Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… MATTE EYESHADOWS!

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42 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Matte Eyeshadows

  1. Kalie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE matte eyeshadows, my absolute favourite! They don’t accentuate any fine lines and are super classy and chic.

  2. AT

    i like matte eyeshadows for neutral and nude eye looks, especially if the texture is buttery smooth. I like the MAC Veluxe shadows and Nyx matte shadows the best.

  3. Sana

    Love the fact that they look really chic…

    Hate the fact that its so easy to make a muddy mess of them!

    (Or maybe thats just me :P)

  4. coco72

    I LOVE them!!!
    My favourites Carbon, Signed Sealed, Yogurt, Bottle Green (PRO), Shadowy Lady, Poison Pen, Newly Minted, Soft Flower (EL from Ungaro Collection, Graphology, Indian Ink, Plumage

    But Fig.1 is awful to smudge, I hate it!

  5. Sadee

    I love mattes. They’re my favorite finish. They’re not ‘in your face’ but still give a really refined look/

  6. I don’t like the fact that I can’t get a huge amount of color from them. or maybe i just got a bad eyeshadow.

    • Kitson

      Its also difficult for me to get a strong color off of matte eyeshadows, I usally need to really cake it on. But, I still love the outcome of mattes.

  7. hi

    Mattes are just fine; I don’t hate them, but I’m not smitten with them. Shimmery shadows look better on me while mattes make me look old (not a sexy way; more like a Grandma-ish way.) I find shimmers and frosts tend to have a better payoff, too.

  8. Natalie

    Matte finish or matte formula? I like Mattes, but not MAC Matte. I love matte2 (can’t believe it is being discontinued!) and MUFE mattes!

    • iliana

      They’re discontinuing Matte2?
      That’s sad! I was just getting into the matte2 colors!

      • Lindsey

        they have only discontinued a few matte2 eyeshadow, my MA said that thye were keeping the matte2 eyeshadows

  9. Tina

    i loveee mattes for a more neutral/natural eye look :)

  10. NIcole

    love them!!! at times I get sick of the shimmery ones and it’s a nice change

  11. I love matte eyeshadows, especially in darker colours. I find dark, shimmery colour is just too much. I also find that layering/blending colours looks better when you’re using different types instead of all shimmer or glitter. I dunno, I just really love them, lol!

  12. Helena

    It’s much easier to add sparkle to a matte than it is to take it away from a shimmer. :)
    What I dislike about mattes is that they look boring in the pot, so you tend to underestimate them.

  13. nicole

    i like matte shadows since they don’t leave silly glitter fallout everywhere but i hate that they can be boring and leave it looking muddy when blended

  14. mlou

    I’ve liked some matte shadows for some time, but I really love the matte2’s that MAC has. Just disappointed that so few shades are left now. They’ve had some incredible shades go bye-bye. I initially thought they might switch the original matte shades over to the creamy, blendable formula of matte2. Looks like no for now.

  15. Kitson

    I LOVE matte eyeshadows! That is most of my eyeshadow collection. Pen n Pink from MAC and latte from Lancome are my absolute faves! I love mattes because of the classic look they can create. And sometimes shimmery shadows can endup looking tacky and too flashy.

  16. Sass

    Love matte eyeshadows over any other type. If it’s a chalky matte then I hate it witth a passion. But, I like my finishes flat. I don’t really like shimmer or creamy types of looks…sometimes.

  17. binnie

    i love urban decays matte e/s! i have illege(smoky rose colour) i use this all over my lid to make my eyes look biggar!, :) also have the following: Narcotic(bright turquoise),Chronic(bright light green),Perversion(jet black)- gr8t for smokey look and Revolver( stone gray) another gr8t colour for smokey look and they are availavle all year round which i like unlike MAC ! xx

  18. aradhana

    i love matte shadows. they look very refined, and are my faves for the crease or everyday looks…
    i wish there were more mac matte2 shades….i think that was a strange release, because although the finish was excellent, the shades were slightly bizarre to me…i have a few, all of which i like very much but somehow i think they need more variety in there….

  19. Erin H.

    i love matte shadows. but my only problem is. I can’t find them!! :)

  20. Rosie

    I like mattes for really bold looks. I’m getting into MUFE and just ordered two Illamasqua eye shadows and they have a lot of bright, fun mattes.

  21. Meagan

    I love matte eye shadows only because I’m tired of everything being shimmery! It just feels weird to go to school and work in crazy shimmery makeup. I feel that mattes are just so much more sophisticated (if you do it right).

  22. Kerri

    Mattes are great when they are good quality and applied right, they can look bold, sexy and they really make a statement. If they are chalky they can look very Grandma-ish and muddy! I love a shimmery lid and a matte crease and highlight…..everything is good in moderation!

  23. Sexy Sadie

    I adore matte eye shadows, that is my favorite finish.

  24. Love! They’re generally more pigmented than shimmers and when they’re finely milled they’re sooo soft. J’adore. They’re also more natural than shimmers.

  25. Christy

    Depends on the look and who they’re made by. I tend to prefer shimmers and frosts though. They also tend to look chalky.

  26. Matte e/s are absolute love! Even Matte2 e/s are amazing! I love using Matte e/s on my outer V to give my eyes more depth and to deepen the colors.

  27. I just got some matte gray es by Illamasqua. I love them a lot, silky and pigmented!

  28. Janelle

    Theyre great when the quality is good and you’re skilled at applying them. But otherwise theyre a hot mess!

  29. Kimberly

    I only like high quality ones…cheap ones break up and smear and smudge.

    I often mix matte and satin or shiny

  30. Liana

    LLLOve MAttes! especially Mac COQUETTE for a smokey grey eye. Too bad matte 2 are so limited.

  31. Kiran

    I Love Mattes for bold Colors, I wish Mac would do more Matte in funky colors, as opposed to frost which I prefer only for golds/silver looks!

    for ex…favorite – electric eel

  32. baybee415

    i like them because they are soft and easy to blend and so natural

  33. muffingrl

    im a total shimmer girl, but i do like to mix and match textures when it comes to eye shadow. my favorite combos consist of a light shimmery shadow on the lid, and a darker matte shadow in my crease. its so eye-brightening and pretty! i almost never use mattes by themselves unless im going for an all-matte face, which is quite boring sounding, to be honest.

  34. I guess I’m indifferent about them. They’re ok, but not my favorite. I feel they don’t accentuate my eyes as much as pearl or shimmer eyeshadows do, but I buy them anyway if I love the color. They tend to be chalky, harder to blend, and make my skin look older. On the plus side they are great with neutrals for a very natural look.

  35. Michelle

    I love them — I think they are easy to blend. If I do a matte eye, then I do a shimmery lip. I love the look of a matte eye with a strong winged liner — it look so sophisticated and classic.

  36. Carmen

    I don’t hate matte shadows, but I prefer shadows with some shimmer – they are just easier to apply and blend. I do have some mattes which I use for under eye lining and occasionally in the crease, but overall they are not my faves. I do have a few, though: shadowy lady, plumage, carbon, sketch, graphology and some other lines.

  37. Bleh, matte shadows are boring. I don’t use all glitter or anything, but I like a good satin or subtle shimmer e/s.

  38. Susie

    Matte shadows give me the depth I want in the eye area.

  39. sugarcrumb

    I often associate matte colours with less payoff and i don’t like the matte shades from MAC (actually, apart from Veluxe Pearls and Starflash finishes, the other finishes from MAC are more troublesome to work with). MUFE mattes are a different story altogether: No 92 (matte deep purple) and No 159 (matte cobalt blue) are freaking fantastic! I feel so silly for holding out for so long – could have skipped a few MAC eyeshadows searching for those gorgeous colours instead!