Monday, April 30th, 2012

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: GLITTERY BLUSH!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about glittery blushes. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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28 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Glittery Blush

  1. divinem1

    No ranting here because I simply don’t wear it. I consider NARS Orgasm to be too glittery. If I want extra sparkle, I add it in the form of a pigment or highlighter. I’ve never been a fan of looking like a disco ball, even when I was in my 20s. 

  2. xamyx

    In my opinion, glittery blush is just hideous. I feel blush should be used to subtly define the or accentuate bone structure, and add a natural flush of color to the face. I also stay away from obviously unnatural sahdes of blush in general, and stick with muted mauves and roses, the types of shades my skin naturally turns when I “blush”.

  3. I despise glittery blush. Glitter in general has no business on my face so turning my cheeks into two colorful disco balls isn’t a thought I find savory. I think glitter in general is tacky.

    • Lindsey

       @Carly M I think glitter has it’s place. I mean, in over the top looks, like on St. Patrick’s day or a birthday. Even if it doesn’t accentuate your natural beauty it’s exuberant. 

  4. lauramarie100

    Oh, good call on a topic. I have larger pores and oily skin (we’re talking about 1-2 hour blotting tissue oily), which don’t look so bad when I use a decent primer and a matte setting powder. You can see where I’m going with this. I want so much to be able to use the pretty glittery powders by NARS. I’ve even gone so far to buy Orgasm. Have I used it? Maybe twice. In five years.
    On occasion I’ve been able to pull off a blush with a finely milled shimmer. I have never successfully pulled off a glittery blush. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick? Got it, don’t use it. It just highlights the pores. Bummer. Why do I keep buying these products? I have no idea. I see them on blogs, on reviews, in stores. Somehow I manage to convince myself that this one will work. This highlighter or that shimmer blush. Just like I wish I could wear an empire waist with my larger bust. The difference is I don’t get suckered into buying the empire waist like I do the glittery face products.

    • mpca66

      @lauramarie100 Don’t feel bad .. have the same skin type and my the same ‘pretty’ ooh, shimmery products that just accentuate my problem .. why do I do this? Well, I’m just a sucker for pretty cosmetics 😛

  5. moena

    Shimmer is ok, but when it gets to the point of actual flakes of glitter, no thank you.

  6. Mirian V

    I consider my Too Faced blush “Glittery”. It’s way more fine than actual glitter, but I think it highlights my face wonderfully. It’s a lighter, more sheer pink so the shimmer is great.

  7. fabiola

    I don’t like glitter on my cheeks, that’s what I think that nars orgasm is overrated, and so are many of their blushes. I have nars tajmahal and cactus flower for my nc20 and I love them. I like a little bit of glow, but not glitter, it ends up all over my face.

    • ToxicAngel

       I agree that Nars Orgasm is totally over rated. I’m not a fan of sparkly/glittery blush at all (to be honest I dont like glitter in ANY of my makeup). Blush should look natural, like you are actually blushing.

  8. mpca66

    glitter to me means that it looks good for the first couple of hours, then once the pigmentation wears off .. you’re stuck with chunks of glitter – not really a good look 😛

  9. Mariella

    I do like MAC’s Sheertone Shimmer blushes. They have a shimmer but it’s very subtle and refined – not “in your face” glitter like Nars Orgasm is reputed to have (I don’t own it as it’s not a good colour for me, so I’m only going on “here-say”).  I like the fact that it gives a bit of glow and freshness to the look of my cheek colour.  For the same reason, I love Too Faced’s La Vie en rose….a subtle glitter that looks pretty.

  10. lilinah

    I like glittery blush in certain circumstances, creamy/satin in some, and matte in some. It depends on the look you want to achieve and/or the situation you will be in.
    Going to school or a conservative office? Hanging out with friends? Going to be in a low-light setting?
    Attempting a natural look? Trying to enhance or exaggerate certain features? Going for that certain look that has nothing to do with nature?
    I sometimes use MAC ChenMan Blue Reflects as a highlighter if i’m not going for a natural look and not in a conservative setting.

  11. Jenny

    There are so many glitter-haters out there, that I have to defend it!  Most of the women I know who wear makeup chose soft nude mattes… but I feel that often we do it to conform to societal beauty standards.  I feel my most creative when I wear brights and glitters, because it’s the only makeup that is entirely “for me”.

  12. Az

    I love glittery blush! It’s so fun, and it can be really flattering. I have Sleek’s ‘Rose Gold’ and it’s so pretty – a warm pinky-gold blush loaded with shimmer, and it gives a really nice warm glow. Makeup should be fun, it doesn’t always have to be natural!

  13. Cissy

    Not for me.  I like to look naturally flushed, like I came in from outside.  If I want a glow, I use a sheer luminizer, without chunks of glitter and sparkle.

  14. ashtraygirl6

    glittery blush is an absolute no-go for me. It can be ok if you are in your teens but after that it looks tacky at least IMO. I think a sheen is ok, but chunky glitter not, plus it makes problems with your skin more visible.

  15. Brenda

    No thank you!!  I do not want to look like a disco ball or as if I am reliving my childhood. ( I was into glitter when I was 12!)    I’m too old for glitter.
    I am on the fence about shimmer in my blush as well – pretty much matte or satin all the way for me.

  16. Miss J

    I am fine with shimmer as long as it’s finely milled, but glitter flecks or glitter bits is a no go for me. I can’t stand when I have particles of what looks like craft glitter on my face. I can do strategically placed glitter if it’s for a special event where glitter isn’t out of place, but glitter in blush on the daily…nope, not for me. I like a glowy cheek, but not a glittery one.

  17. Atanza

    I don’t mind a little glitter in blushes.  I like that NARS Orgasm is shimmery, but there’s not big chunks of glitter in it.  Those are a definite no-no.

  18. uniqlos

    I own Nars Orgasm and Oasis, both of which are glittery blushes. The glitter on Oasis is a lot more subtle so it’s easy to use and it’s probably my favorite blush. As for Orgasm, it doesn’t show up on me much, either, which is why I love it but it’s the color that keeps it from being my everyday blush, sometimes it’s just too bright (maybe I need to use it with a stipple brush, which is what I use with Oasis).

  19. Tiffany

    I like glittery blushes. Since I have such a dark skin tone its really not good for me to use mattes because they make my skin look muddy. Something like NARS Super Orgasm is way too much, but the MAC Sheertone Shimmer blushes are amazing. But, I am a girl who likes to glow and I’m obsessed with bronzers!

  20. Glittery blushes are not necessary to me.  Ever.  Shimmer yes, but only a little. 

  21. TMBJessxox

    I LOVE how they add a dewy, healthy sheen to my face but hate chunky glitter that makes me look like a streetwalker or drag queen.

  22. Kelly B

    I HATE glittery blush, or anything glittery on the face…I’ll take a glow or sheen over glitter any day.  All glitter does is make my pores look like the Grand Canyon.  If I really want glittery blush I’ll just ignore cleaning up any eyeshadow fallout.  My preference is a finely milled matte blush to which I can add theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer as a highlighter anywhere I choose to put it on my face.  I like the versatility and cost effectiveness I get from matte blush and different types of highlighters that can be used in multiple places and ways.  The only blush I own that is shimmery, NOT glittery,  is theBalm Hot Mama which is beautiful and not nearly as disco ball as Nars Orgasm is on me.  I don’t think glitter looks dewy…it is distracting and I’m always wanting to wipes the chunks off of someones face.  But, that’s the beauty of makeup and style…we all have different preferences so it’s fun to see how someone does glitter in a more mature look or just in a way that makes them happy.

  23. Elle

    Shimmer… Yes~!! Glitter… Maybe… As long as it’s not “chunky”. :)

  24. CiaraAinsleyFears

    Ugh, matte all the way for me! I’d take NARS Desire over NARS Orgasm any day.