Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… NAIL POLISH!

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33 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Nail Polish

  1. maz

    that i have to check when buying nail polishes if it contain any of the nasty chemicals that we are warned about..and i normally don’t check especially if its a beautiful and tantilising colour…

  2. Jai

    I love nailpolish it keeps me from biting my nails. I have a huge collection and got some more as stocking stuffers!

    • Diana

      Me too :)

      I actually really don’t understand this mentality but it works! As soon as I go a day without repainting my nails, I start biting again.

  3. Melia

    I loooove nail polish! I have about 40-60 (haven’t counted since last year) and am always buying more. What I love about nail polish is that it is a great “treat” for me when I feel very happy or out-of-sorts. I also love that when I paint my nails, it is always “me” time well spent and that it’s more fun to follow nail polish trends than other fashions…. I can be more wild with my nails!

  4. That it chips so quickly! No matter what kind I get, it always chips the next day after a manicure :(

    Now I do Minx Nails!

  5. Shannon

    I love to paint my nails, but i hate that it takes so long to dry and it always seems once they are about to be dry i hit it on sometime and mess it up! I wish it dryed in like a second! :)

  6. Cody

    I love the look of nail polish but I’m terrible at applying it evenly… and inevitably my nails are chipped within two days. That’s the major downside. I don’t think anything looks tackier than obviously chipped nail polish.

    I also hate waiting for it to dry!

  7. Kiu

    I have almost 100 nail polishes…I think that pretty much explains my answer =D LOVE THEM!

  8. I really wish that there was a true 60 second nail polish! :)

  9. I LOVE nail polish. I love changing the colors and mix and matching them with my clothes or mood! The only thing I really hate is that I can’t apply it with my left hand, so my right hand always looks horrible!

  10. jessica

    Any nail polish I use will chip in 24 hours.

  11. lina

    love it! i change colors every wk

  12. Tekoa

    I wish there was a nail polish that was completely bump free. Oh yes, and merry Christmas everyone!

  13. Jenna

    I love nail polish! There’s a reason why it’s called polish :) Makes you look polished

  14. rmcandlelight

    I’m really getting into polishing my nails again since I’ve started using seche vite dry fast top coat. It dries your nails so fast and my polish last at least a couple of days without chipping. I wish something was invented that you can put around your fingers so you can just wipe the polich around your cuticles at ease without using polish remover and risk messing up your nails. (lol)

  15. I want it to dry! No matter how long I let it sit – even thirty minutes for a thin coat – the stuff just will not stop smudging and wrinkling and going horribly, horribly wrong. It just frustrates me. A lot. Which is tragic, because I love having painted nails.

    • rmcandlelight

      Try using seche vite dry fast top coat you won’t have a problem with your polish drying. You can get it at Sally’s. Trust me it works!!

      • Asta

        I’ve been using OPI drip dry. It’s a tiny bottle that you use one drop on each nail. Dries super super quick and really shiny (if you use it over a good top coat). Best thing I ever bought for nails.

        • Hi Asta: How does that relate to Sephora by OPI’s Nail POlish Fast Drying drops? One drop on each nail and it dries to the touch in one minute. Five minutes and you can use your favorite top coat. Sometimes I use the drops alone and it works fine, just curious because are these both made by OPI?

  16. I love nail polish! I now have about 200+ polishes. If you are patient with applying it and use thin coats as opposed to thicker ones which chip faster (plus a good base coat like CND Stickey) and a fast drying top coat like Poshe or Seche Vite, it will last more than 24 hours and be dry to the touch in 1-2 minutes. Also make sure your nails don’t have any oils on them before you start painting (the oils can make your polish not stick, therefore chip faster)by wiping the nail with white vinegar or acetone remover.

  17. Claudia M.

    I love how it looks when done right, but I’m impatient and fidgety so either getting them done or doing them myself is torture. I can’t sit still for that long!!! and I can’t do it with my left hand, so my right hand always looks a little “off.”
    Since I wash my hands waaaaaaaay too much, I have dry skin, especially my cuticles. I’m trying to get better at this, but it’s just so much quicker and easier to do my make up than my nails.

  18. DaniMae

    I think it looks great but for me it chips way to easily and quickly, and I’m a perfectionist, so it ends up being a waste of time.

  19. Rio

    I don’t like the chipping. I am also not wonderful at painting my nails, so I end up with blotches and smudges, etc. I just had my first manicure done though with French tips, so that doesn’t chip. :)

  20. Kira

    I love the look of polish and try to get my manis to last as long as possible. I layer: base, 2 thin color coats, and CND “Air Dry” in one sitting over 30 minutes or so. The next day, swipe a layer of topcoat over the nails and let dry for 5 minutes or so. All polishes and treatments are 3 free.

    With this setup, I’ve had my manicure last anywhere from 2 to 8 days. The Christmas mani only lasted 2 days, but I was washing my hands every ten minutes and working those nails pretty hard during cleaning (Christmas was at MY house this year).

    I wear 3 free OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, and Revlon. And I love it when the new colors come out … my Christmas present to myself was a China Glaze Rodeo Diva haul. I have 76 polishes at the moment, and I’m wearing CGs “Branding Iron.”

  21. Hayley

    where do you get linkin park after dark?

  22. I love applying nail polish. I have read some of the other comments and how they apply and chip their nail polishes and don’t understand why. If you use a nail file, smooth away the ridges, use cuticle oil and rub it in, wash it away after because nail polish will not adhere to lotions, push back your cuticles, buff your nails with a good nail buffer, Then apply a good base coat, let that dry, then 2-3 coats of color, then use a good nail drier, (I like there Sephora Nail polish fast drying drops which dries and seals all the polishes in one minute with the use of a eye dropper than a brush, then use your favorite nail hardener top coat, and let that dry, your manicure or pedicure should not chip. If it does use a more potent nail polish like OPI ,ESSIE, Sally Hansen, or even Sephora by OPI for their hard wearing polishes and that should solve your problem. Also applying top coat on your beautiful and gorgeous nails frequently won’t hurt them.(especially for metallic polishes.

  23. alexxxxxxxxxx

    lol i’m a nail freak

  24. Anitacska

    Mine always chip too. What’s Minx Nails?

  25. Minx Nails is a foil-like covering for your nails that does not require drying, doesn’t chip, and lasts for about 1-2 weeks. Since they’re not made of polish, they come in many different designs and can also be customized with your own picture.

    Check it out here: