Monday, April 18th, 2011

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: METAL PACKAGING!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about beauty products packaged in metal.  Love it or hate it? Best examples of metal packaging done well?

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23 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Metal Packaging

  1. Heidi S.

    Most metal packages are pretty, but I have a terrible problem with them denting!

  2. Lara

    Clinque foundation powder has a metallic packaging. And I like it.

  3. Ana

    I love metal packaging, particularly when it is recycled / recyclable. It also tends to be very durable and attractive. My favourite company that uses recycled / recyclable metal packaging is 100 Percent Pure.

  4. Marian

    I love metal packaging. It’s durable and looks more luxurious than plastic. Besame has gorgeous retro metal packaging. I think I bought their products for the packaging alone!

  5. Helen

    I like Guerlain’s Strass lipstick’s metal cases. I think they’re both practical and attractive. Practical because of the way they’re shaped, they’re easy to grip, and don’t roll off surfaces. I like the silver-toned packaging and “cubist” look of them.

  6. Joey

    i really like the look of metal packaging but it does tend to be heavy and show finger prints, which drives me crazy. If it is refillable or something that I will keep for ever then it is totally worth it but for regular products that I go through quickly I don’t see the point.

  7. Dinitchka

    I tend to go with metal packaging for aesthetics.
    But I also prefer metal packaging when …
    #1 It is recyclable or refillable.
    #2 If not refillable, the company offers an incentive to recycle used packaging.

  8. Jilliterate

    I love metal packaging — it’s hefty and solid, and makes me feel like I actually paid for something. Quo’s Minerals Matter eyeshadows come in some of the nicest metal packaging I’ve ever seen. The eyeshadows themselves are crap, but the packaging is definitely the best of all the makeup in my collection.

  9. Lisa G

    Not a fan of metal packaging. I have some sort of freakish aversion to it. I could not stand the metal lipstick tubes from Clinique so I “depotted” all of my lipsticks and put them into a palette (plastic of course). I also don’t like that they are heavier and toting them around is a pain. On a positive note, the metal packaging is probably sturdier. Wish I liked it better.

  10. Jules

    Not a fan of metal packaging that I have used – My Benefit Posietint looks battered and a bit sad.

  11. Celine

    LOVE metal packaging. has a luxury factor and feels so much more indulgent. my favourite examples would be the guerlain meteorites in the new packaging. and the rouge coco lipsticks by chanel. gorgeous.

  12. dee

    Seems like metal would be difficult to travel with if you fly a lot.

  13. Not a fan. I keep my makeup in the bathroom (bad me, but I have no choice) and bathroom means moisture in the air means rust on metal.

  14. Melissa

    I personally love metal packaging, specifically in lipsticks. I blame Rouge Coco! Plastic just feels too cheap to me, though plastic compacts or eyeshadows don’t really bother me. It does, however, have downsides. FINGERPRINTS. I’m looking at you, Rouge G…

  15. I love the look of metal packaging! Guerlain and Clinique are both great examples of beautiful packaging. Something about metal makes it seem more luxe.

  16. Liz

    I love metal palettes. My faves are the Stila eyeshadow compacts. The Quo minerals matter e/s come in a great, slim metal compact as well. Durability and portability with the sleek look of metal, I love it!

  17. laura

    lip chap is the worst thing to be in metal tin! i always struggle to open it!

  18. Dominique

    I agree I don’t like metal tins. I have a VS lip balm that can’t even be opened by my husband because I dropped it & It dented a bit on the side. My Cargo blush lid seems to always come off & my blush has some nasty little dents in it.

  19. Ana G.

    Even though I like metal packaging, it usually tends to me less practical. Also, because it shows fingerprints a lot, looks always dirty to me. However, if its’ refillable, I might go for it…for environmental issues!

  20. Ali

    you know what ? now that i come to think of it, ive had this cargo bronzer for years now and it have never falled apart ( in the tin ) or packaging wise. i think compared to all of the lines i own makeup from cargo is definitely the best – you really get to use the product to the end, instead of it just falling apsrt when you are getting close to the end and throwing it away.

  21. Julia Minamata

    My Korres lipsticks are in metal tubes, but it wasn’t something I’ve really given much thought. I can’t think of any other products I have that are in metal!

    I’m not big on metal packaging if it makes the product way more expensive than it would otherwise be. My Tarte treasure chest is huge and made of cardboard, can’t imagine how much it would cost if it was made of metal or wood, like an actual chest!

    Like others have said, if it’s gorgeous and/or recyclable, major bonus!

  22. Metal, I <3s it 😀 Especially Burberry's packaging. Magnets! Plaid, metal magnety goodness

  23. malia

    I dont have a lot of metal packages, but the ones I do, I like them because they are palettes and remind me of art paints. plus when I travel they dont break the content. I havent had any dents or fingerprints, but the ones I have are uncoloured or white.