Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… LIP PLUMPERS!

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47 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Lip Plumpers

  1. Kirsten

    The fact that most of them dont do a THING…lol and the tingly feeling. Regular lip gloss is better :)

  2. Tracy

    I think they feel like they are doing more than they actually are. Your lips tingle but I have yet to see any real difference when looking in the mirror.

  3. jess

    I like when they tingle but not when they sting. I like the glossinees but hate the superthick sticky feeling. I feel like its an optical illusion–my lips look slightly bigger but not really. It could be the self fulfilling prophecy though. I like Bare Escentuals lip plumpers and hate most of the rest of them due to weird smells, stickiness or burning.

  4. vikitty

    Love: DuWop Lip Venom, TheBalm Plump Your Puckers
    Hate: LipFusion, Too Faced Lip Injection

  5. Dana

    My upper lip is thinner than my bottom lip and wearing a plumper only seems to accentuate this, not remedy it. :/

    I do like LipFusion XL and DuWop Prime Venom though, I’d kind of like to try Smashbox O-Plump.

  6. Emilie

    Sally Hanson lip inflation…really works,,
    only problem is it’s got ginger extract in it to make it work and it gives it a gross taste if you accidently lick it or w/e.

    only a minor detail…it gets my thumbs up(Y)

    I mostly wear Lancome Juicy tubes they aren’t inflation but they look like it && they taste yummy…

  7. Kayc

    I hate how you pay so much money for a lip plumer that promises to PLUMP your lips but in reality it does NOTHING. And a lot of plumpers I’ve tried were so sticky it’s just disgusting. DuWop Prime Venom is okay though..

  8. I LOVE MAC’s plushglass. I’ve tried every lip plumper and none of them work, but I love the tingly feeling of this one and it keeps my lips very soft. On top of that you can get it with B2Ms. I also like the numbing feeling of lipfusion(weird I know) but it’s too expensive to buy it just for that.

  9. carriespooner

    My first plumper was lip venom. That stuff.. just burned so bad.

    Someone sent me some Lipfusion and I actually do like it. I’d buy more but it’s sooo pricey and I don’t really need it.

    I”ll give these other ones a try just for fun.

  10. Nicole

    This is the biggest farce known to womankind. lol I’m glad I don’t need it because I don’t believe a product will make your lips fuller…you may get some stuff that can make ur lips appear large, but making then large…nah.

  11. i like them–when they work. sometimes (especially since i don’t exfoliate), i feel like they work on PART of my lips.. but not all! and that’s just WONKY :\ plus the sensations you get from them.. sometimes it’s tingly, sometimes it’s just downright painful (needle pricks?). it’s something i’ve definitely given up on.. tried it and BOO! would rather spend my money on prettier lg’s than poutier ones.

  12. CeeBee

    I haven’t tried very many but I do like Sally Hansen Lip Inflation – I got a cute little 12 x 1mL pack of all different colours a year or so back – there is a sparkly nude brown one that is just gorgeous!
    It definitely has a noticeable tingle but does not sting or hurt. It doesn’t make me look like I have Angelina Jolie’s pout but I can see a difference.

  13. BabyDollB

    I don’t really like the tingle of lip plumpers

  14. monica

    i was blessed with large/full lips, so i was never one to even consider a lip plumper.

    only one i’ve ever tried was MAC plushglass, and that wasn’t for the “plumping” thing…it’s just cause Wet, Wild, & Wonderful and Power Supply were gorgeous colors i just COULD NOT pass up =).

  15. err.. it burns like hell, and i dont see a difference, except my lips end up red as hell. i tried one by too faced :( it hurt like mofo lol

    • ali

      i totally agree! i really liked one shade by Too Faced a year or two ago, but it was so painful i immediately regretted it and havent touched a lip plumper since. Unless you count Clinique.. but their “plumpers” dont do much at all, theyre just really tacky and sticky.

    • BabyDollB

      Aw I think I had that one too- threw it out lol I only used it once, my lips didn’t go bright red tho :S Lol. It just makes my lips feel numb and it’s a really unpleasant experience ha ha The strange thing is, some people actually like the tingling..bizarre

  16. honeybrown1976

    Their existence! I hate that some ladies use them to “plump” their lips while I’m berated for having naturally full lips.

  17. zoila

    I like MAC’s Plushglass, but I don’t buy it for the the plumping, more for the pretty colors.

    • BabyDollB

      Yeah- Plushglass have the nicest colours ever! I should really invest in some more..
      I have noticed they make your lips look a little fuller- I always find it’s the lighter colours that do it for me..

      • Macaddict

        Yeah. I do have some Plushglass too but for the pretty colors. I expect them to do what regular lip glosses do. I HATE lip plumpers! I don’t really need the plumping but I was curious and tried some. They burn and don’t really make a difference anyways. They usually put cinnamon or some hot peppers – which irritate the tender skin of the lips – and the whole point is to make it plump through inflamation!
        I also have many Aveda lip glosses. They are the reg kind but, for whatever reason, I think that they put mint or some other plant-based ingredient that irritates because I swear, when I wear them it feels just like the plumper ones1 I might just throw them…

  18. aj

    for me, i already have pretty plump voluminous lips. but sometimes i would like to try a plumper. i find the consistency of most sticky and gooey , the look isnt excting or radical, and the stinging is uncomfortable and unpleasant. i hate plumpers!

  19. Claudia

    I like the tingly feeling. I have only used MAC Plushglass though. One time last Summer, I applied one right before getting into my very hot car, and maybe it was the sun shining directly on me, or the temperature of the car, or a combination of both, but it made my lips feel like they were burning! I had to wipe it off. I have worn it several times after that, and I have a lot of other colors, and never felt that feeling again.

    Anyway, in short, the tingly feeling is nice when it’s hurting your lips. =)

    • BabyDollB

      It’s okay for the first few seconds u have it on but then after that it’s really irritating and bizarre lol

  20. hi

    I don’t need a lip plumper first of all, and the only time I’ve tried any (two Sally Hansen plumpers – one a clear that tasted and smelled like cinnamon in a gold tube and it was clear, the other a pink plumping gloss in a clear tube that tasted and smelled of bubble gum – one of them is Lip Inflation, can’t remember which – brain fart! Lol!) i got a bad case of Fat Lip. I prefer glosses for their sting-free-ness and no risk of getting Fat Lip, but plumpers do seem to last longer on me than glosses.
    The whole point of most plumpers is to use a spicy extract like ginger or pepper to stimulate the blood flow in your lips, making them more rosy and thus, plumper because of the extra blood in the capillaries. They dry mine out because of this – I WISH that there was a plumper out there that ADDED water instead of drawing blood to the lips, which would make them *actually* bigger and healthier instead of the blood-draw method which gives you drier, redder lips with only the illusion of plumpness because of the shine.

  21. Alice

    I just can

  22. Madelin

    do the lipfusion lip plumpers really work?

    • BabyDollB

      I bought one and threw it out; it felt weird but it didn’t plump my lips either, or not that I could tell any way- it would have made a nice lipgloss had it not felt awful 😀 I think the whole ‘plumping’ thing is a trick of the mind lol Just pout instead, Angelina Jolie has full lips naturally and on every photo of her she is pouting so what’s the difference?!

  23. philippine

    Sally hensen lip infusion did nothing for me.

    But I love Freeze24/7’s lip plump.. It really enflates me lips.

  24. Allison

    i like the lip plumpers from victoria’s secret. they come in a dispenser where you turn a knob at the top to push the product into a brush. they work well!i also like the ones from bare essentials. but lip plumpers aren’t my favorite in general because of the stinging/tingling.

  25. Rio

    I always assumed they didn’t work, which seems to be the case from the other comments. I don’t need them anyway. I’d look like a fish if I tried plumping my lips. haha

  26. my first lip plumper was lip venom & it didnt really work…i also have lip injection & the key is to exfoliate ur lips before u use it…and lip injection works on me it swells up so much but it doesnt LAST very long..i have full lips but i want them BIGGER! haha im still on quest to find something with more lasting results..! or i wil resort to permanent lip enlargement! LOL

  27. I’m indifferent about them. I don’t love it, don’t hate it, don’t really need it, but have it. If that made sense. haha.

  28. victoria

    i don’t have thin lips, some make my lips plump but it looks weird like obvious botox treatment. i don’t like the feel and don’t like the taste but unfortunately i like some of them because of some of the shades.

  29. Ruth

    I’m blessed to have full lips to begin with but I still love my Lip Fusion color glosses !

  30. babycakeseses

    do nothing except make my lips RED~ and not in a good way~

  31. mahalia

    I have 2 mac plushglasses. I use oversexed over diva lipstick and I use ample pink over spirit. They make my mouth look really juicy. But I never really see a major difference my lips are a nice size with a perfect cupids bow.

  32. Alison

    i use mac plushglass and too faced lip injection, they both give me fuller lips but i can only wear the glosses in a dark colour because they make my already pigmented lips RED.

  33. They make my lips tingle…that’s about the only positive thing I find about it. I’ve actually been tampering with some stuff to see if I can come up with my own recipe for lip plumper or a nice ‘how-to’.

  34. Kat

    I have only ever tried one, Too Faced Lip Injection. It worked – I think – but it stung badly, and after about ten minutes I would have weird read splotches near my mouth, around my eye, temple… only ever in one side of my face. A bit itchy, especially around the lips. Another half hour and it was gone, but I never felt it was really worth the result, going through weird allergic (???) reactions.
    It might be normal and just show up on my very pale skin (nw15), or… whatever. Turned me off the concept, anyway.

  35. Hate the price. Just noticed Lip Fusion has a $50 plumper! Love that they are often shimmery, which makes lips look bigger. Who knows if the irritants do much more than make your lips tingle. Current fave is Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Brandi.

  36. i love the idea of lip plumpers but recently i wore the too faced one and my lip/lip area got super red and looked like i had herpes lol. sooo i dont like lip pumpers at all

  37. S.

    hahhahaha I have my dad to thank for my lips cause my mother, hers arent so full :)

  38. elle

    I have become obsessed in the past couple of days with finding a lip plumper that will actually make a difference. I’m trying to get hold of a couple of those lipfusion ones, a clear one and a pink one. I’ve just become so unhappy with how thin my top lip is, especially compared to my lower one. When I smile even a small smile my top lip just like disappears and I hate it.