Monday, September 20th, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: PEDICURES (by salons)!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about pedicures and all that those entail.

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44 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Pedicures

  1. Leenie

    I don’t trust salons to sterilize well enough for me, so I do my own pedicures.

  2. Pedicures at salons can be stressful if you get someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. But they can be relaxing if you get a good pedicurist. I personally like giving myself and my Husband pedicures at home. It relaxes him and gets me anything I want after that. =)

  3. I love love love the massage part! Pedicures are the one spa service I really like. Full body massages hurt too much, manicures aren’t that special and facials usually leave me feeling oily and red-faced. Just had a girly spa weekend where we gave each other pedicure. It was so much fun!

    Christine, when will you be posting the feline inspired look. Can’t wait to see what everyone did. (If you get a chance please check out my giveaway for an UD Naked Palette, 6 MAC lip products, 2 MAC shadows and a MAC nailpolish).

  4. I’ve gotten a pedicure at a salon twice. I have really, really ticklish feet. Both times, I kept laughing and flinching and the pedicurists laughed at me.

  5. joi

    I love when the pedicurist is so busy talking to her friend she gouges a whole in my foot while trying to remove caluses..and I have to inform her that I am bleeding
    True story…

  6. Courtney

    Never got one. Personally, I think they’re a waste of time and money when it’s extremely easy to paint your own toenails.

  7. Becca

    I noticed whenever I go to the fancy $30 pedi place I get the exact same pedi as the $14 place in my neighborhood…this irks me.

  8. Sterndli98

    I love getting a pedicure in Salons, i go regurlarly every 6 weeks, this tuesday it is again, 1 hour massage etc. I LOVE IT!!!

  9. Thincspot

    Awesome for the most part. I favor going to spas for pedis instead of nail salons. I’ve had the bottom of my foot sloughed off to the point of not being able to walk.

  10. Veronica

    Ugh. HATE! They always give me ingrown toenails.

  11. Kalex

    I love getting pedicures! It always looks so much nicer than when I do it myself but… I hate wondering what their jabbering and laughing about in Mandarin while I’m sitting there completely oblivious.

  12. tremorviolet

    They’re expensive. And most of the salons offer “spa” pedicures which involve lots of massage and frills, I usually just want a nice polish application. I do like that salon pedicures seem to last a lot longer than the ones I do at home.

  13. Evelyn

    I hate when they file your toenails crookedly and I’m not someone who is nit-picky. If I can see it, you can see it (as I look at my big toe right now in annoyance)! It’s even more obvious when you’re wearing a dark color. Also hate the ones who think they’re massaging you when instead it feels like your legs are being beaten by rocks. ouch!

  14. ellebelle

    I can get very heated about this topic!!! I hate when they don’t do enough with dry skin and callouses on the bottoms of feet, its a waste of my and their time. There is a salon near my house and they do great massage, hot stones, the whole nine yards!! HOWEVER, They totally SUCK at polish. I caught the woman watching tv and painting my skin instead of my nail! I was like “really?!”

  15. I guess I expect the full package when I book a pedi- for what they charge (around $50 in my area) I expect a good scrub, a nice massage and a clean paint job. The first two are almost more important to me- I can paint my toes myself!

  16. I cant get pedicures. I don’t like the feeling of someone pampering me, lol. Ive only had one in my life…well actually just half. I honestly had to ask the lady to stop because I couldn’t handle it! Haha I suck at being a girl ;P

  17. Amal

    I love having Pedicures at saloons. I don’t usually put on nail polishes but I like having it scrubbed and moisturized. It really makes me feel having ‘clean’ feet :p

  18. Lilly

    It’s like a slice of heaven, especially with a hot paraffin wax wrap. <3

  19. Jazz

    umm love a good pedi and will be having one after this hell week is over

  20. nicci404

    I did once just because it was a gift given to me for my birthday – it was a packaged deal. It was nice and all but I never made the effort or time to go again!

  21. CeeBee

    I’ve never had one. I hate the idea of someone I don’t know touching my feet! Plus I think I could do it just as well at home, by myself (except maybe I’d get my fiance to massage my feet, since it really isn’t the same if you try and do it yourself!)

  22. Marian

    I’ve never had one…but I think I’d love it!

  23. mayra

    I used to looooove getting pedicures until I started getting foot fungus it didn’t matter where I went or how much I spent my feet would just always get fungus!!!! I finally said enough and started buying my own nail polish and doing my toes at home!!! I do miss the massage but NOT the fungus especially when I am paying for it!!!!

    • Miriam

      OMG! I totally feel the same way!!! Ughhhhh! What are you using for the fungus??? My podiatrist recommended tea tree oil. It stinks and takes up 52 weeks!!!!!!!

  24. i love pedicures! they are so relaxing. plus i go to the same place and have the same person do my pedicure.

  25. Nic

    LOVE IT! I go to a salon that sets aside tools that only are used on you. I go there, they pull my bag, and they use those tools in the bag. After the pedicure they clean them and put them back in the bag until the next time. Its also cool that each season they have a different themed pedicure: lemonade and mixed drinks for summer and sugar plum and pumpkin for winter and fall!

  26. Beth

    Have you guys ever heard of J Sisters in NYC? Brazilian pedis are the best (even more so when they cost less than $10 at the nicest salon). The best part is is that they go back over with a stick thingie to take off all of the excess polish in the corners (mani’s too). 2 Weeks of Braz. manis people thought that my (normally brittle) nails were fake!

  27. May

    I love them ever since I found a super clean salon in my area. I get the works.

  28. Danielle

    1) They never let me soak my feet long enough (at home I give myself 20 minutes)
    2) The soak is rarely hot enough.
    3) They don’t put enough effort in scrubbing my callouses.
    4) Massage is rarely deep enough.

    When I do go (and I can’t remember the last time), it’s for the filing and the polish. I try to soak and scrub my feet the night before.

  29. Grace

    I absolutely love pedicures. My favourite bit would probably be the massage part, and I love how soft and clean my feet feel after.

    It’s really weird, because I’m normally the kind of person that hates feet and getting my feet touched lol

  30. Sarah

    I do my own pedicures just cause I enjoy doing them and I do a great job

    • Sarah

      hit enter too fast lol.

      Anyway, I have gotten pedicures at salon’s before… ya I giggled everytime they ran the pumice stone around lol! Giggling + snorting from laughter = me embarrased too much to go back haha

  31. Miss Silver

    I hate it when they cut too much off the cuticle, and I hate it when they buff my toenails AND my skin at the same time, leaving a blister. -_-

  32. mochamishmash

    I hate strangers touching my feet so salon pedicures are really appealing to me. The times I’ve had professional pedicures there was always something wrong with them–polish applied sloppy, toe nails cut weird, etc…I rather do it myself and get what I want.

  33. Mary

    I like getting message on my feet and legs. IT is a relaxing experience. But what I don’t like is when you don’t know hwat their saying ( I know everyone says that) also when they rush you so they can’t get to oher clients. Also if they don’t know what their doing that they somehow mess up your nail polish. Also sometimes you don’t know if the sterilize their products well enough

  34. Lisa

    Hwy everyone! I’m an esthetician; and I’m really concerned by some of these comments. A pedicure should never hurt you. Firstly, any reputable place should be fine with you brining your own tools. polish whatever. Also, ask to see their sanitization process. You want to see an autoclave and/or a high-level quaternary cleaner, like Accel. Not bleach or Lysol; those won’t kill TB, which is the measurement that sanitization goes by. If your salon balks at showing you how they clean, head for the door. Fast. If they pick utensils up from a jar and then just throw them back in there, if the pedicurist does not wear gloves or wash her hands, or if the place just looks dirty, do not stay for you service just to be nice, and tell them why you are leaving.
    Also, stay away from those jet-tubs, it takes at least an hour to properly flush and sanitize the lines. I’ve never seen a place do that, thus making that soothing tub fungus and bacteria soup. Ew.
    As for the rest of it, well, unfortunately some people just do not care about their work. If this happens to you, please being it up to manager. If they are any good at their jobs they should comp your service, or at least give you a discount.
    Don’t be afraid to speak up (politely, of course!), if the water is too hot, the massage is too hard or you need more callus removal (that one might cut into your massage time a bit, just an FYI!), this is your service, so it needs to meet your needs.
    *whew* sorry for the long winded response, haha! Hopefully some of this info will be helpful. Pedicures should be an enjoyable way to pamper yourself, not leave you hobbling.

  35. Jenna

    I personally love going to get pediicures. I go once a month bc they usually last that long. The place I go to iis great opens everything in front of me and knows just what to do. And I trust them so much I usually give the color I want and an idea and let them do what they want. Can’t wait for my halloween themed toes! :o)

  36. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with salon pedicures. Generally, I love the results.. super smooth feet, and a tidy polish application. BUT.. my feet are obnoxiously ticklish, and it’s an epic feat of self control not to kick the nail tech. LOL

    Though, I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve felt they don’t do a good enough job smoothing the skin. I definitely don’t want it over done, but for the pricetag – any residual should be minimal if anything at all!

  37. I’m very particular about my feet and I just love a good spa pedicure..however the devil is in the detail.

    Loves: Nice hot water, attentive salon staff, attention to detail, neatly painted nails, leaving enough drying time, asking about pressure during the massage phase and using quality moisturiser.

    Hates: Water not hot enough, staff rudely talking amongst themselves, shoddy paint jobs, instruments not properly sterilised between clients, careless with my time.

  38. I absolutely dont trust the salons to stay clean! Instead of taking my own supplies to the salon I use natural fungus preventative when I go.

    There aren’t many out there but I found one called PediMD. Its a lacquer that dries in 5 seconds and is used as a base coat under nail polish.

    Click on my name for the link to their site.