illamasqua, Paul and Joe,Nars has a few lip glosses that have excellent color pay off and last but not least OCC Lip Tars which are not exactly glosses. I would love to discover more brands that make pigmented lip glosses.

  23. TheJoey

    love. that is all.

  24. Hez

    I really love pigmented lipglosses. The more pigment, the better! MAC Russian Red lipglass is one of my favorites!

  25. Jonina

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC”S VIVA GLAM GAGA Lipglass, because it’s sooo pigmented 😀

  26. Cintamani

    i just recently realized how wonderful pigmented glosses are! for a long time i never wore gloss since i already have pretty large lips and didn’t want them to look bigger since in the past whenever i wore it i would get creepy comments and stares from guys. plus, i hate that most have that sticky oil slick feel. after trying hourglass’ siren it changed my view that glosses could be comfortable, classy, and very pigmented.

  27. Samantha P.

    I love them! Although – I don’t really like the sticky feeling I get when I wear MAC’s lipglass… To relieve said issue, I always put something like Burts Bees on first. :]

  28. Jazz

    Its hard for me to find a good pigmented gloss , because my lips are naturally pigmented – so it either looks clear on me or more brownish .

  29. ak

    No. I’ve never fallen in love with a gloss because of their extra-shininess and because even when they’re well pigmented you can still see you’re lips underneath which is what always irked me about glosses because it seems pointless. It’s lipsticks that I’ve always loved probably since I was 4 or 5 years old (all the TV and magazine ads).

    I’m not afraid of lipstick’s opacity because that’s what I’m after and I love the make up that is strongly colored and the most present, because that’s what changes your face the most. Gloss isn’t sophisticated or womanly to me, it doesn’t dress you up. Plus lipstick is more convenient to appky to me than gloss’s gloopiness.

    When I was newer to buying MAC years ago I’d buy gloss to use with a lipstick and I did managed to finish maybe three glosses off, but I bought some glosses from MAC late last year and early this year that are great but they just sit there, what a waste. I prefer sheer, shiny lipsticks if I want a sheerer look but for a little while now I’ve been preferring more opaque, matte or satiny lipsticks.

  30. Air

    I don’t like heavily pigmented but I don’t like clear gloss either. I like a sheer wash of color. The most pigmented ones I wear are beux and love nectar lustreglass, and obviously those aren’t very dark.

  31. Lakitha

    I love pgimented lipgloss. Especially over lipstick.

  32. Dea

    I LOVE that it’s an uncomplicated way of adding colour and shine to the lips and I’m always disappointed when a lipgloss look pigmented and goes on sheer. Of course I also like glosses that just add shine or shimmer – but I want to notice this the minute I look at the tube.

  33. Yumi

    I like glosses with SOME pigment but I don’t like it to have too much either because it doesn’t look as natural, e.g. VG Cyndi Lipglass was just bleh for me.

  34. Leah

    I like pigmented lipgloss, because I can wear it by itself and it shows up nicely, and I don’t like just sheer shiny lips. But I don’t like it when I’m layering over a lipstick because the lipstick doesn’t show through as well.