Monday, November 7th, 2011

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about holiday makeup collections. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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36 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Holiday Makeup Collections

  1. There’s too many nice ones every year…lol. It makes it tough for me to buy for my family and friends because I want to buy everything for myself…lol.

    • Elle

      Ditto! I have to keep reminding myself its the season for GIVING lol

      • Kim Brown

        Just understand that you can give other things besides gifts. You can give love through feeding them and inviting them over for a great time. Then spend all of your money buying yourself gifts and everyone is happy including you.

  2. cyndi

    it drives me insane i want everything from sephora the deals are so good, i love tarte and two-faced especially, and the beauty box sets are cheaper as a set, i get to try out new brands ive never wanted to shell out too much money for before

    for mac the eyeshadows and blushes are crap to me, wet n wild in the drugstore is 200times better in pigmentation and quality, the only thing i love from mac is lipsticks and paintpots and collect limited edition shades. otherwise nothing else appeals to me. the blushes and face products break me out.

    i also hate smashbox ive always had a bad experience with their products their wish palette from previous holiday collections have been so poorly pigmented and gross i returned them.

    philosophy is also a fail. their purity cleanser breakes me out theres nothing ‘pure’ about it, it has sulfates in it which is bad for your skin. also their body washes, i dont see the point in paying 20 bucks for a brand name body wash where its just gonna wash down the drain and the scent wont even linger. i rather buy good makeup with that money.

  3. Sass

    All of the glitter…

  4. Carrie Ann

    The good thing about holiday collections is the value sets where you can get a few products at a much cheaper price than buying each product separately. I also love pretty packaging and pretty limited edition items. I don’t have any rants about them, unless the products are poor quality. It can also be a little overwhelming when so many new things are released around the same time.

  5. Saffy

    For the most part I love holiday collections and value sets, but sometimes holiday make-up collections can be too glittery. Lipglosses with big ol’ chunks of glitter are only appropriate on Halloween.

  6. Carolina Rutz

    The recent sets from various lines I saw are full of neutral colors. I want something exotic and special, with jewel tones!

    Kudos to Urban Decay for their colorful eyeliner sets. I’m planning to buy one after Black Friday. (Also, thank you UD for the sale a few days back.)

    Grrr to Sephora for not making enough Clarisonic promo sets. I want the facial sets with skin care product samples. Instead, I settled for a regular Mia kit. At least I got a Peter Thomas Roth set to use with the Mia.

    • Melessa

      I agree…I want more jewel tone eyeshadows…the only thing im tempted to get is the Nars blush set. MAC did not impress me this year.

  7. What I really love about holiday collections is sets, so you can try different items and it’s usually cheaper

  8. Stephanie

    Holiday collections are by far my favourite collections. I love the pretty packaging and the sparklyness of everything.

  9. Lisa

    I love holiday sets!

    Overally this year has been really great; exceptionally so Urban Decay. I am a little bummed with LORAC, because I really wanted to buy it but I really hate the fact that their packaging contains so much glitter.

  10. Mango the mango

    I love the palettes and sets that come out! Especially eyeshadow palettes…yum. Actually no, I most enjoy gawking at the all-in-one sets like Benefit’s I’m Glam Therefore I Am. But I usually try to swatch before buying, in case the quality is lower than the normal non-promo products.

    Also, packaging is a huge factor! I’m drawn by pretty, fun, or luxurious packaging. If a blockbuster set has blah packaging (*cough couch Smashbox Click You’re It Eye Palette cough cough*) then I’m way less likely to consider it.

  11. Patrick

    For MAC, I hate how the lower their standards with sets and yet they don’t lower the prices…. and I LOVE MAC Cosmetics. Though, the Sephora holiday collections always looks nice, and very tempting to buy. But I rather someone else buy those for me. I rather stick to the staple products that I need

  12. baragon11

    I bought and liked the LORAC jewelry box one, love the product don’t love the glittery box. I bought and returned the tarte jewelry box set, not much pigment in the product and the box seemed a little cheap. Bought like 3 sets of the tarte lipsurgence but returned the tarte eyepencil set I bought, toooo glittery. Not tempted by any MAC this time around, guess I’m getting old!

  13. Natalie

    I love holiday sets because they make gifting easier, and also allow me to try multiple new things at (usually) a cheaper price.

  14. Marian

    Just raves for me. I look forward to them every year. I usually sneak one in for myself while I’m shopping for presents for others.

  15. grace

    i dont like the mac brushes and also how most times the quality of makeup is not their best

  16. I find myself disappointed in the lower quality holiday sets with LE colours. I really like trying permanent products in the value sets that do come out during the holidays.

  17. AnGeLwInGz

    I love ’em! Yeah it’s the same gold colored crap every year from each brand but it’s always so pretty. I’m a sucker for anything gold or sparkly and always look forward to holiday collections.

  18. Jessica K

    I love the palettes, especially the eyeshadow ones! Probably going to get the Too Faced Sweet Dreams, Kat Von D Candelabra shadow and Love and Foiled lipstick sets, Tarte Smoldereyes liner set and Lip Service sets, Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Sticks…

  19. Dini

    I love that holiday makeup collections are sparkly and a lot of them feature rich colors. It is also nice that many collections feature palettes and/or minis, which allow you to try a few products without committing to a full size version (and hopefully all at a reasonable price).

    The one thing I don’t like about holiday collections is that sometimes there are too many launches from certain brands and it is too overwhelming to actually enjoy the novelty of a special collection.

  20. Michele

    In general I love them except I was disappointed some of the MAC ones lately. I’m no longer as likely to “jump on it” before I read a review. It really annoys me when they put out a Holiday Collection and the quality/pigmentation is not there. I’ve heard the same about a few other brands also. I don’t like the attitude that the customer is stupid and will buy anything as long as they slap their name on it and put either Holiday or LE in front of the collection.

  21. I hate that the deals and the packaging force me to buy it

  22. Kimberly

    This is my favorite time of the year for hauling makekup, I feel like everyone comes out with some of their best sets & a super price. I always wind up hauling a ton of products during the holidays.

  23. I love the opportunity to try something new at a discount, or to stock up on my faves at a great price. I’m an eyeshadow junkie, so holiday palettes with bestseller shades and new releases get me pumped. This year I’ve already snagged the tarte lipsurgence set, the UD 24/7 set (the bright colored one) and the UD shadow pencil box. I’ve got my eye on benefit and lorac…

    I hate how the packaging gets bigger and bulkier. It seems like palette releases the rest of the year are sleeker, slimmer, and more vanity-friendly. But when the holiday releases come out, there is no end to the weird and bulky packaging. I can’t tell you how long it took to depot too faced enchanted glamourland and the tarte jewelry box. If I had left them in tact they wouldn’t have fit on my vanity, and even if they had, those drawers were nightmares–the too faced one had a pull out drawer with eyeshadows, but you had to remove it completely to use all of the shadows. And the tarte box’s pull out drawers were tight, sticky and required far too much space when fully extended. This year I’m skipping too faced and tarte and going with sets that aren’t housed in giant cardboard bricks.

  24. Rant- quality on most of these big sets are not there….and made in China makeup which I absolutely detest and will not buy…ie: Tarte, Sephora, Smashbox etc. Rant- these collections are in large containers such as Too Faced….cannot travel with them. Rave- like UD 5 pencil set, like all of Shu Uemura’s products, pretty containers, great stocking stuffers, pretty nail sets.

  25. Caroline F.

    To this day I lust after some of them but have never bought any item from a Holiday collection. Unfortunately there are always way too glittery and sparkly for any regular use. If only there were more matte with sparkly option….
    I just bought whirls & Twirls !?!? from M.A.C. and plan to make it a summer lipstick !!!!

  26. Sally

    The MAC ones are disappointing now. They used to be much better, but then again did all of MAC’s collections. I think they make to many collections and it causes lack of quality. I will say that they Viva Glam gifts are nice though.

    Some of the other brands have nice things, but some of them are really impractical or over priced for this type of economony. I’m sorry Francois Nars, but I’m not going to pay $125 for a geisha lipstick set that is beautiful, but not portable or practical.

  27. MJ

    Holiday collections are usually more fluff then substance. I broke down and bought the Too Faced Sephora exclusie which I really do love, but the Tarte mirrored jeweley box was a flop for me. The shadows are not what I’m used to from Tarte and the combinations are insipid and boring. For the most part I see the Holiday collections as being good gift options for inexperianced makeup shoppers, ie boyfriends and husbands.

  28. Holiday collections really do nothing for me. I love glitter as much as the next girl, but I get to wear it maybe three times a year. The one glittery palette my little boy picked out for me two Xmases ago (Bobbi Brown) is super pretty, cherished because he chose it himself thinking I’d like it, but it will last me the rest of my life at this rate. Rich lips/nails and golden or silvery eye colors I can buy any time of year. And I rarely buy sets anyway, since you get stuck with so many not-right items. But I’m not much into LE makeup anyway.

  29. Mel

    Hate that MAC has too many holiday product. I’m avoiding the entire collection, it’s just too overwhelming.

    Love the value sets from Bare Minerals. Their collections aren’t too overwhelming and I can select 1 or 2 must haves.

  30. Veronica

    I really like the idea of collections, but I often feel they’re understocked. I get that they want them to sell out, but still…having spent this weekend trying to hunt down a couple of MAC lipsticks and finding them sold out everywhere, I have to say it can be a bit of a downer.

  31. Every year its metallics, glitter, and red. A little repetitive.

  32. Pappetee

    I felt so surprised that I was 100% more interested with NARS than MAC during this time of the year. I got the Danmari Cheek Palette from Sephora (not sure if this is a Holiday set, but it’s LE and it works for my skintone) and the NARS Hanamichi Kabuki Palette from Nordstrom. I bought the Dior mitzah during Sephora’s FF2011. Am now lemming 2 more palettes during Sephora’s VIB Event: Too Faced Sweet Dreams and Tarte Starlet Vanity. Sephora rocks!!! :-)