Monday, April 15th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Jelly Nail Polishes!

my answer: I love how they look squishy on the nail, but I dislike that some of them can have a really thick consistency!

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15 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Jelly Nail Polish

  1. xamyx

    I don’t have a strong opinion, either way. When I go to purchase nail polish, I look *only* at the color, and how it appears in the bottle, when I approach the display. At that point, I don’t consider the formula, finish, etc. It’s only after I try it out at home that I figure out how to best use it. Overall, I prefer my polish to be completely opaque, so I don’t use jellies on their own, but more as a layering polish. While on the one hand an opaque polish is ideal, jellies are nice to have around sometimes, as they can add another dimension to a polish I may be getting a bit bored with.

  2. Sasha

    I like the finish of jelly polishes and the translucency allows more glitter to show through but I’m also often frustrated by their lack of opacity as I have pretty prominent whites on my nails.

    For instance: I love Deborrah Lippman’s Ray of Light but dislike Sweet Dreams because the latter doesn’t come close to opacity. In the middle I like BL Disco Biscuit and bought a similar OPI shade to layer it with for the 4 coats needed for opacity; on the bright side those two layered are the longest lasting mani on my nails.

  3. I like how the finish looks, but I prefer opaque nail polishes so most of them are a bit too sheer for my taste!

  4. I don’t hate jelly polishes, but I always find they don’t give the most even and opaque coverage.

  5. I only have one jelly nail polish in my stash and I don’t like it less or more than my other ”normal” polishes. So I guess I am neutral. I live in Switzerland now, after all 😉

  6. t_zwiggy

    I kinda like the squishy look, but I can’t stand VNL and polishes that aren’t completely opaque on the nails.

  7. I use them for layering typically. I still have a issues with VNL, but strangely I do not seem to mind it as much on others. I do love their juicy quality.

  8. Ashley

    I actually really like jelly polishes, on thier own or layered. They have a very unique finish and are so versatile. I do prefer to know before hand whether or not a polish is a jelly though, just because I am more concerned with how the polish will look on the nail as opposed to the way it may appear in the bottle because jellies are very deceiving in the bottle, generally speaking. But they are great!

  9. Marian Humin

    Jelly nail polish is my favorite formula. I seek out lists of jellies and try to buy them exclusively.

    • Pooja

      Me too!! I think they are extra glossy and I love the look! I’m always on the lookout for pretty jelly polishes. Which are your favorites?

  10. I think when they are done well and have the right amount of shine they can be beautiful, but if done poorly they look awful. I really like the OPI “sorbets” but am not a fan of the Revlon versions.

  11. Macy

    I only use Gel nail polish right now. They last for so long and always look shining!

  12. lars

    I love them but it’s hard to find one just browsing a store!

  13. Hopefully “venomous” is not going to jump out of the case and bite :) Lovely site!

  14. Dinitchka

    I like jelly polishes as a layering polish … ie – jelly samich (sandwich), underwear or as an accent nail but not as an entire mani. The sheerness would hit my OCD nerve if it was on every nail. Then I would obsess about the sheerness and have to get home ASAP to redo the entire mani.