Monday, April 12th, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: LIP LINER!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about lip liners and all that those entail.

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41 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Lip Liner

  1. I hate applying lipliner when I’ve taken the trouble to condition my lips. No matter how much i kiss off the chapstick on the back of my hand, the lipliner NEVER sticks! And my lips are dry/uneven enough that I NEED to exfoliate and condition before wearing bright colors that need lipliner. Other than that, I’m indifferent. mostly, i don’t bother with it. I just use a brush, and lipstick.

  2. dallasbrowneyes

    I like the extra definition that lip liners provide, plus coloring in the lips w/balm on top provides long-wearing lip color!

  3. Fancy

    Lip liner. .. hmmmmm. . . I have a Love hate relationship with them!!!! Now, I admit I don’t always wear them, but I do that when I am working for someone I always apply a lip liner. They make gloss and anything for the lips last longer. My favorite thing that they do is change a lipstick/gloss color. I have a few shades of gloss and lipstick that if I change the liner, the whole color changes.

    That is what I love. I hate that once I put on lip condititioner or lip treatment, the liner doesn’t show up as strong as it would if I didn’t put anything on my lips before. I also hate how they get on the brushes of my gloss. Overall though, I love them.

  4. Michelle

    I always use lipliner. One of my faves is Subculture by MAC. It is the perfect pinky-nude! When I don’t use it, my lipgloss tends to bleed outside of my lips (not a good look). I also love Stripdown and Whirl also!

  5. I think there should be a liner-law when wearing deep, opaque shades! I personally have dry skin and find liner a must for red lips (to beat the dreaded bleeding/feathering!)

    In the spring/summer, I’m less likely to wear liner, since I’m more into quick and easy, but I have been known to line my lips, blend, and them apply just a clear gloss over. Lasts longer than gloss alone, plus it gives definition without looking like…well, liner!

  6. Never really cared much about lipliners. I do have only one and it is a clear one from Urban Decay.

    • MAChostage

      …And that is an excellent liner for getting rid of that feathering problem! I find that it works really well.

  7. I usually skip lip liner. Up until now I haven’t found one that is soft enough that I don’t have to tug at my lips to get it on.

  8. Anna

    I never used to use lip liner (apart from when I was wearing red lipstick, which is rare) But then I discovered the Kevyn Aucoin Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in Medium and I find myself reaching for it every single morning. It’s the perfect colour to enhance the natural shape of my lips just a little bit, and it goes with virtually everything. Other lip pencils that claim to be ‘nude’ never worked for me.

  9. Sarah M

    I love lip liners! They stop lipstick or gloss from bleeding past the lip line and I love having different products/formulas to play with. If I want I can use a lip pencil in place of lipstick. My favourite brands for lip liner would have to be MAC, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura and Illamasqua.

  10. I have one mauve-y pink coloured one, which I love since it makes my bright pinks last just a little bit longer, and it brightens up sheerer lipsticks I put on top of it.

  11. liana

    For some reason lip liner makes my lips look smaller. So when i use bold lipsticks that need to stay in place, I outline my lips with a clear lip liner. Just the wax texture alone keeps the lipstick from running.

  12. sarah

    I’ve been having a recent obsession with lipliner actually!
    I just got the Bareminerals Mauve one and I LOVEEEE it!
    It makes my lips look absolutely amazing! It adds definition and shape to them. Lipliner is a tricky thing though; its a hit or miss. It can either finish off your whole look and come out awesome, or on some people it looks like theyre just tracing their lips. hahah!

  13. LNU

    I honestly only wear one if I am going somewhere special and want the color to last. I don’t have anything against them though!

  14. Trisha Mae!

    I tend to wear lipliners when I’m working with bolder lip colors such as vibrant or deeper reds/ pinks. I love how sharp the definition of my lips become with it! However w/ nudes & such, I tend to skip it.

    My favorite at the moment would be MAC’s Beet lipliner & Show Orchid lipstick.♥

  15. Amber

    Personally, I find that NYX and Jordana lipliners are particularly awesome.

  16. Linda

    I’m not a lipliner person, i find them really difficult to apply nicely so i don’t don’t bother as i don’t really see the benefit of them as I don’t have a problem with lipstick bleeding and even though I have a small top lip i find that the look of drawing in a new lipline to make lips look fuller always looks weird on everyone not only me, I can spot that trick a mile away and its one of my pet peeves and think people should just enbrace there smaller lips and it really looks nicer than fake drawn in ones. So over all i find lipliners pointless for me right now. Maybe when i get older and lines appear that make my lipstick bleed i’ll start to embrace lipliners but until then i’ll pass.

  17. Cathy

    I use a clear one that is similar to a lip balm so it moisturizes and defines without having to match to your lipstick!!

  18. Not a big fan of it. Maybe it’s because of my lack of ability to blend the lipstick with the liner but it’s a pain in the butt to have to do it so I’d stick to not doing it!

  19. marielouise

    I love lipliners because they define my lips, add colour and make my lipstick/gloss last longer :)

  20. Kathie

    I’m a MAC chestnut, vino and current type of girl. Thinking of stepping outside the box and purchasing Hodgepodge and cork.

  21. alice

    I’ve always loved colored lip liner, to give definition to drab glosses, or with lipsticks that do not match my strong lip line. I don’t really have a problem with bleeding lipsticks and glosses, but for those purposes, Chapstick or a clear liner works better. No matter how creamy the formula, many lip liners are very drying. My lips are sensitive. I like formulas that don’t disappear quickly, but I don’t like long-wearing, waterproof formulas. They don’t blend well. I also prefer a brush attached to the end of the brush, though if I love the pencil, it’s OK.

    I prefer Nars’ colors, but not the formula. I like El’s retractable pencils most, followed by Shiseido’s The Makeup lip liners. Unfortunately, I don’t like Shiseido’s new colors or formula. But I’m sure Shiseido will re-introduce “new” colors down the line.

  22. jillo

    The thought of finding a matching lipliner for ever lipstick I have is daunting. I just cant to do, I barley ever get a lip liner when I buy a lipstick and rarely use it

  23. ilmy

    i don’t know but i usually don’t wear lip liner!
    there is any suggestion? do i need one nude, red, and pink?
    any good product and brand?

    • Kathryn

      I would invest in a good nude (Smashbox has great ones)because you can use it under anything, even bright colours, and then if you like the effect try investing in some other colours :)

  24. Joanna

    I wear lip liner all the time (with lipglass).

    My only pet peeve is that it is hard to find a true purple lip liner.

    MAC’s Lush n Lilac was pretty good, but it’s discontinued. Covergirl’s Grape Soda is the right shade, but I think it’s discontinued too. Right now I’m using Lancome’s Lilac.

  25. nicci

    I never use it…don’t really see a need for it & I’m too lazy.

  26. Kathryn

    I don’t use lipliner every day, but it is fun to use them to change up lipsticks or glosses sometimes. The liner I use most often (about every third day) is the Smashbox line of nude lipliners in the colour fair. It matches my lips perfectly!

  27. Eileen

    I always wear lip liner but I’m careful to choose one that doesn’t stray too far from my natural rose lip color. (I hate a visible lip line!) A couple faves are Chanel Rose Tawney, Chanel Rose Honey, and Dior Caramel. For day wear I usually line and lightly fill in my lips; then add gloss or balm. When I do wear lipstick, I find the liner gives a fuller more defined look and it prevents the lipstick from bleeding.

  28. Quennie

    I don’t use lip liners a lot, but I definitely use them when I am wearing really bold lipsticks. One exception is Myth lipstick by Mac. I always use Naked lip liner with it.

  29. Pamela

    Always were lip liner, my fave has to be MAC Stone liner

  30. coco72

    I only use it with red lipsticks

  31. Katie

    I used to hate hate hate lip liner; never saw the point of it, thought I had a steady enough hand for strong lipsticks without it.

    Then Chanel’s Pretty Pink came into my life. A rep at Lord & Taylor made me try it, and I have never turned back!

    Now, even if I’m feeling super lazy, I’ll color in my lips with Pretty Pink (or MACs Redd) and swipe some lipgloss over it for a pop of color that stays all day!

  32. Ava Dahl

    *from the soapbox* Dear God, I wish I could issue a PSA to women everywhere to STOP wearing lipliner that’s 3 shades darker than your lipstick and COMPLETELY unblended. If I went my whole life without ever seeing this again, it would be too soon.

    • It’s so weird, though, that at MAC they actually seem to *promote* the dark lipliner look. The last time I was there, the MA used Stone on me with a very light pink lipgloss. The lipliner was VERY obvious. I guess it’s a look that they seem to like there?

  33. Emm

    I like lip liner, but I have good genes and my lips are full. If I had thinner lips I would use it with every application. Otherwise I only do it now when I wear darker colors on my lips.

  34. Leenie

    I like the Idea of a lip liner but to tell you the truth I don’t wear them that much only with certain lipsticks.