Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… MATTE EYESHADOWS!

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24 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Matte Eyeshadows

  1. Anitacska

    I prefer shimmery e/s. :)

  2. Eva

    If you want to add some depth, you *have* to use matte eyeshadows.
    A good quality matte eyeshadow isn

  3. Fie

    I hate that it flakes off when you try to pack the colour on. But I love the depth of the colours. The only matte colour I use is MAC Carbon e/s, so I’m not sure whether all mattes do the same thing.

  4. I love them, I wish there were more.. I wish MAC would add more Mattte 2 shadows in their looks.
    I wish other companies would be able to make the same quality matte shadows like MAC has.
    I wish MAC would add some glitter to Matte2 , and then we could call it, Veluxe2 or Velvet2
    I like the way you can build a color and make it more intense.

  5. hippo

    I do like both, I prefer matts for polished look but I do find if I use only one colour and need to do it quick – I do use shimmery colours. I love matte2 Mac too!

  6. Nicole

    I just own Carbon and Showstopper, but I will stock up in the future, because I think matte or satin colors will create a better business look.

    I like my Showstopper for the outer V with shimmery browns and beiges.

  7. Catherine

    I usually use matte shadows for the crease but i prefer shimmery e/s on the lid.

  8. kat

    I definately prefer shimmery ones. I find that the matte ones look too thick on so I only like them in neutral earthy tones and layered with shimmery ones :)

  9. DaniMae

    I love matte shadows!

    They are great for more sophisticated looks, adding depth to the crease, using on the lower lash line.

  10. Macaddict

    Love matte shadows (and every finish but not lustre). I use them equally. Love also matte lipsticks, matte foundation. I find they cover better, are more pigmented, and look sophisticated.

  11. Milan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I think they work great for a clean polished look and of course in the crease for depth and contouring when you’re wearing shimmery shades. I tend to prefer matte shadows because usually you get great, vibrant, TRUE color.

  12. Liz

    I just discovered matte eyeshadows, and I LOVE them. I don’t have any in MAC, but I just bought the Coastal Scents 88 palette in mattes. I have read that matte shadows are good for older women since shimmery ones accentuate lines and older skin more. I think these matte shadows look great on me. I plan to buy some mattes in MAC (maybe I’ll get some for Christmas!).

  13. viv

    I think Matte shadows are better than Lustre ones. One MAC Matte e/s that i really really like is Espresso. Very smooth, and very pigmented. Chrome Yellow is another one!

    Matte eyeshadows are great for simple 5 min looks when we’re in a hurry, because a soft wash of a matte e/s makes a look natural and smooth.

  14. kayla

    i almost always use a matte shadow in addition to a shimmer because too much shimmer and my whole face tends to look kinda greasy by the end of the day. matte’s balance it out.

  15. Sandy

    I love matte2 e/s! I used to own only VP’s and frosts but ever since MAC released their matte2’s i’ve been hooked. My favorite matte2 is Graphology

  16. I’ve only been just getting into matte shadows. I always prefered shimmery stuff, but matte is good too. And, the cool thing about matte is you can make it shimmery if you want pretty easily, but you can’t un-shimmer already shimmery shadow.


  17. Erin/slipnslide

    Tete-a-tint is one of my favorite mattes.

  18. Briana

    Great for natural looks. 😀
    I love to be shimmery though so I don’t use them much!

  19. kat

    i’m absolutely in love with matte shadows. i think they bring more sophistication/classiness to a look. also, shimmer/glitter adds years to your face bc it highlightss your crowsfeet (if you have any) or other eye area flaws.

  20. Theresa

    I personally find that matte eyeshadows are just nice to look at. period.

    Application wise, it does nothing for me. The whole effect is ‘flat’ as in the colours does not bring out my eyes as compared to the frosty or veluxe pearl (my fave!) finishes.

  21. Heather

    Truthfully I prefer metallic or satin finishes. But maybe that’s because i don’t own any MAC matte eyeshadows. I only have the coastal scents pallette and their matte shades seem chalky and do not have good pigmentation. I have to really pile the shadow on in order to get decent color payoff, and they apply all dusty and powdery, not smooth. I think i will invest in some quality matte eyeshadows before writing them off completely