Monday, July 5th, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: MATTE NAIL POLISH!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about matte nail polish and all that those entail.

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35 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Matte Nail Polish

  1. Julia

    I love how it looks, but hate how hard it is to apply some formulas.

  2. Haley

    I mentioned this before, but mattes gross me out! I always think of chalkboards when I see them, then think of nails scratching a chalk board. Yuck! So icky to me.. I’m sticking with my glossy nail polishes!

    • Jazz

      I hate mattes! Especially bright mattes , they look like I was playing in highlighter. I could actually take a highlighter and do the same thing for a lot cheaper. I just think that nails look better shiny

  3. Haley

    Love the colours of them, but usually they are a pain to apply, and i always seem to find that they chip alot easier than other nailpolishes, but that might just be me lol.

  4. Labelle

    I like the sparkly ones like ORLY Iron Butterfly and OPI Suedes. Solid colors kind of gross me out. I ordered OPI’s Russian Navy in a matte finish on accident one time & it is hideous.

    • princess lolli

      Same. The mattes with shimmer (I love Zoya’s and OPI Suedes) have enough going on in them to sort of hide application flaws, so not only are they pretty they’re also more forgiving. Regular mattes are so difficult to apply smoothly that the ones without shimmer look like a disaster on me.

  5. Violet

    I feel like the odd one out, but I just really don’t like matte nail polish at all. It just seems completely wrong!

    • Maja

      Same with me. It looks weird somehow…

      • Evelyn

        me, too. When I see matte polish I want to throw on a shiny topcoat because I just feel nails should be shiny & glossy – oh and sometimes sparkly too!

  6. love how it looks
    love how fast it dries
    hate that it chips so easily
    hate how fast it dries :)

  7. starr

    I only wear matte nail polish because it looks the prettiest to me. it is just beautiful in its simplicity….. i want to say it looks more natural but then again i will never have blue nails naturally (well maybe when i die :)] thats why i like mac’s creams. its probably also because ive never been a glittery girl 😛

  8. Margot

    The only thing I like to do that is “matte-ish” is wear a golden polish (OPI bling something, don’t remember the name) and put essie’s matte about you on top, super result. Otherwise, not a big fan of matte.

  9. The Beauty Queen from Mars

    I really love a matte top coat, especially over a polish which has sume glitter in it – it makes the glitter real subtle while still visible. And I also like that this kind of top coat really changes the overall appearence of your polish – it’s like buy one, get one free^^ I think doing a French manicure with a matte top coat looks really sophisticated.

  10. Generally, I much prefer something pretty and shiny (what girl doesn’t), but I love the matte look when I initially put on the topcoat (like Essie’s Matte About You). That being said, after a couple of hours, it starts to look icky and then it chips like it aint no thing.
    I sometimes use the matte topcoat after a manicure that I know I’ll take off in the next 48 hours or so just to change it up.

  11. Madison

    i hate them!

  12. Jaclyn

    Love the look of mattes but they chip far too easily.
    Hard to correct any mistakes because they dry so quickly.

    Favourite matte: OPI La Paz-itively Hot (it is a wicked bright hot pink/fuschia-ish)

    Swatch link from Scrangie’s blog ( Best place for nail polish swatches!

  13. Gabriella

    I love the look of matte polish, and have been craving it a long time before there wwere any. I hate that it chips instantly, and that the effect fades so quickly. The reason I love the look is ’cause I lovelovelove strong colored polishes but at the same time I think it’s too much. Putting on a mattefying top coat reduces the brightness of it but still remains strongly colored.

  14. cloudburst

    I don’t mind how they look, but I hate how they feel on my nails! Plus I find them hard to apply evenly and they chip easily.

  15. Amber

    I don’t like em. I can see why others do and it’s trendy but I love the look of shiny polish

  16. Mindy

    I hate how they don’t stay matte and they peel off sooooo fast :(

  17. Meredith

    I absolutely hate it. Looks like a manicure gone bad.

  18. Carolanne

    no go for me! I HEART SHINY THINGS! lol =]

  19. Janet

    I love how it looks and how it always dries fast, especially between coats. I hate how it chips so quickly – I’ll only get a few days, max, before having to touch up. I also don’t like how some formulas apply kinda streaky.

  20. Alma

    I always thought I would love matte nails, but once I tried it I realized I definitely prefer glossy.
    Other than that, it chips ridiculously fast.

  21. Natalie

    Love – the look, it’s like frosted glass!

    Hate – the formulas dry quickly making it tricky to apply evenly, you can’t wear a topcoat and mattes tend to chip a lot quicker than other finishes.

  22. condesa

    No, I do not like matte polishes.. I love creams most of all, and my nails must be glossy if painted!

  23. monika-luiza

    hate it! because it’s impossible to apply streak-free!

  24. Thrizyl

    Love how it applies, so pigmented in one swipe but I just hate the look of it.

    I love gloss on my nails so mattes never work for me.

  25. candoo

    never jumped on the matte bandwagon. I like the traditional shiny finish to my nail polish. I feel the color pops more with a shiny topcoat.

  26. Sonja

    Matte polishes definitely aren’t a go-to favorite of mine, but I think shimmery mattes are perfect for a night out. They look kind of glam for grown-ups to me. And after I’ve tucked everything into Spanx so I can squeeze into a dress, put up my hair, decided what earrings to wear, and smeared on the eyeliner, I don’t have any more time to wait for my polish to dry. So I love that mattes dry in an instant, and are hassle free (if you can find a good formula). SpaRitual’s are the best, and Zoya has a few good ones too – Verushka and Savita.

  27. Karen

    Matte is kind of a love or hate for most people, as you can see by the comments. I personally really like them. They’re a lot more individualistic than shiny nails, all nails are shiny with nail polish EXCEPT matte ones (obviously) and I really like that.

    So far I’ve only used matte top coat, by Essie, but I really like it. It gives a new dimension to old nail polishes, and while some people don’t like how flat matte nail polishes are it just depends on the brand. Some matte nail polishes are more satiny rather than flat.

    They don’t last as long, which is annoying, but that’s how they were meant to be, for some brands. It does dry faster though!

  28. Lori

    I will only wear matte nail polish – simply because I love how it looks! My friend recently gave me this cool purple nail polish to try out….but it’s a shiny finish so I just can’t bring myself to put it on! Shiny nails seem so dated to me now…like back in the 90s when I first started wearing nail polish. Matte all the way!