Monday, October 26th, 2009

Rant & Rave

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40 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Lip Plumpers

  1. I think lip plumpers are “for kids”.

    If you want full lips – get injections.

    • Don’t think immediately about botched implants or trout-pouts.

      When done in MODERATION, injections,etc. work perfectly!

      So I’m ignoring your “yuck” reply. Go,use plumpers.

  2. Maria

    I only have one lip plumper. It’s a plushglass in Fulfilled from MAC and I hate it. This tingly feeling on my lips is so awkward and unpleasant. I wouldn’t buy one again.

  3. NaNa

    My lips are fine without lip plumpers so I’m kind of indifferent… but I have a couple of MAC Plushglasses in colors I like and whenever I apply them I *hate* having to sit through the initial stinging sensation. I can’t imagine having to reapply them over and over to keep your lips plump during a night out. o_o;

  4. amy

    I am pretty indifferent about them, as my lips are naturally full and I don’t really need it; however, I do like the tingly feeling it provides. I am one of those weird ones who does like the feeling.

  5. Jessica

    I generally HATE lip plumpers. I don’t know if I have overly sensitive lips or what but 99% of them burn an insane amount and some even make my lips break out in bumps! the only kind I like are Fusion and BareEscentuals. Toofaced is like rubbing mace on my lips and Victoria’s Secret is the absolute worst – made it look like I had a herpes outbreak or something. eww. I’m afraid to try many others these days. And to be honest, the effect isn’t really worth the pain. Fusion and BareEscentuals don’t do much plumping but they make my lips feel nice and hydrated though, so I love them when my lips are especially dry. Otherwise, I pass on lip plumpers as much as possible.

  6. Andrea

    I have not met a lip plumper I like! I really hate the tingly feeling most of them I’ve tried have.

  7. I hate them, because none of them work and sometimes the “tingly” feeling is more along the lines of burning.

  8. rowan

    i love too faced lip injection. it makes my lips burn and go rosey and plump and glossy, it’s so good. the burning stops after 5 minutes. it actually looks like you’ve had your lips done. i start to get addicted after a while of using it (probably because of the chili extract) so i try not to use it too much because it’s expensive…lol

  9. Sarah M

    I generally hate lip plumpers because of the way they feel… painful! :-( I do however love MAC Plushglass (for various reasons) although, for me personally, it does not have as much of a plumping effect as it is said to have.

  10. Rowan

    I already have pretty naturally plump lips and I really don’t mind the tingle, but I absolutely DESPISE lip plumpers. The reason they make your lips plump is that they severely irritate your lips and they become swollen. It’s like purposefully hurting your body I think they are a total waste of money

  11. I tried a lipfusion lip plumper that i got at tjmaxx for a few dollars and it was disgusting. It wasn’t painful, but it made my lips feel like they were retaining water. sort of uncomfortably plump. Also, once I read the ingredients list and realized it has “marine collagen” (aka fish goo) in it I was not a fan. I can’t believe this is one of the most expensive lip plumpers on the market!

  12. J

    I dont really need one tbh, but in my experience they either sting like hell or dont work at all. =/

  13. mkdallas

    Lip Venom is too harsh for me; makes my lips REALLY red and not in a good way, lol, although it certainly does plump them. Surprisingly, the best lip plumper I’ve found is “Sexy Motherpucker” by Soap and Glory, available at Target in a 3-pak for about $27. All three shades are really sheer and work well over any color lipstick. There is a shade that appears brown in the tube that is actually super-lightly tinted nude, so don’t be dissuaded by its appearance. These definitely make your lips tingle, but in a pleasant way. They have great staying power and I got so hooked on them (the way it felt) that I was actually wearing them to bed, lol. Good stuff!

    • Ashley

      The Soap and Glory ones don’t work for me. I have one of them, and all it does is give my lips a pins and needles burning sensation that doesn’t hurt but just feels really awkward, and smells like artificial chocolate. It does that for about 30 minutes too, but the look of the gloss itself is nice. Would never rebuy though.

  14. Meredith

    I hate them. First of all, they sting like hell and they really don’t make any real difference in the size of your lips! You should save your money, and just rub some hot peppers on your pout! Same results.

  15. Torie

    My first one was from UD-ouch! I don’t mind the ones from BE and I really loved them after my lips were sunburned bc it had a cooling affect. I had a drugstore one but I can’t remember the name of it-that’s how much I like that one I guess. I actually can’t tell they make any plumping difference anyway. I actually try to make sure that any l/g or l/s has no plumping ingredients now. They just aren’t worth it.

  16. Kristina

    I hate them very much. Whether I “need” plumping is arguable but I like natural looking lips (meaning lines and all). I hate the look of collagen too, imho women look absolutely weird with any sort of plumping. I think 99% of the time we are born with lips that complement our face structure and playing around with this one feature never works, temporary or otherwise.

  17. I don’t mind them. I wouldn’t run out and buy one for the plumping action, but if it’s a color I like I might get it.

  18. Lorna

    i have never found one that works. while it makes my lips red they certainly are not fuller.

  19. Ruth

    The only time I would buy a lip plumper is because I like the color of the gloss !

  20. Crysti

    I’ve only tried I think one of them, it didn’t do much for me. I am thin lipped and hoped for miracles… maybe I need to try a harsher one for results. I hate not having luscious lippies! :)

  21. natalie

    I used it for a week, until my mom mentioned my lips look swollen (I do have full lips lol). I haven’t used it since! BTW Christine, I couldn’t find any info on your email address.. Would it possible for you to review Shu Uemura holiday collection? Tsumori Chisato ones. Pretty please? :)

  22. wha? really?! i’m surprised at the response to this one so far. i love em! actually i make my own – i’ve never found anything else to be strong enough. i don’t have thin lips really, i just like the way it looks and feels; i have always suffered from very dry, chapped lips and the ONLY thing that’s ever helped (and believe me, i’ve tried it all!) is the lip plumper i use :)

    which, btw, is really simple: carmex, lots of cinnamon oil and a hefty bit o’ cayenne pepper. gives me super-soft “just after sex” lips! haha!

    • frini

      Sounds a nice and tasty recipe.I’ll give it a try.How many drops of cinnamon oil do you put in what consistency?If I change the cayenne pepper with dryed ginger powder will it work?Thank you!

      • I think that ginger (or even clove) would probably work just as well – Ginger is on my list of ingredients to try the next time I make some but I havent tried it yet (if you do, let me know if you like it!) Re: the oil I use, I take a good 15-20 drops of oil per container of Carmex (I use the pots). For me, the simplest way to make it is to just test it while Im working (I often make two batches; one thats really strong and one thats not as strong).

        Everyone has their own preference to strength and some people have bad reactions to products like this, so I think its good to test while youre working. Personally, I like the feeling of tingle, then burn, then completely numb lips! LOL!

        You could also try other bases, the reason I landed on Carmex is because it is very heavy and waxy (the oil you use will soften any product quite a bit). Carmex can take the oil without turning too liquidy. So if you want to end up with a thicker product (less of a lipgloss) pick a base that you normally might not use – Something heavy and waxy.

        Good luck! Hope you have fun! :)

  23. i’ve tried one by sally hansen b4, it didn’t do anything for my lips.also, my lips are pretty pouty so I don’t really fancy using lip plumpers :(

  24. i have full lips but i don’t need. but if i feel like sporting a JOLIE (Helluva big puckers), i use duwop lip venom. the classic one.

  25. Yvonne

    Alot of times I hear people hate on lip plumpers. They say that they never work, or that they sting. But I think lip plumpers do work for some people.
    I’m lucky enough (or unlucky enough to have to use lip plumpers in the first place, depending on how you look at it) to be one of those people who seem to respond well to lip plumpers. Most of them that I’ve tried seem to visibly plump up my lips. They don’t go to Angelina or Scarlett Johansen size of course, but its noticable enough that I am satisfied.

    And call me crazy, but I like the stinging/burning sensation that they deliever. I wouldn’t even call it burning…because most of the time they don’t actually hurt. Tingle is maybe the better word. But my skin/lips aren’t very sensitive, so I can see how lip plumpers might irritate those who have sensitve skin/lips.

    I don’t know of any lip plumpers out there besides maybe the ones from the Fusion brand that actually work in the long term, but I am going to try the $18 dual ended wand from the Fusion brand soon. On one end it has the regular lip plumper and on the other end it has the XL one…and that one is supposed to be used at night I think.
    Anybody who wants a serious change in their lips should get injections. But for a more natural look (and probably alot safer too), lip plumpers are good solutions for people who can tolerate them.

  26. M

    I don’t really see results when I use lip plumpers :(
    i’ve tried the lip fusion and the duwop venoms, aaside from the tingling feeling, nothing else came from it.

  27. KrisBliss

    I love Lip Venom!! It plumps just a little and I love the tingly sensation and the cinnamon flavor. I have a few Plushglasses and they are eh. They don’t do anything but give color and a minty sensation. LPs are not for everyone, but I am a fan.

  28. frini

    I have already fool lips so i dont give them such attention. However the TF lip injection doesn’t bother me so much and gives a little something to my lips and look huge.I don’t wear them often of course because of BF…:) I think he will sting his lips…

  29. Aubree

    My lips are naturally pretty full. The idea behind lip plumpers and how they literally agitate your lips into looking fuller is terribly disgusting. Even if i had thin lips, I would never. That is a little too extreme, imho.

  30. Rebecca

    I like them. I dont notice a difference in my lips, but I kind-of like the stinging. But I (wasnt thinking) swatched one on my hand once…. I wouldnt recommend it! I had a swollen and sore pink streak across the back of my hand. Haha.

  31. Nicci

    I tested out some at Sephora but wasnt too crazy about them. I wasnt crazy about the tingly feeling didnt notice much of difference…pass, for me.

  32. I bought a lip plumper by accident and let me say it was the biggest mistake I made. I actually get fever blisters from time to time and all the lip plumper did was make me think I was about to get one. I only picked up because I liked the nude color. Now anytime I see something with lip plumper in it I run, plus lips are already kind of big so I see no reason for a plumper.

  33. Ashley

    I’ve only tried one, and I didn’t really notice any plumping – if there was some, it’s so minute that it’s not really even visible. Plus, the product makes my lips feel really weird. I don’t even know how to describe the feeling.. It doesn’t hurt, it’s almost like a pins and needles feeling while also burning a bit, lasts about 20-30 minutes (is that normal?) and isn’t as present when I’m talking/moving my lips/pressing my lips together. Actually, pressing them together kind of makes the feeling start up again haha.

    My upper lip is thinner than my lower lip, and my lower lip also extends out more than my upper lip does. My mouth happens to also be on the small size, so I like the notion of plumper lips. If I can find one that actually provides me with results and doesn’t give me that weird sensation for half an hour, then I’d totally use one on a regular basis.