Monday, July 9th, 2012

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: GREEN EYESHADOW!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about green eyeshadow. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

my answer: I’m a huge fan of green eyeshadow–it’s definitely one of my go-tos, particularly because I think it’s more flattering against my skin tone. I do hate how they can sometimes stain the skin, though!

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49 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Green Eyeshadow

  1. sherunatto

    I don’t think I’ve ever had green stain me?! I love it, though. As a redhead, you have to be careful with a lot of colors, but green always looks great and makes my eyes pop.

  2. Ana

    I looove green eyeshadow… I’m actually looking for an acid green, I hope I can find one at Inglot : D

  3. Rave: I love green!  They’re always such pretty colors.
    Rant: They can be hard to wear without feeling overdone.

  4. I love how Eve Pearl uses green eyeshadow – when she’s using dark shadows in the crease or to smoke out liner, she’ll mix in green (as she says, it makes the neutral color “less boring”). I personally love this technique, as I almost always stick to neutrals. It’s a great way to add color very subtly (not to mention get more use out of colors I love but that are less “wearable” for everyday).

  5. VictoriaDitrich

    I LOOVVEEE Green eyeshadow! I’m definitely one for bright and eye catching looks (Sugarpill anyone?) I have green eyes, so using green eyeshadow really brings it out on me. Acidberry, Absinthe, and UD’s Clinic are some of my all time favorite greens!

  6. Love them! Most green shadows I have come across work really well for my skin tone, and I haven’t had one that stains (but I don’t have any matte ones. I heard those could stain)!

  7. LJ777

    I’ve never had success with green eyeshadow, largely because I have green-blue eyes and pale skin, so I don’t know which shades to go for which won’t clash…I also don’t have much lid space, and I’ve found using darker greens really makes my eyes look piggy lol.
    I enjoy using golden-greens though, Inglot have one of my favourite shades that’s a greeny-gold.

  8. I LOVE green eyeshadow, but it doesn’t love me :(   I would say green eyeshadow is the least flattering colour on me next to pink.  I’ve tried numerous shades both warm and cool and they always leave me looking rather haggard.  I have one neutral khaki green (more green than tan green) that pretty much matches my eye colour, but it’s still at the bottom of my picks because it’s just not particularly flattering.  To be honest, it completely confounds me.  I can wear any green that has blue in it, but greens make me look sick and it makes me saddd

  9. moena

    This is one of my favorite colors to wear, especially Shiseido Jungle trio.

  10. Justine

    Looove green shadows and liners, too! They make my brown eyes pop :)

  11. freshpinklips

    I love warm greens like Sumptuous Olive or darker cool ones like Shimmermoss. Not crazy about icy bright ones. Greens generally flatter my skin too! :)

  12. Anette

    I am Dark blond with blue eyes and very classic in my way of dressing. It brings out the blue in my eyes and adds some edge to my appearance. It is a play colour….

  13. I love green eyeshadow on other people — especially if you have hazel eyes — but I’ve never had good luck with it on me. I should be more adventurous and try some greens out! I have fairly pale skin, pink undertones, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Hmm…

    • casey23

       @annedreshfield I have hazel eyes (mostly looking green) but green eyeshadows don’t look that much on me :( I mean it’s not bad, especially I use khaki colors which is about the same color as my eyes, but it doesn’t flatter either. In fact I never found a eyeshadow color that can really flatter my eyes :S But I do love to use green shadows too, they are my rescue color if I can’t decide ehat to wear that day/event.

      •  @casey23 Noo, that’s so sad! :( Maybe green is just too darn tricky. 

        • casey23

           @annedreshfield I don’t know I still haven’t found any other color that flatters my eyes either so I can’t blame green all together :) I really love eyeshadows and I’ve tried a bunch of greens but still havent found “the one”. I believe this color is better for brown eyed gals.

        •  @casey23 Sometimes I wish I had brown eyes just so I could pull off gorgeous green looks! 

        • casey23

           @annedreshfield you are a blond with blue eyes you don’t need to pull anything 😀 You definitely have everything you need !!!!! You can try greens like teal (which would look really good on blue eyes) or neon greens if you hate neon colors you can blend them with colors like purple :) 

        •  @casey23 Oooh, neon green and purple? Sounds intriguing. 😀 

        • Susan Dowman Nevling

           Casey, I have blue eyes and blonde hair and can wear any color.  Check out Bare Essentials 2 color palette with aa gold and deep forest drab green. I have something very similar in UD and it looks great.  Also looks good w/ pink instead of gold. Teals are also fun!
          Anne, try it. go to a Sephora if there is one near you and ask them to try it on you. If no Sephora, try Ulta or a major department store makeup section. They may want you to make an appt. but this isa pretty slow season right now.

        •  @Susan Dowman Nevling  @casey23 I will! I’m thinking I might be able to get away with a darker, smoky green in my crease where I would normally put a taupe/brown. Thanks for the ideas, everyone. 

  14. xamyx

    I haven’t worn green eyeshadow in a *very* long time. When I started with makeup, I went with alot of brighter colors (it was the 80s, afterall), with greens being the most used. I also had deep auburn hair (my *natural* color), so brighter shades seemed to work. Now that I’m older, and my hair is either dark brown or black at any given moment, I’m gravitating toward “blackened” greens. NARS Rajasthan, UD Loaded & Libertine, and NARS Night Porter are the ones I find myself drawn to now, but I’m working on how to make my KvD Gypsy palette work for me.

  15. georgianne

    i love earth-tone, mossy greens, but pale greens make my eyes look bloodshot :(

  16. Sofiawombat

    I love Sumptous Olive. By the way, I never heard of eyeshadow causing stains until recently (on this blog).

  17. TheKatSheridan

    In order of least to most daring, my limited selection of eye looks goes from browns, greens, purples, and Greys. I have fair, olive skin with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I recommend green shadows to anyone with similar coloring. Medium hue yellow-greens are not for me but I’m all over earthy greens on my eyes. For clothing I do like pea green, or deep teals. If you like green clothing you should give green shadows a try :)

  18. Daniellenm30

    I love green eyeshadow and I have a bunch of different shades. I have never had one stain on me .But, an issue I do have is that because i have red hair, green eye shadow can be my eyebrows look very strong or bizarre because of the contrast. 

  19. Mariella

    My only “issue” with green eyeshadow is being uncomfortable wearing it. I’m fine with shades like Sumptuous Olive or Stila’s La Douce, but brighter ones like Steamy or Humid, both of which I really like, make me feel a bit self-conscious, particularly at work (none of the women I work with wear much in the way of eye shadow).  So now that it’s summer and school’s out, I indulge and, oddly enough, I am wearing Steamy today!

  20. PersianIntrigue

    Oh I LOVE green shadow. My only green shadow is by Urban Decay. My grandmother actually got her waterline tattoo’d with green eyeliner, which actually looks aqua-ish. It looks great! But she’s the type of fashionista that could pull that off.

  21. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I never really considered green eyeshadow until I saw one in a Bare Minerals pallet with a gold. It was pretty but I found similar colors in UD which can b applied wet or dry.  UD has a huge selection of gold colors and many grees. I choose a softer gold and a deep somewhat drab green with an olive tinge. They look very good dry with gold on the lids and the green for the crease.  Looks good with a light pink on the lid also.

  22. pinkfaith

    I love using green eyeshadow. It makes my blue eyes with brown freckles look amazing. I do not like, however, frosty greens but I don’t like anything frosty anyway.

  23. Pamela

    I love the chartreuse greens and the grassy greens with a yellow tinge for summer.  I like olives for fall.

  24. it depends on the tone of the green….sugarpill has tons of green variation.

  25. Miss J

    I love greens because green is one of my favorite colors, but I think I wear some greens in terms of shadow better than others. I particularly love dark greens like MAC Femme Noir, which they need to bring back ASAP, and I really love Emeralds. I also love olive greens or dirty, antique, green/gold colors. I think chartreuse and springy greens are beautiful, but I don’t think I wear those ones quite as well.

  26. kimwunsche

    There just isn’t a very big selection of Matte green shadows. 

  27. Sarah

    Green is my favorite color (specifcally lime green) so I love to wear them as shadows!  They go really well when blended into blue shadows, which gives it a sort of oceany look.  (This is great, because I LOVE the ocean.)  I used to think I couldn’t wear blues and greens because I have brown eyes, but I believe that they make my eyes stand out nicely.

  28. SavannahMarie

    Although emerald isn’t a true green colour, one way I love to wear it is a medium brown across the lid and crease, then just in the crease place the emerald. Or vise-versa, depending on how experimental you are. :) But yes, I love green as an eyeshadow; it’s one of the few bright eyeshadow colours I can pull off.

  29. Quinctia

    Is teal green enough to count?  I freaking LOVE me some teal.  Otherwise, maybe emerald green or a lime green work well for me.  I get my most random compliments about my eye makeup when I wear greens.  I’ve got green eyes, but they’re gray-green, so I gravitate more towards brights and straight up jewel tones for my eyes.  Heck, aside from black glasses frames, I have pairs in plum, teal, and actually a silver/lime green pair.
    (I wear practically every color of eyeshadow, though orange/reds are rarer, as I don’t wear those color clothes, and I don’t hit pure black on the dark end, even in the crease.)

  30. Veronica

    I like greens, though they’re not usually my go-to.  Generally, I prefer deeper, jewel-toned greens that lean more blue than yellow – they work better on my cool-toned skin.  I really love lime greens and chartreuse, but too often the yellow undertones wash me out.

  31. Stephanie

    I loooooove green. Just the color green in general. And I’m always attracted to green eyeshadow, but I have deep green eyes and whenever I wear green eyeshadow, I feel I’m not doing my eye color justice. They just get lost with the green eyeshadow. I wear green eyeshadow occasionally, but just as an accent color under the lower lashline or in the outer corner (unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day).

  32. Grace Chin

    I always get compliments whenever i wear green!! makes my brown eyes pop. Green, however, is not my favorite color and I deliberately dont wear them even it complements my eyes. 

  33. xmissxandristx

    my favorite color is green and i have green eyes, so i use green a ton. i’m dying to get Midori from Sugarpill.. it’s so flipping amazing. my birthday is soon, maybe that’ll be my excuse.

  34. Susannah Kent

    Urban decay Kush!! My fave

  35. Lesley Rose

    Alima Pure Eden and Juniper

  36. MissCherry

    I love it! Last time I went on a green shadow shopping spree.
    But I can never find any clothes to pair it with. :(

  37. hwendy

    i love green in general , not just for makeup.
    for makeup, i like almost all sort of green, Mac humid or Sumptuous Olive , Guerlain Les Gris 4 colour palette(this one turns totally tealy green on me), Suqqu Kokedama (mossy green), CD new look Khaki palette and etc. the only green i didn’t like so much after swatching is the pastel green from Lancome SS12. It s a good quality palette, just the colour isn’t for me.
    and what I really want to get is Oasis from Estee lauder 5 colours palette but I am not sure if that one ever came into UK. :(

  38. strawberry816

    I’m a typical pale blue-eyed redhead and I can’t find a green shadow that works for me.. So depressing!!

  39. yoyocanary

    Love green eyeshadow! I wear it frequently, but I will rarely wear a bright green. I have green eyes, and I think bright greens just don’t work with my skin/eye color. Otherwise — I am all about the green. 

  40. I love love love greens. I have quite a bit of green in my eyes so warm greens really bring it out. I can’t wear emerald greens though because they really clash against my eyes.

  41. Dea

    I like greens. They look nice to my green eyes. I always combine green with neutral colours and I never wear bright greens – I never wear bright colours at all. Sometimes it’s just hard to combine with my clothes. So green eyeshadow is not my favourite but I wear it now and then.