Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… LIQUID EYESHADOW!

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25 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Liquid Eyeshadow

  1. HoneyBrown1976

    I’ve never used it. Is it messy or hard to apply?

  2. Ashley

    I’ve actually never used it before, so I’m looking forward to other peoples answers.

  3. Shealyn

    I love waterproof liquid eyeliner. It takes practice to apply it well but makes such a statement when you’re done. :)

    • Shealyn

      oops, i thought it said eyeliner, not eyeshadow! liquid eyeshadow is also difficult to master, and personally I’m not a fan. The kinds I’ve tried have dried and cracked on my eyelids.

  4. melanie

    Hate…only because I haven’t mastered it yet. I much prefer gel eyeliners.

  5. You know, out of my entire HUGE collection of makeup, I do not own one single liquid eyeshadow?! So I don’t really know how to answer…but there has to be some reason I don’t have any…probably wouldn’t be my fav. But who knows?

  6. Manda

    I find it depends on the brand… Victoria’s Secret has a nice liquid shadow but other liquid shadows dry hard and crack which depress me… it’s hard to find a good one

  7. Stephanie

    i’ll pass on them.

  8. the one i’ve tried was by wet n’ wild.. and it was soooooo incredibly hard to take off! maybe i just need to find a different brand.

  9. Brittany

    I love it for my top eyes, then i use pencil for my bottom, i love that it doesn’t smudge or wipe off, but sometimes if one piece comes off it will all come off ( like a strip) depending on the brand, it makes nice lines and effects if you know how to use it…. i love it !

  10. KaylaK

    I have tried Clinique’s thus far, and eventually I will try Urban Decay. Once you get the hang of applying it and blending it in right it will stick for a long time (and this is having oily lids!) and I never had issues removing it either. I like them, but I think I still prefer regular eyeshadow.

  11. Susie

    love them..great color payoff and long wearing…I prefer the chanel ones

  12. Brittany

    oops! read it wrong! thought it said eyeliner! lol i have used liquid eyeshadow and didn’t like it much but it was probably a cheap brand, so i never have used it! interested in seeing what it looks like though!!!

  13. BlueRoze2001

    I use one from The Body Shop and it works mess. And it doesn’t peel off. I have to say though, it does take practice to get it right. It’s great for a night out but to get a softer look, i use cream or e/s as a liner.

  14. shangrila

    i like them for layering colors. they are a pain in the butt to take off, though..

  15. Julia

    Never tried liquid eyeshadows, but I don’t like cream eyeshadows expect for an eyeshadow base, so I honestly have no drive to get one :/

  16. Tierra

    o i thought this said liquid eye LIN?ER lol um i prefer my shadows either presssedb or loose in pots i might try a liquid one if its a shade i lke though. and excuse my typung im holding my son in my right handwhile my laptop is on my left leg about to fall.

  17. Tierra

    o i thought this said liquid eye LIN?ER lol um i prefer my shadows either presssedb or loose in pots i might try a liquid one if its a shade i lke though. and excuse my typung im holding my son in my right handwhile my laptop is on my left leg about to fall.

  18. IZzySA

    I use the liquid – cream ES under the same tone of powder ES. I also use dark ones like the Stila smudge pots under darker shades on the outer edges.. makes the colors stronger and also gives a greater variety. Liquid eyeliner? HA! It took me forever to find a new one – NARS liquid eyeliner. It is fabulous and I am geting more comfortable again with liquid eyeliner vs. gels — the look is much stronger.

  19. katie

    i like the effect, but i really don’t like waiting for anything to dry. and powder’s easier to work with.

  20. Saira

    I’ve used liquid eyeshadow a couple of times – it can be a bit hit and miss, depending on the consistency of the product. Maybelline used to do a really good liquid eyeshadow (it was called ‘Cool Effects’). It wasn’t a really runny liquid – it was a thick-ish liquid that you squeezed out of a tube. I really liked the Maybelline one, as it was really easy to blend, had a good consistency, wasn’t runny and it looked smoothed and stayed in place all day. They’ve discontinued it now, though :o( I’ve used other liquid eyeshadows which have been easy enough to put on the lid but they’ve been a bit thin and so hard to blend easily without smearing and they’ve maybe creased a little over the course of a day.

  21. carriespooner

    I generally do not like liquid eyeshadow. Through the years of trying various ones, I’ve just found that they crease or are messy.

    Most of the liquids I’ve used in the plastic tubes have ‘separated’ and the watery liquid that comes out first is frustrating.

    I don’t know if Tarte Lock and Roll is considered ‘liquid’. It’s the closest thing to liquid I have. I do like it. It has a brush in the wand and I usually brush the color onto my finger and press on to my lid over primer. I can spread it with a brush or even with the warmth of my finger. I could never just brush it using the skinny brush aplicator. I find it’s a great product that lasts.

  22. Macaddict

    Never used a liquid e/s. Lately, I have played with mediums and tried different uses for them; such as using MAC fluidline (gel) as a e/s base (all over lid) on its own or mixed with other colors and it works great! I also use paint pots, paints, and pencil liners as an all over lid e/s. I like to mix pigments, fluidline, powder and cream shadows together. I would be willing to try a liquid e/s if MAC, UD, or NARS would sell them, just to see if I could have fun with it.

  23. Vincent Longo makes a really nice liquid eyeshadow. I got a few of them the other day for 75% off from Sephora.

  24. Elisabeth

    I actually bought liquid eye shadow by mistake and I would really appreciate some pointers in applying this.