Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… HAIR SPRAY!

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19 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Hair Spray

  1. sej

    I only like hair spray for special occasions if I am doing an updo or something fancy. Otherwise, I don’t like the crunchiness. I prefer soft hair that I can run my fingers through.

  2. sprut

    I hardly use it. I think I’ve been on the same bottle for a couple years now. I only use it for special occaisions (ie wedding) otherwise I use other products.

  3. Angie

    I don’t care for hairspray.

  4. fourssns2

    I don’t use it very much. I pretty much only use it when I do any kind of up-do’ and don’t want it to budge or if I curl my hair (which is rare).

  5. Hairspray the musical? AWESOME

    actual hairspray, i like using it when i need to hold up a style for an all-day event…

  6. Tina

    i actually use hairspray a lot…but that’s mostly because I love doing a front poof, and unless i want a flat poof, i need some hairspray. plus, i’m a cheerleader, so i use it a ton for games and competitions.

  7. Veronica

    LOVE hairspray and I use it just about every day to “set” my hair and give it extra body. I’m excited about the fact that Target is finally carrying L’Oreal’s Elnett hairspray. It sells for $14.99. That’s a pretty penny for sure, but it smells like salons of yesteryear (in the very best way) and it has a really fine mist. It combs out nicely too, without making my hair too crunchy. But, there’s enough about the cult of Elnett online as it is; you can Google to find out more about its rabid following!

    I also really really love Nick Chavez’s hairspray from QVC. That’s really my favorite stand-by hairspray because it lasts and lasts. I can’t think of the exact formulation of it right now; he sells several on QVC. I think it’s the volumizing extra hold hairspray that’s my favorite. It’s also a bit pricey: two cans for $34 plus s/h and tax. For me, it’s worth it.

  8. Andrea

    I really don’t like hairspray. Hate the crunchy feeling in my hair.

  9. Annie

    Dove is a good hairspray if you want the flyaways to stay down, but don’t want crunchy hair. It’s formula is not very strong.

    I do like hairspray though for chignons and bouffants. Also to keep my bangs in place so I don’t have to keep pushing them back and making them greasy. :)

  10. HoneyBrown1976

    I don’t use hairspray. But, I can recall wishing that there was a hairspray for different hair types.

  11. Aramis


  12. Tanya

    I need hairspray at times BUT I have had no luck finding one I like. My biggest problem is that I hate the way it smells, like 99% of all hairsprays smell horridly nasty and the smell saying in the hair!! I can’t even cover it up with perfume. I got a sample of a VS hairspray that was scented which was pretty good except it didnt hold my hair for shit…so that was kinda a bust.

    Anyone have any suggestions for a hair spray that DOES NOT smell like hairspray?

    • rin

      lolz. same thing with me.. i bought this hairspray from aussie(the purple kangaroo) thinking it would smell good becauses most of their products smell GREAT! BUT NO USE THEIR. mabey herbal essence… i love theri products but havn’t used their hairspray yet.

  13. Lee Lui

    I haven’t used hair spray since fifth grade (aqua net). It’s makes my hair too hard, dry and too sticky.

  14. msviolet

    I use it occasionally, mostly for special events or if I’m doing something fancy with the do. I can’t handle anything but aerosol because it gives me a really fine misting and almost no crunchiness. The bf HATES hairspray, so when I’m spending the night at his place, I use a bit of pomade for hold and definition.

  15. It’s sticky, some are solvents, it smells bad and it’s way too musky…

  16. Cish

    Somebody asked for a hair spray that smells good – look for Senscience (by Shiseido)! it’s bit pricey in Europe and I’m not sure if it’s available in the US, but god it smells good :)

  17. cloudburst

    I never use it but its the only styling product that will hold a curl in my hair…the worst part of it is the smell.

  18. rin

    hairspray is good to style with and everything but when it comes to actually dealing with it … uhh! It makes your hair extra hard and stiff, if you play with your hair(which your not supposed to do) it starts to get dandruffy and you see white flakes. It can get sticky too.