Monday, October 21st, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Metallic Lipstick!

my answer: I love the finish of a really metallic lip, but sometimes metallic finishes can be drying and/or forgiving if your lips aren’t in tip-top shape.

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24 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Metallic Lipstick

  1. I love love loveeee kat von d foiled love lipstick n all thanks to your review …
    adora is my favvvvvv holiday red n so is mufe no 21 if u consider it metallic …

    would u share your fav shade :)

  2. Clare

    Where can I find metallic lipstick?

    • meganlisa

      OCC and Kat Von D on the Sephora site have them. Look for the ones designated as metallic. Black Metal Dahlia (occ) and Adora (KVD) are both gorgeous shades.

  3. Laura

    I’m not really a huge fan of metallic lipstick, they look great on certain people but I always thought they looked weird on me haha. I prefer either a glossy or matte finish on my lips

  4. I don’t like metallic lipstick for everyday, but in certain situations & occasions I think it can be great!

  5. Ivana

    Nope, that´s not my kind of lipstick finish. Maybe because I´ve realised that the 80ies are over 😛

    • xamyx

      Interesting response, especially when you consider metallic lipstick wasn’t even a trend back then (I don’t recall if it even existing back then). What I do recall being huge in the 80s is neons, yet noone seems to think neons are “dated”… Bright pink lipstick was another big 80s trend, yet some consider it “classic”. A couple of other points to consider, 1) trends *always* come back around, and 2) in *today’s* fashion-since you insist on being “current”-there aren’t really any definitive trends, but more about personal taste, so anything goes. Why else would you find metallic lipstick from some of the most popular & pricier brands?

      • Julie S.

        Yes!! The frost was sooooo heavy, it was almost metallic! Wet’nWild pink frost, used to wear it every day! My favorite was Revlon Velvet Matte in this extraordinary burgundy matte metallic-beautiful!!

  6. I am really old-school when it comes to lipsticks, which means I enjoy a good cream lipstick and maybe something shimmery, but frosty and metallic are not in my good book! I do enjoy seeing them on others though!

  7. xamyx

    Like with all cosmetic products, there is a time & place for everything. I would never wear it to the office, but it can be great for a party!

  8. Aelita

    Kat von D adora is the only one I like to wear and it doesn’t look ridiculous or clownish:)

  9. Aubri

    I’m madly in love with the way burgundy metallic lipsticks look – OCC’s Metal Black Dahlia makes me swoon- but it’s unlikely that I could ever get away with it. :(

  10. I prefer matte or glossy. Metallic is definitely not for me.

  11. Audrey

    I love metallic reds and burgundies! Other metallic shades, not so much. Lighter metallic shades like pale pink look really funny on me.

    If anyone’s looking for a metallic red, my favourite is Lancome’s Absolue Rouge lipstick in Rouge Velour! It’s my go-to for holiday parties, and I always get compliments on it.

  12. zainab

    I own a few lipsticks with a metallic finish, all in reasonably out there colours- so they don’t get much use. I think metallic finishes can look nice but only in fairly light colours. Dark metallic reds and browns never seem to look that good on anyone (at least based on what I’ve seen), even though those colours can look okay in other finishes. And super light frosty pinks seem a bit dated…
    I don’t know, they can work, but I haven’t seem many great examples of them working.

  13. keG

    I don’t see them around much….but I think they are cool. Readers…. any favorites?

  14. I haven’t found one that I like. I do have a Buxom Lip Polish that’s pretty metallic (I’m not sure of the color) and I have a hard time knowing what to pair it with. It’s one of those things that I think look great in magazines or on other people but I just can’t figure it out for myself.

  15. metallic lipstick but hate frost lipstick. Confusing huh? I find the MAC frosts are just too…frosty for my taste. (I didn’t know what people meant until I bought one and ECK!). Metallics have their place, just maybe not in the office lol!

  16. I love a metallic lip!

    My favorites are the OCC metalic Lip Tars. I’ve got them in Pris, Zhora, Electric Grandma, Authentic, Lovecraft, Role Play, and Black Metal Dahlia, and I love every one of them.

  17. I don’t quite like the dry texture of most metallic lipsticks. I reach for my OCC lip tars whenever I want some pizzaz. =) Thank you so much for reviewing Authentic, I loved the colour since I saw your photos. And of course, Triptych is a wonderful colour to mix up with the usual lip colours.

  18. I love me some metallic lipsticks! I can rock all colors especially red and copper.

  19. I do enjoy seeing them on others, but, not my cup of tea. They are not forgiving on my dry lips!

  20. Suzanne

    I like Metallic lipsticks. It brightens up the face and look when done correctly. Milani has some nice metallics, chanel and kat von D.

  21. Jan

    I’m OK with metallic lipsticks if they don’t sting. Many lipsticks (metallic or not) contain ingredients that not only dry but that sting. Those of us with particularly sensitive lips feel it more intensely and across a broader product range.

    I never have issues with lipstick seeping into lines on the lip – I actually think it adds character to the face. However, some people have an issue with it seeping off the lips and into lines on around the lips. Fortunately, I don’t have that issue, but I ten to think metallic lipsticks creep less off the lips – usually because they are a drier or firmer formulation.