Monday, February 8th, 2010

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: HAIRSPRAY!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about hairspray and all that those entail.

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32 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Hairspray

  1. Montrese

    Hairspray…hmmm…lol…I dont use it very often. The last hairspray I bought was some by Paul Mitchell that I used about 4 times, so needless to say there is a full can of Paul Mitchell hairspray under my sink somewhere. Oh well…Im a recovering PJ…lol!

  2. The only things I hate about hairspray is when I get a little too trigger happy and get the crunch hair…and when it gets ALL OVER my bathroom!

    BUT I loooooove hairspray otherwise!!! I’ve gone through three cans of John Frieda Moisture Barrier spray and it is my HOLY GRAIL!!!! I use a quick spritz after a blow out to keep my straight hair straight. I use a little at my roots to keep it volumized. My personal favourite? Spritzing damp hair and then using a large diffuser to dry my normally frizzy curly hair – once fully dry another few spritz of spray to keep the curls intact and voila: all-day, bouncy, non-frizzy curls!

  3. Ryan

    Hairspray!!! omg what can I say?… I use it everyday, I LOVE it. I love the smell and texture… i could go on and on. I have gone through so many brands throught the years and im always looking for somthing new. Right now im using some aussie and redken (=

  4. Emm

    I really only use hairspray if I am doing an updo. Just because most hairsprays in order for hair to actually hold a style they need to be sticky which I hate. I would rather have au natural hair than hair I can’t comb my fingers through.

  5. Shah'ada

    Got2B Smooth Operator is the only thing that works for my curly hair :)

  6. Fee-ona

    All the hairspray I’ve used reacts REAL bad with my scalp, a few days after use huge bits of my scalp just fall out.

    I already suffer with dandruff but hairspray makes it x100s worse.

    However if there’s any out there that’s kind to sensitive scalps, someone let me know!

  7. abril

    I never use hair spray or gel or that kind of products haha I just don’t like the way hair looks when it has spray on… It looks weird to me! haha Maybe I haven’t try a good hairspray/gel haha

  8. Anitacska

    I don’t use hairspray, don’t need it for my hair style, I just blow dry it and leave it to hang, lol. I don’t like the smell of hairspray either.

  9. I am not a big fan of hairspray. The only time I use it is when I scrunch my hair because I need major holding power. If I have my hair on a do or just down, I stay away from spraying stuff in it because it makes me loose my natural shine and shape. Some hairsprays smell so good though, so I’ll just throw some in for the kicks of it haha.

  10. Haylie

    Aussie Volumizing Hairspray is the only thing I will use. The aerosol kind. (i know its bad for the enviornment but its the only thing that really works!)

  11. Helena

    Like: Keeps hair in place, obviously.
    Dislike: SMELL!

  12. Ashley

    It’s drying, sticky, smells gross (usually), makes the hair look stiff and greasy, doesn’t let the hair flow and move in a natural way, oh and.. IT IS SUPER DAMAGING!
    I haven’t used hair spray in years, and I never plan to again.

  13. I don’t know much about hair, and I often tend to ignore my hair (lol, I bet people notice your hair before your makeup, so maybe I should spend more time on hair…) but when it comes to product, hairspray is about all I will occasionally use.

    I would love to find a hairspray that actually keeps things in place, but doesn’t make things sticky or crispy! I’ve found the ones that don’t get crispy tend to get gummy!

    In any case, my hair is pretty straight (with it’s own wacked big waves that come and go as they please) and nothing seems to hold it in place anyway.

    We need some kind of sci-fi thing that magically makes hair go into styles with no effort!! LOL! (Yeah, I’m still waiting for transporters too! ROTFL!)

  14. lauren

    i like aussie’s hairspray
    but i only use hairspray if i want to curl my hair =]

    otherwise day to day i just use hair serum

  15. Mirna

    I like that hairspray is really good at holding hairdo’s, like formal styles. What I hate about hairspray is that it leaves resido, it looks like I have dandruff when I don’t.

  16. Cindy :P

    I love the smell. I hate that it leaves hair all…hard (LOL) and dry looking, as well as the fact that if you dare touch your head little white flakes come off so it looks you’ve got dandruff, and I’m indifferent about the packaging (I mean, otherwise, it wouldn’t be hairspray right?? :P)

  17. mkdallas

    I’m a MAJOR hairspray freak…my hair is so flat without it. My HG is Sebastian Shaper Plus. I’ve actually told my family that when I die, they need to put a can and a teasing comb in my casket, lol. I go thru cases of it; Ulta sells for about $14 a can but about 3 times a year, they put in on special for around $6. Major haulage time.

  18. Eden Landers

    hey christine! i just got the sephora catalog in the mail and saw all the pretty tarina tarantino makeup! i was wondering if you were gonna try any out for spring? All of the stuff is soo cute and I would love to see a review! :)

  19. amy

    I only use hairspray when I curl my hair.

  20. Joanna

    I like a lighter hairspray – something not too stiff or sticky. My current favourite is Bed Head Masterpiece. It’s light enough that it’s brushable, but it also works for up-dos.

  21. Liz

    L’OREAL ELNETTE is the best for me…

  22. Amy

    I love love love Big Sexy hair spray. I have very fine, thin straight hair and this is honestly the only hair spray that holds my hair and allows me to tease it and make it look full of volume. If you have thicker hair I do not recommend it because it will probably be too much for your hair and it does tend to make your hair “crunchy”. :)

  23. Hiromi

    I don’t use it often, but I love Elnett!

  24. Nicci

    I am not fond of hairspray. I think the last time I used it was way back in high school?! Everytime I get my hair styled I always tell the stylist to not use hairspray!

  25. Salvinia

    Hate it! I haven’t really used it since a few times when I was a teen, and back then all hairsprays made your hair feel hard and/or sticky. I never wear updos and I have super-thick hair that I always wear down so it doesn’t really need any product added to it besides heat-protectant. Which is good, since I can’t stand having a bunch of product in my hair. Even if I ever did want to use hairspray, I think I’d be too overwhelmed by all the choices to even attempt to find a suitable one, not to mention totally turned off by my memories of how yucky it used to be.
    My sister’s obsessed with this one Redken hairspray, though. She asked me to get it for her for christmas once!

  26. I hated it until I discovered Aveda’s Air Control. I usually spray it onto my hairbrush, and that keeps my hair smooth and I can’t feel it, which is basically my only two criteria.

  27. svennika

    arrgh – major 80s flash back *shudder* haven’t used hairspray in years, no, make that decades…

  28. Oh Hair sprey… I have to use it for so many different things.

    Sunsilk Hold me Forever Aerosol is what I use for when I need my hair done for the military. Y’know, slicked back, with a bun and hairnet? It makes my hair rock hard, and I actually cut my fingers on my hair once because of it!

    Otherwise, for normal looks, when I want curls or whatever to staf put, I use the pump version of Hold Me Forever. My hair never gets crunchy or crackly, it stays in place AND feels normal.

    For a volumized crazy, after-sex hair look, I use Aussie Volumizing Hair Spray. The stuff really works! :)

  29. Kalee

    dont wear much hairsray because i like to be able to run my fingers through my hair but if i do it would be TIGI Rockaholic

  30. I love it when hair sprays have such sweet smell and fragrance,and when it makes my hair look soft without having to stick to the hair.I hate hair sprays that make the hair look like it has some gel in it.