Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… LIMITED EDITION COLLECTIONS!

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55 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Limited Edition Collections

  1. Hey Cristine,

    I hate it it,Y??Simple simple my friend,THEY NEVER GIVE DAY OR 2 DAY TO THINK COZ OF ”LIMITED EDITION”U NEVER KNOW!!


  2. Shefali

    I’m actually getting burned out with MAC LE collections. They don’t seem so limited because they release them so often and I find that alot of the colors don’t seem so original anymore. I never have a chance to compare because I’m worried that if I don’t pick something up, it’s going to be gone. Up until recently I would buy it, but now I’m more discerning and find myself rebelling against their tactic. MAC needs to go back to releasing things more spaced out. I think I would be more inclined to buy it. I’m happier with other brands and their LE collections, because I do feel they are more original and I get my hands on them without running like crazy to the store (i.e. Lancome’s Christopher Kane collection; Chanel; OPI’s India Collection). I also like the fact that NARS releases things and keeps them permanent. Sorry for the long response…but this topic inspires a lot in me :)

    • cloudburst

      I agree. I like the LE collections when they offer new colours, products or textures but MAC’s are too frequent and have way too much “fillers” and not enough quality. I do like their collaborations though.

      • I think one launch a month is PLENTY! Last year was a bit much, but seems better than this year in terms of frequency.

      • traca

        the last couple of releases, i really havent seen anything new. i guess theres only so many colors in the rainbow though…lord knows i have every one 3-4 times over.

        • Hey Traca! I do think that there are only so many colors available, but at the same time, you do feel like you’re seeing the same things over and over again!

    • You & me both, Shefali. It’s hard to keep up, and by the time you’re anticipating something new… something even newer is on the horizon!

  3. jasmine

    i hate it also…i like it when the packaging is different as in heatherette and dresscamp. but i hate how fast they sell out. i didnt get anything from dresscamp, and i wanted the palette. i like to buy from the perm line, cuz then i know i can use up the product and go in and get another.

  4. Nell

    Iยดm with Shefali on this. The feeling that you miss out on great things is awful, so i end up buying way to much…

  5. Vee

    I love LEs when they are original and the brand really goes out of their way on the colours, formulas, packaging, etc. MAC has had some brilliant LE collections in the past.

    I hate how they pump up LEs without special packaging and the product is easily dupeable. Then it’s almost that they think you should buy it just because it’s marked LE.

  6. Kay

    I think MAC is totally taking advantage of their customer base now. These so called LE’s are being produced in assembly line fashion and many times there isn’t anything really magnificent about the line. They come and go so quick that you do not have time to really decide what you want and it is getting tiresome trying to keep up with all of the launch dates. I wish there was a way to express our concerns to them. I like knowing that colors may be around for a little while. This is why I stopped using Prescriptives because they were discontinuing colors all of the time.

  7. Vanessa

    I’m pretty much indifferent. I like them because it’s something different to look forward to when you have so much already like I do. But the fact that now they are coming out so often is hard on my wallet. Not to mention, I wish they would allow for more quantities at the stores. They get sold out so quick, and then a month later, you realize that you should have picked up this or that. Maybe something didn’t appeal to you at the counter, but then I hear someone else here, on on the forum that use it, and then I wish I had it, and then it’s too late.

  8. MoOn

    I hate all these LE come out so quickly one after another,,I h ate it I hate it I hate it ugh,,guys give us a break >_<
    and I hate when they are not international <<hate it hate it hate it

  9. Stephanie

    OMG it make me soo mad. My favorite color ever was Goldbit by MAC. I used it every single day for every single look. It was a limited edition like 5 times. The last time it came out in the regular black container so i thought it was permenant. Well it’s not, they took it away!!! I’m so sad I’ve looked for other colors but it’s just not the same :( I even called the company, wrote to the company, and emailed the company!!! It has been about 3 years and still no Goldbit ;( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tekoa

    I love and hate LE. I enjoy the pre-launch anticipation and then playing with new stuff. When MAC designs beautiful packaging its a great thing. Heatherette and Dress Camp were especially well done. I hate LE because 1) I often get bitten by the “But its LE!!!” bug or there’s a beautiful colour and its only made once.

  11. I don’t like LE. I want to know I can get a color I love again. It’s bad enough when a company discontinues one of your fave colors, but with LEs, you are just setting yourself u for disappointment. Having said that, I do own three of the Beauty Powder Blushes that are LE, but I hope they make them permanent.

    • That’s true… at least you know in advance that it’s LE whereas you love a product for years and then it gets the axe, you’re totally shocked!

  12. winnie

    I love the excitement and anticipation of LE cllections. As everything comes out in the US before the UK i love taking my time looking at swatches and making a list of things I want. Seeing the stuff for real is fab too! However money-wise it’s totally not cool as you run the risk of buying backups, falling in love with something you’ll never be able to get hold of again. Or you end up buying stuff you never needed in the first place just because of it’s pretty packaging and that it’s LE!

  13. Tina

    I’m torn between LE products. I like how MOST OF THE TIME, they’re different, and the special packaging. I dislike how they come and go so quickly, you don’t get enough time to buy them. It’s crazy.

  14. bec

    I HATE the fact that Limited Edition Collections are LIMITED EDITION!!!
    Particularly when I find something that works really well for me and that I’d love to repurchase!

  15. Lish

    If you love the product you will have to savor it because you will never see it again….and of course I hate the cost!

  16. meg

    I like LE collections
    I think they are refresing and different from the permenant
    I do agree with some of the complants above.
    falling in love with it and then it is gone
    That sucks.
    Plus I do find myself buy items cause they are LE and I dont’ want to miss out or regret not getting it.

  17. I like looking forward to a collection and there is often a lot of awesome stuff in them, but I agree they are definitely too frequent. Although it frustrates me, I feel quite lucky that we get collections 2-4 weeks after the USA because it gives me a lot of time to think about what I really want and what I don’t actually need.

  18. Calico

    I like the idea of LE, even if you never get something again, i think its fine cos invariably youll find another product, and make that work for you, and thats what brings out creativity.
    But i definately feel that they are too frequent! Its overwhelming,and feels gimicky.

  19. Pia

    right on! 4 LEs in 4 months this year are too much! btw, does anyone know what happen to LE products that aren’t sold out? I’ve been wondering bout that.

  20. Pquanda

    I like the anticipation and all the excitement, but all it really does is push me to buy things I normally wouldn’t buy had it been permanent. And the way stuff sells out.. wow. I remember waiting a week or two before deciding to buy some more things from N Collection.. and bam! Everything was gone and now I’m supposed to pay outrageous prices on Ebay even though I didn’t. I also feel as if it’s gimmicky. For instance, take all the people that spend like $60 for Parrot on Ebay. Of course with Specktra and all that stuff out there, we knew Parrot was going to be in the Originals collection weeks before it actually even came out.. but what about the people who didn’t know that, used Parrot a lot and loved it.. bought it for $60, all to find out in a week or so they could get it brand-new, in a non-sketch fashion, online or in-store? Yikes!

  21. HeavenLeiBlu

    It’s annoying to me for a few reasons.

    1. Although I love playing in makeup, until recently I was either not aware or just uninterested in a lot of the new collections. I’d get the notifications and it wouldn’t even occur to me that the colors would be limited edition and sell out so quickly, and end up being hard to find.

    2.The release schedule is RIDICULOUS! I dunno about y’all, but makeup really isn’t a line item in my budget. I don’t wear a full face everyday, so some items ( dry ones, of course) last me for YEARS. I only go get a haul MAYBE quarterly, or if a drugstore brand I like is BOGO, or if I come across a favorite that I can’t always get my hand on, so I’ll buy backups.

    MAC realizes what they’re doing. They’ll get you in-store (or on their site) to buy this highly anticipated LE, and of course, you’ll end up buying those, and probably backups just in case, and your staples from the perm line, just handing your cash right on over to them. I don’t have the money for that, and I’d like to think I’m a smarter consumer than that, so my LE purchases are mulled over for a while before the release and I make sure that I only buy what I came for. I just can’t keep up with all the releases, and I feel idiotic for putting money aside so that I can beat other people to the store during a release week in order to get a product I might miss out on otherwise.

    3.My VERY FAVORITE MAC ITEMS ARE EITHER LE or have been DISCONTINUED! It’s a real PITA that the things most flattering on me, I have to either ration my usage of, or get jerked around on the aftermarket to obtain them again.

    Sorry for the novella, Christine, LOL.

    • LOL, hey, I love a little novella ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But I totaly agree that there is an overwhelming about of LE these days. I keep up for the blog’s sake, but even as an addict, it’s not an easy job!

  22. Ugh I hate when they do limited edition because its always tihngs I love and then I can’t get it again!

  23. Courtney

    well maybe i’m just selfish…
    but i loveeeeeee LE.
    when people compliment my makeup and ask what it is where you can get it.
    i can tell them exactly what it is, but they can’t go out and buy the samet thing!
    copycats=hugeee problem in my school.
    does that make me a bad person? ;P

  24. Calico

    Nah, not a bad person. :) but if you’re good they can try as much as they want, and get the shade, and im sure they wont get it to work as well for them as it did for you, hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Tonee

    I’m indifferent towards LE products. Maybe it’s because I have a stash and really don’t want to add anything to it unless it’s absolutely necessary. If I like the color and don’t have a similar shade, then I would buy it. But I certainly won’t be standing/waiting in a line outside the store in order to buy anything!

    • I really think this is a great point, Tonee. I’m like you – my collection is large enough where I don’t feel that miffed if I miss something. Granted I’m always there the day of the launch, so it’s hard to miss anything, LOL.

  26. katie

    honestly, i love them. sure, it sucks if one of your favourite products is LE, but the packaging is adorable. and if you’re not as superficial as i am, lol, i like it because it gives me a better reason to try out more things and buy a bigger variety of makeup.