Monday, February 13th, 2012

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about metallic nail polish. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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20 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Metallic Nail Polish

  1. Renee

    I hate how they can look so streaky and the formula can often be thick. I like how it can really add sparkle to your look but sometimes I can find they look a little “dirty”.

  2. I don’t really like them. I hate when they leave stripes and when they’re not pigmented enough. Or when they have that ugly frosty feeling :/

  3. I love the ones that apply opaque without streaking…and I love the one that r really shiny

  4. Sally

    Kind of in love with Butter London’s “Wallis.” It’s like a blackened old gold shade. I’m looking for a pewter shade as well, maybe Essie’s “Steel-ing the Scene?” Because I don’t have enough polish already… 😉

  5. I’m not really a fan myself. Most seem to go on streaky and you can see all the brush strokes. I’m sure I have a couple, but I never use them.

    • divinem (Melissa)

      I can confidently say Dior’s nail lacquer does not streak, and I LOVE the brush. It’s a wide brush that covers a nice swath of nail rather than the teensy brushes, which require multiple passes/coats to achieve opacity.

  6. Sally

    I love it! It looks great with almost any outfit and looks good on my darker skin tone :)

  7. I dislike metallic nail polish just because it always looks streaky and it just isn’t my style. I prefer creme formulas

  8. Ale

    Eh not a fan, they can look kinda tacky if you put them on all the nail.

  9. Nina

    For me, metallic nail polishes are the easiest to work with… the formula is generally thinner than creme and easier to apply… and as such they dry faster.. so no smudges! Unfortunately, I prefer the look of creme nail polishes, so I hardly ever wear metallic ones.

    My current fav metallic polish: butter London’s Knees Up!

  10. Jenn

    Not a fan in the slightest. I just think they look gross on me.

  11. ilhame

    There’re like a shiny piece of jewelry, I wear them for a special event. What I hate the most about them is when I have to take them off!

  12. Amanda

    I have one that I like, actually an old hot topic color from a couple of years back that I got from a friend for a gift. It’s the only color I ever liked that was metallic. It was a jade green color and went on nice and opaque in 2 coats with no streaks.

  13. Kara

    I hate the really streaky ones. I think I’m more into sparkly metallics, if any at all.

  14. Madina

    I hate the way most rings feel on my fingers and I don’t care much for bracelets either, but metallic nail polish looks like jewelry for your hands so I love it 😀 My first polish was a silver Essie one too haha. I hate how a lot of “metallic” nail polishes are just frosts and show all the brushstrokes. It’s hard to find a good metallic one polish that isn’t just a foil finish or a microglitter bomb.

  15. I love how they look, but they never seem to last very long.

  16. TygerKitty

    My favorite metallic types are probably foils… they always look amazing. I’m not a fan of frosty or streaky metallics and those almost always end up in my ‘give away’ piles. I can’t live without silver in my life though so having a variety of silver to pewter metallic polishes is super important to me!

    • Kelly B

      I LOVE silver polishes too, hate frosted streaking kind but shades that look like sterling silver jewelry are one of my favorites for toenails. I had an OPI years ago that I loved until it was empty. I’ve been looking for the perfect replacement for 3-4 years without any luck.
      Do you have any suggestions that look like smooth sterling silver when applied properly? Thank you for any input! KB

  17. Love them but I’ve found you got to have a good base coat otherwise they show texture in the nail. I love the finish once the formula is right.

  18. Katherine

    I love metallics and am willing to work with the few difficulties that those formula’s tend to have but one gripe I do have it taking them off. Not all are difficult but some can be a real pain. The foils from Revlon last year are kind of hard to take off, almost like taking off a glitter. I wear glitters too, but I hate the wee bit of extra time it takes to remove all of them :)