Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Rant & Rave

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44 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Perfume

  1. I love MY perfume! I appreciate others’, but once I found my favorite (Perry Ellis 360) I became faithful to it. And that was YEARS ago! I love the lotion and the shower gel too. I wear it every single day, even when I’m home alone. I don’t really care if anyone else enjoys the smell – it’s more about what I enjoy!

  2. amy

    I love perfume, I definitely have my go to scents such as Body Shop Vanilla Perfume oil, but I also like to mix and layer them sometimes. Such as Vanilla with Satsuma or with Aquolina Chocolovers au de toilette. Sometimes I would change my perfume according to season and occasion. When I want to go lighter I like Anna Sui’s Anna Sui au de toilette. I recently stumbled on Sula’s Perfume Oil in Champagne Sugar and really like that as well.

  3. Caitlyn

    I adore perfume. However, I do not appreciate when other women (or men with cologne) just randomly buy perfume and they don’ try it on to see how it mixes with their natural scent. You can always tell…cause it smells incredibly awful most of the time.

    My favourite:
    L’instant by Guerlain!
    or Lola by Marc Jacobs (new scent for fall, amazing!)

  4. DonaGothika

    I Love Aquolina Sugar. . .With Love (by Hiliary Duff). . .Harajuku Lovers G, and Jeassica Simpaon’s Fancy. . .And for summer Ralph, DKNY Delicious line, and Burberry. . .I like to smell like a cross between a dessert and a fruit tart LOL!

  5. jess

    I don’t like strong scents, nor do I like to smell myself (good OR bad) so I don’t wear perfume. I’ve never found any that didn’t bother me. I do like it when other people smell nice, though, and I frequently compliments others on their perfume choices.

  6. Eva

    I canNOT leave without perfume!!
    I just “discovered” the perfume oils by Possets and BPAL…

  7. Miss_M

    I love perfume and always wear some when I leave the house. If I don’t wear perfume I feel something is missing. I don’t like very strong scents, or heavy floral scents, these give me a headache, but I do love anything with vanilla and musk in it.

    A few of my favorites:
    Summer: CK In2U, Gucci Rush 2, MAC MVI, D&G Feminine, Jil Sander Sun, TBS White Musk
    Winter: Burberry Brit, Christina Aquilera, Hugo Boss Deep Red

  8. Ruth

    I hate perfume, my poor sinuses feels like it’s rotting slowly when I’m near anyone wearing it. It’s such a pain in the behind when buying cosmetics in a department store because perfume is sold at those very same counters. Oh well, I can suffer for a few minutes while searching for the perfect red lipstick !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kimberly

    I love perfume, there isn’t a day that goes by without me wearing something. Lately I’ve been on a super heavy buying perfume kick too, I’ve bought 20-30 bottles of perfume I like & others I’ve been wanting to try recently.

  10. Anitacska

    I love perfume, I always wear it, even at home. I have about 25 bottles of perfume, I especially like YSl Paris and its springtime editions. At the moment I’m wearing Avon Far Away which is a sweet scent, really lovely.

  11. Kathleen

    I love perfume. My bf doesn’t like it too much, but said it is okay if I use alittle bit. My signature perfume is Armani Code.

  12. Jessica

    I am completely obsessed with perfume! Perfume oils, anyway. The department store alcohol-based sprays all smell so artificial and give me headaches, especially when people smell like they bathed in it! x__x I haven’t had the same reactions to perfume oils, which is great because they tend to last longer anyway haha. I have a whole bunch of scents and switch it up pretty often, but for the past year or so my go-to has been BPAL’s Kataniya the Clockwork Woman. It blends amazingly with my skin chemistry and I get so many compliments! hee.

    • Vern

      I must agree … perfume oils are the best and last much longer compared to the department store sprays. My mother puts a tiny amount on and it doesn’t fade away in a couple of hours like other perfumes.

  13. I’m a big fan of scents in general…just makes me feel completely “done” and more confident! The scents I like change with my mood and what I’m going to be doing that day/night or what time of year it is. In the fall/winter I love heavier scents like Victoria’s Secret Rapture, Trish McEvoy’s White Iris or an Oscar de la Renta perfume that I’m blanking on the name of. In spring/summer I lighten up with Burberry Brit Sheer, Victoria Secret body sprays in Endless Love and Blossoming Romance. Two scents that I can’t get enough of year round are Chanel No. 5 (eau de toilette) and Philosophy’s Amazing Grace. Chanel No. 5 is just a classic and to me it has sort of a baby powder scent somewhere in there:) Amazing Grace is just a very fresh, clean scent that I have gotten loads of compliments on:)

    I really want to try the new one mentioned by Marc Jacobs–Lola.

  14. Annie

    Vera Wang Princess, Chanel Chance, Chanel No. 5, and MAC’s Africanimal are my go-to perfumes. I like VWP for a lighter, summer smell, but the last three are a bit heavier for fall and winter. I’m not too keen on cupcake-y, fruit, or overly floral scents. But I ADORE men’s cologne. Nothing better than a cute guy who also smells amazing!

  15. scarlettholly

    marc jacobs daisy and fresh’s lemon – both gorgeous and light and fresh

  16. Jennifer

    Love perfume, wear it everyday.

    I hate anything with a strong vanilla scent or an obnoxious floral or citrus scent.

    My favorite signature perfume scent is “M” by Mariah Carey. It embodies what I love woods, floral, incense, and a sweet smell.

    I also adore: Dior J’dore, Dior Pure Poison, and Christina Aguilera’s Inspire.

    Purchases in the future: Donna Karen Cashmere Mist, and maybe Mariah’s Forever if I like it.

  17. Glosslizard

    I’ve really started enjoying perfumes in the last couple of years! I like matching my scent to my mood, although I do adhere to the standard of “another person should only smell my perfume if they are in hugging distance”! I’m a sucker for vanilla scents, especially Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain. I also love getting samples of niche fragrances from perfume sites!

  18. Melissa

    I definitely loovee perfume. I’m a perfume addict sadly.

    I love it when people get that look on their face and they say,
    “Oh my goodness, you smell so delish!”. That’s always a day maker for me.
    And then they ask me what perfume I’m wearing and I just can’t tell them.
    Can’t have a bunch of people wearing my signature scent!

    I try to find a new signature scent around every year but the one I’ve recently discovered…
    I don’t think I’ll be able to let it go!

    And that would be: JUICY COUTURE VIVA LA JUICY.
    I love it wayy to much, I’m in love with it, it is so delightful to my nose for some reason.
    I have to push myself not to spray too much every morning. I just get lost!

    Others I’ve fallen in love with ( still not as much as Viva La Juicy ):

    Aerie Fine Fragrance
    Harajuku Lovers “Love” eau de toilette
    Benefit Cosmetics My Place or Yours Gina
    Vera Wang Princess
    Hanae Mori Butterfly

    I’ve had some really bad expierience with Victoria Secret perfumes,
    they seem to always always always smell good for the first two seconds
    then they smell like armpit sweat and dirty socks.

  19. I really enjoy perfume, but apparently I’m quite picky about my scents. I have to love a scent through it’s entire life on my skin and I find something wrong or slightly obnoxious about most of everyone else’s favorites. I did use up a whole 1oz bottle of Burberry Brit… and towards the end I was definitely getting sick of it. Since then I haven’t really found one that I adore the way I loved Brit when I first got it. Currently I’m rotating between Scents by the Sea (etsy) Green Tea, The Body Shop Moroccan Rose and L’Occitane Green Tea (this is more of a fall scent for me though because of the spicy drydown). I’m also trying to track down Ava Luxe Figuer as I just adore the smell of fresh ripe figs and I’m still looking for the perfect orange blossom.

    If I had the budget, I’d totally buy Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom and Wild Fig & Cassis.

  20. Dorie

    Perfume is definitely something I associate with being a ‘lady’ and not just a another woman. I haven’t found a signature scent, even though I’ve gone through a large number of (sample) perfumes, such as CoCo Mademoiselle Chanel, Rain Marc Jabobs, Butterfly Hanae Mori, Princess Vera Wang, Flower Kenzo, Miss Dior Cherie Dior, Omnia Green Jade Bvlgari, Infusion D’Iris Prada, Ralph Lauren, Bright Crystal Versace, Be Delicious DKNY, Very Irresistible Givenchy, Clinique Happy, Lolita Lempicka, Stella Tocca, and a bunch of others. While most of these were nice and some (Stella, Butterfly, Green Jade) were even wonderful, none were mind-blowing. I like perfume, I really do, but I have yet to be wowed by a scent. Maybe I’m simply not old enough to appreciate a perfume (skin chemistry may be still changing and all that jazz) but I’ll still be searching, and bugging the kind salesgirls for a sample of this or that until I do find the scent. =)

  21. kikeri

    I love perfume, but don’t get the chance to wear it much as I work at a hospital. Currently I’m liking Stella McCartney, Jo Malone French Lime Blossom, and Fresh Sugar Lychee.

  22. SarahT

    Sadly, as much as I want to love perfume, my body doesn’t. I end up with a stuffed up itchy nose and watering eyes within minutes. :(

  23. Faith

    I don’t wear it. I’ve never seen much of a point.

  24. Constance

    I absolutely adore fragrance. It can change my mood and make me feel better. What an age we live in that fragrances are available in all price ranges. My all time favorite and first perfume(the real thing, perfume) is White Shoulders. I also usually have on hand:
    Hove’ Tea Olive
    Lolita Lempicka – Original
    Daybreak Lavender Farms – Mysore Sandlewood
    Paloma Picasso

  25. Sass

    I love perfume. I love smelling gorgeous.

    I hate when people pour their perfumes on themselves and smell up a room. If I can tell where someone has been and haven’t seen them at all…then they are wearing too much. It’s kinda gross. It’s like they are trying to cover something up. Ewwww.

  26. Oh, I love perfume! My latest obsession is Pikake, White Ginger and Viva La Juicy. Can’t wait for the new one coming up, island Tea Rose. I remember this scent from my childhood time in a grandma’s lush garden. Nothing compares. If Royal Hawaiian nails it to perfection, I’ll be the main customer forever! 😀

  27. Rachel

    I’ve been getting into perfume A LOT lately.. My standard for the last couple years is VS’ Pure Seduction cheap $10 perfume! It’s light and simple, but now I want something that lasts an 8-hour day. So far, I’ve really liked MAC’s Turquatic & Pink Aura. I’ll be picking those up soon because who can resist $50 for two perfumes?! Also loving the smells of Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love & Burberry’s The Beat.

    And I’ll have to give in and say although I don’t care for the Ed Hardy brand by C.A., the perfume smells divine!

  28. fiaspice

    I love perfume and I think I should wear some more often. My faves are Roxy Love, Adidas Moves for her, Anna Sui Secret Wish and Yves Rocher Ode à la joie.

  29. Esh

    I love smelling good and fresh, but perfumes usually give me headaches, I have no idea why. :(
    So recently i’m very much into handmade perfumes I buy from

  30. karen

    i love perfume but sometimes i forget to put it on
    i put a fair amount of perfume on but i cant rly smell it throughout the day
    i love da smell of mens cologne, giorgio armani =]

  31. I hate when people wear different perfumes all the time because I kind of associate them with one perfume (to the point I couldn’t wear the same!) and it’s weird when they wear another one.
    I hate when wome spritz perfume on themselves 10 times a day because they think it doesn’t smell anymore: your own nose gets used to it but other people don’t and can still smell it so don’t ask more!

    I love sugary smells, although I don’t really wear any because they quickly give me headaches.
    And I love when men wear perfume, I think it really makes them attractive :-)

  32. Valerie

    My very first perfume was Clinique Happy I purchase my first bottle in college and always forgot to put it on. I latter discovered citrusy perfume just wasn’t smelling long enough on me… after a couple of hours you just couldn’t smell it on me. Two years ago I purchase a second bottle of perfume (I gave my Clinique Happy bottle to my friend) it was Nina Ricci, Nina (the apple) and I will gave up this bottle too because I’m just tired of that smell.
    I did not learned my lesson with those fruity\sugery perfume I purchase Miss Dior Cherie 100ml and in the same category I have Daisy, which is my week-end perfume. Both of them now smell generic to me, pleasent but not memorable. And I will never purchase a 100cl perfume again, I grow tired of there smell before finishing the bottle and at 100$ a bottle I do not like to waste.
    Now I’m more into spicy oriantal perfume. I have Burberry EDP, Brit Gold and Red (I just loved them!) and LAMB from Gwen Stefani (30cl)
    I now wear perfume everyday and I tried to save money for my next purchase Micheal from Micheal Kors or Love & luck the Ed Hardy!

  33. smut

    I have gone through many different perfumes, these are my staples:

    For Her by Narcisso Rodriguez
    Gucci by Gucci (although the newer version Gucci Gucci, is nice too)
    Daisy by Marc Jacobs

  34. Jas

    I love sweet smelling perfumes like Viktor and Rolf flower bomb, Miss Dior Cherie and Vera Wang princess, it’s also a bonus that the bottles are really cute too :)

  35. Almost black.

    I’m, not actually much into perfumes (much more into make up) but those perfumes that I fell in love with – those I gotta have :))) And although I like few perfumes I don’t like to have many of them because I really use only two so at the moment I have my 2 favorites:

    – Givenchy – Ange ou Demon
    – Escada – Magnetism

    But I have different sample sizes which I use if I want some change (that’s quite rare :D)

  36. cmferrets

    OH I LOVE PERFUME! i dont know how any girl can live with out. i really love fresh scents (like out of the shoer smells), im not too much into the sweet and berry smells. vanilla is ok sometimes in the winter. i just love to always smell like something- i rotate my perfumes and body sprays. i have almost all of them from victoria secret and bath and body works. i have 4 ferrets so – go figure. but b/c i always like to smell like something, im afraid sometimes my nose gets used to it, and so even though i cant smell it , im sure others can way more. but oh well , atleast i know i smell good. even though i have like 25-30 perfumes, im always on the hunt for another knew one, so im always at sephora or ulta, or dillards smelling at their perfume bar.
    my recent purchases include – marc jacobs daisy, chanel chance and banana republic classic.
    the next one on my list is- marc jacobs cucumber (LE). it totally smells like the victoria secret tranquel breeze garden line they used to have back in 1997, but is long discontinued.i hope they bring it back b/c its selling for like 150$ on ebay- CRAZY!

  37. Vern

    I love perfume…. sprays and oils. My fave at the moment is Dior J’adore. But I will always love Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Hot. I ALWAYS get compliments and double takes along with “I have to buy that for a gift for my (sister, girlfriend, or wife)”. It nevers fails. I love to smell of others wearing perfume. It gives off a sense of refreshment and good hygiene. Now when people try to mask an “unpleasant” smells you can always tell the difference.

  38. Omgggggg I’ve loved fragrances ever since I was a little kid!!!! My signature fragrance IS and WILL ALWAYS BE Dreamer by Versace… It’s amazing, it smells like night. My other signature fragrance is Poison by Dior… Pretty much I like anything spicy with vanilla in it that smells like night time… I also love Pink Sugar by Aquolina a lot because it smells like cotton candy… I love Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf and LAMB by Gwen Stefani a lot right now, and for a while last year was completely obsessed with the Betsey Johnson perfume… I’m a sucker for pretty packing and luxury brands and I’ll impulsively buy anything at Nordstrom that I spray and like, which is pretty much everything. Funny piece of information: I fell in love with J’Adore by Dior in the 8th grade because of the tv comercial for it lol… I couldn’t imagine life without fragrances… I’ve even tried perfumes from Jlo and Paris and Britney… Lol they were all so synthetic but fun to play around with…

  39. Carolyn

    I used to be highly allergic to all scents, but now I’ve sort of grown out of it. Some more stronger and flowery/musky scents can bother me but now I love really sweet and sugary scents. Pink Sugar is my favorite- followed by the Harajuku Girl in G.

  40. Donna

    I love my perfume, can’t leave the house without it. When it’s really, really hot, I use Lancome O de Lancome, when it’s not so hot I use Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, I get a lot of people telling me I smell really good when I wear the Chanel.

  41. My boyfriend and most men always comment when I wear Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume.
    I LOVE Bond No. 9 Bryant Park and Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb!
    In the summer I wear L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake and get great feedback on it!
    Also Vera Wang Princess is light and feminine.

  42. Paige

    I absolutely LOVE Harajuku Lovers Lil’ Angel! Both the regular and summer version! I tend to love sweet scentsm and anything with melon. However, I love Chanel No. 5 eau premiere, and it doesn’t fit into those categories.