Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… MINERALIZED EYESHADOW!

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40 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Mineralized Eyeshadow

  1. Annie

    I love MAC’s mineralize eyeshadows. The application is really smooth and they are easily blendable. The pigmentation is amazing as well. You can wear them very light, or build to get a deep color!

  2. Candee Sparks

    SOME of MAC’s mineralize eyeshadows are good but I honestly can’t stand mineral eyeshadows from anywhere. I don’t like most of the pigmentation from most of them and the only decent places to get them and have good pigmentation are smaller cosmetic business online. I just have a ton of mineral eyeshadows just bundled together collecting dust somewhere (since I lost a ton of them). Mineralized Skinfinish from MAC though is a different story and is an absolute MUST for anything I wear.

  3. taymi

    Rave – the ones from MAC at least, they are smooth and easy to blend, a must have in any collection

  4. Depends on who makes it, but I do like the versatility of the wet/dry usage. Some are awesome, while others are meh.

  5. Ali

    most of MACs mineralize e/s are good, but i dislike the glitter in their holiday ones last year – i think it was Red She Said? how do they expect us to use that stripe in the middle? its unpigmented, chunky and doesnt sit well anywhere (for me at least)

    • tabby

      Ha! I just thought of that useless strip of glitter in those “trios” as a pretty divider for my two eyeshadows!
      I loved the Word of Mouth “trio”. The shadows were so soft & subtle. I got lots of compliments whenever I wore it. I need to dig it back out!

    • Hanna

      I could not agree more! What’s up with that strip! I actually don’t think that the eyeshadows in those particular ones give a very good colur pay off. it’s because of those that I am scared to buy any other Mineralize e/s.

    • Marta

      I agree 100%.

    • Nathalie

      Well, I love the middle stripe on my side! The gold more than the silver (because I’m not a silver looking person at all and because the quality of the silver stripe is less good than the gold). In general, I apply the gold glitter over black paintpot on the superior lid. It stays all day on me and I REALLY love the sparkling effect.

  6. Nicole

    The ones I’ve tried have too much shimmer for my tastes, but I do like the texture and blendability of them. The colors are pretty and the being able to use them wet or dry is pretty versatile, but I just don’t think they’re for me.

    • Stephanie

      use it wet: spray your brush with charged water or fix+, or even water…then use them….you’ll love the color payout…’s sooooo dramatic!

  7. Susie

    i use the glitter stripe from red she said for a liner ontop of a black liner

    • Hanna

      Hi Susie,
      I tried that too but it does not stay put.

      • Susie

        Hey hanna have u tried wetting your brush in visene or smashbox or paula dorf clear liquid that transforms any eyeshadow into a liner? I got to do that to make it work.. HTH

  8. cmferrets

    i love love love mineralized everything, exspecially e/s !

  9. cmferrets

    ive tried mac, milani, and bare minerals- love them!

  10. Andrea

    I’ve only ever tried loose ones, and those I can’t stand!!!!

  11. Lo

    some of MACs ones are really good, but some have really chunky particles (particularly family silver IMHO) which seem to really irritate my eyes and fall out like crazy.
    fresh green mix is amazing, and so is sea and sky, the pigmentation is fantastic, and the appication is so smooth, not to mention the colours are gorgeous, espesh the mono side of sea and sky.

  12. Skyler

    Loose mineral eye shadows I can’t stand for the most part because they are messy and streaky. There are only a few small companies online I will buy them from. Baked mineralized eye shadows though, I love. Especially Stila’s. I have liked MAC’s but the pigmentation is sometimes lacking, so I hope to see some improvements with Color Craft. I did really enjoy the ones from Antiquitease and I reach for them often.

  13. lina

    they’re okay…pigmentation isn’t always as good (although some are quite good) and i get more fallout from them than normal eyeshadows
    i agree w/the strip in the middle…i tried using it on my friend and it barely showed up at all

  14. Liz

    I’ve been unimpressed with some of them – I had no interest in the holiday trios – but I *loved* MAC’s Ether and all of Electroflash! The marbled/”melange” MSFs are really pretty. They definitely work better applied wet, and I think they look best contrasted with matte shadows. I think of them as pigments in a pot :)

  15. For the most part, I love mineralized eyeshadow. I love the way they look. MAC’s mineralized eyeshadows tend to really irritate my eyes though. I don’t get that with any other mineral eyeshadow.

  16. TSafari

    I love mineralize eyeshadows mixed in with nail lacquer! Try the block green of Fresh Green Mix mixed in with underlacquer, or the dark blue of Sea + Sky mixed with Nocturnelle! Amazing!!

  17. i find them difficult to store…and difficult to carry wth.
    I just try to stay away from getting into that addiction..:)

  18. Sunriseisle

    They’re okay. I like mineralized blushes more than e/s

  19. i love how easy it is to blend tho some of them are too shimmery.

  20. Zoila

    i only have one mineralized eyeshadow duo thing, in “engaged”, i got it two years ago, and i stopped using it as much.. i don’t even remember the last time i’ve used it, i got tired of the too much shimmer look, it’s just too shimmery for my taste… beautiful colors and all but i’m a “matte” girl for life! but for the hell of it, i’ll probably dig it back out to get some use out of it.. haha

  21. KatoAto

    They crease too easily for my taste

  22. Samantha

    Loves: minerals, easy to blend
    Dislikes: too much shimmer

  23. Most of the ones that came out with Electroflash last year were amazing in terms of texture and colour pay off.. but most of the other MAC releases have been average… maybe the Colour Craft ones will be good.

  24. Christine

    I love my Fresh Green Mix eyeshadow from mac. It’s one of my favorite eyeshadows ever. Easy to blend, lots of pigmentation, and looks great with my brown eyes. <3

  25. Nathalie

    I love them but the pigmentation really vary. I’ve got “outspoken” (the maroon-silver-purple from red she said) and it’s very light and hardly pigmented. On the other side, “pink split”‘s got an excellent pigmentation (and is very lovely). It really depends. But I love them in general. They’re funny and easy to deal with. I’d love to try Fresh Green Mix!

  26. Susie

    I always have to use outspoken wet or ontop of a creamy white liner pencil to make it stick and vibrant

  27. Wilcoa

    Love mineralized eyeshadow, but sadly can’t wear any of it because it makes my eczema react :'(

  28. Mimi

    I don’t love them but I don’t hate them either. Sometimes they can be too sparkly and the color payoff isn’t that great even with a primer.

  29. Stephanie

    i love mac mineralize eyeshadow! I USE IT WET ALL THE TIME!!!!!

  30. Ms Trendy

    i’ve only tried mac’s and i have not purchased because i find them too chunky and glittery. i stick to e/s, pigments, paint and paint pots.

  31. Christy

    They tend to be very sparkly for daily use. Plus I don’t like loose pigments, I’m always afraid of spilling them.

  32. Sarah

    Have only tried MAC’s mineralized shadows and LOVE them!

  33. Vivian

    I love them! However one of the biggest CON is: it’s messier than normal eyshadows (loose powder ones)

    I’ve purchased lots of MAC pigments, while I love few, others I don’t. Lots MAC ones have fluffier textures, so it’s easier to make a mess.

    I’m buying from Internet Minerla business now. Normally, they don’t contain bismuth oxychloride, talc, paraben, etc. Just research and research. Why? There’re lots of dishonest small businesses selling repacked micas or finished product sold as it is straight from Coastal Scents. I love Fyrinne, The she space, Earthen Glow Minerals etc and still am waiting for some pigments from other mineral companies.

    Beware the discription: some have larger sparkles than others or sheer in colors! :)