Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… LIQUID HIGHLIGHTERS!

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16 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Liquid Highlighters

  1. hi

    They make me all glowy and stuff! LOL. (Benefit’s Moon Beam and High Beam rock) Unfortunately, you can’t put more liquid over a dried layer because then it will get pasty/sticky/nasty!

  2. Evelyne Vicca

    Right now i’m loving them! I use it as a base for my blush to make it last longer and to give it a nice dewy look, perfect for summer!

  3. Janice

    I love mixing them in with foundation or tinted moisturizer for a glowy face :) But i’m really into powders like mineralized skinfinishes right now

  4. Nic15

    Not a fan! Unless you are going bare skin, then that is really the only time you can use a liquid highlighter successfully. If you put on over foundation &/or any powder then it just doesn’t work. It makes your makeup a nasty mess. If you put it on underneath it all then really what’s the point?!? Would be better just to use a powder highlighter on top of your makeup.

    • I agree, I much prefer powder highlighters. They are easier to blend for me and you don’t have to worry about them drying before you’re able to blend. I have a sample of the Stila shimmer something..I don’t use it much.

  5. I like to use them under powder instead of foundation in the summer. I use Avon’s shimmer swirls mixed with liquid illuminator (I have several, Avon, No 7, Lustre Drops) and that works. But not over foundation or powder, I agree, shimmery powders/MSFs are far better for that.

  6. Meh, I’m not really a fan. I have to use concealer on my cheekbones becuz of some discolouration and all liquid highlighters do is smear it all away. And since I need powder to lock in my concealer (a must for me) I can’t use them overtop cuz they make a yucky, smeary looking pastey mess. Maybe if I had perfect skin!

  7. Andrea

    Not a fan!!! Find them too difficult to blend!

  8. sej

    I love em! I like mixing them with foundation for a nice glow, but also to use as a highlighter. I find they are easier to blend and can look more natural than some powder highlighters. I still like my MSFs but I am loving the new lustre drops!

  9. Christy

    Over a powder is a nightmare. I wear powder 85% of the time when I leave the house, so they’re not really worth it for me. I’ve tried it with foundation, but too much powder over top doesn’t allow for the highlighter to show through.

  10. Natalie

    I love High Beam! Tried MAC Lustre Drops and they didn’t show on me at all. I do also wear concealer on my cheeks, so I need to be extra careful placing more products on top, without shifting it. The way to work is you pat/press the liquid highlighter in with your finger, rather than rub or smear it and it wouldn’t remove your concealer.

  11. Saffron

    i’m kinda indifferent. i love highlighters, but i have so many in powder form already that i don’t care about getting a liquid one. powders are generally my choice: foundation, blush, eyeshadows. i don’t care about creamy or liquid textures. benefit moon beam has always been on my wish list, however, i never cared enough to actually buy it.

    atm i use my bobbi brown shimmerbrick and my terra del sol #7 on a daily basis.

  12. alicia

    I don’t wear face make up except for blush & highlighting powders, and still I dislike liquid highlighters. Most are too greasy, shiny. I get a more subtle, natural application with powders.

  13. I love them! I use them mixed with my foundation for an overall glowy look. I use Benefit high beam and I revently bought pink rebel lustre drops from Mac with is nice too. I also use them as a highlighter on top of cheekbones.

  14. happyhippo

    benefit hight beam – not loving it to be honest. just ok
    ga fluid sheers – lovely, but the pump is annoying as it pumps way too much product
    my favourite highligher is bobbi brown bronze shimmerbrick.

  15. Hannah

    I dont like how sometimes the liquid tends to look oily