Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… GLITTER NAIL POLISH!

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47 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Glitter Nail Polish

  1. It looks great…but it’s so hard to remove!!!

  2. I love. You get longer wear, which ultimately is what people look for in a polish. They can be easily removed with a good polish remover and a tad more patience (soak a cotton pad and HOLD it on the nail for 30 seconds. don’t just start frantically rubbing at it.) Plu if I had my way I would be doused in glitter all the time. So I am biased.

  3. I am not a fan of glittery nail polish. A good substitute is “shimmery” shades like “Run With It”(Sephora by OPI).

  4. Nicole N.

    I’m not a fan of glittery nail polish at all. It looks clumpy and gloppy a lot of the time, and is a pain in the butt to get off. Not to mention that sometimes the glittery particles get caught on my sweaters and stuff. Ugh. Hate it.

  5. LOVE, depending on the brand. The new Rescue Beauty Lounge glitters are fabulous and they come off easily. All you need is a nice thick top coat like Poshe to smooth ’em out!

  6. Jessica

    I hate how bumpy the nail polish can be when you have larger particles. And yes, it it pretty hard to remove. Love how it looks though!

  7. [email protected]

    such a pain to remove, and can look grainy without a layer of seche vite. but im a total sucker for glitter nailpolish!

    • Where can you get seche vite from?

      • Cindi

        Best place to find seche vite is sallys beauty if you have one local you can get it online and often near the china glaze. They have base, top, and quick dry. An entire line for about 7 bucks a bottle.

  8. Edna

    it depends on my mood. I usually top a glittery polish over a solid polish. the glitter specks must be small, like opi’s princesses rule!

  9. i hate it cuz it doesnt come offf lol

  10. Tanya

    LOVE glitter polish :) But like Sheena, I could happily be soaked in glitter 24/7

  11. Tina

    i like glitter nail polish…but then i don’t. if the glitter is huge and chunky, it’s super-annoying. but like a little bit of glitter is okay. the gold glitter in essie’s it’s genius is gorgeouss.

  12. Yaya

    I don’t love it. I prefer matte ones, or ones with a little shimmer

  13. HoneyBrown1976

    It was fun to wear when I was a teenager.

  14. I like it, but it’s a BIATCH to take off. It takes me like 5 cotton pads to get it off, whereas a normal polish takes like 2 pads.

  15. sprut

    Loved it!…when I was 15. 😉

  16. Court

    i HATE glitter. And it never sticks to my nails. Maybe for like 10 mins but then it’s gone.

  17. Tanya

    It depends on the glitter for me. I hate large particle and chunky glitter but I love small particles(like pure ice heartbreaker & BB couture diamond dust)& flakies(like nfu oh’s)

  18. Heather

    I love the way it looks but it’s really hard to remove even with really good remover, I’ll let a cotton pad sit on my nail for forever and sometimes(depends on the polish) it still wont come off for anything. I also hate it when you can feel the texture of it even after a top coat, but some of them look so pretty I can’t resist.

  19. CeeBee

    I can look really pretty in the bottle but rarely goes on in less than three or four coats to get the proper amount of glitter saturation. Is also a total PITA to take off. I don’t have the patience!

    Loving intense metallics at the mo, though! :-)

  20. Inky

    I love it when I feel like channeling my inner 12 year old, but usually I go for opaque colors, with an occasional glimmer/shimmer shade versus actual glitter. Only straight-up acetone will successfully remove glitter polish for me and I try to avoid using that very often because it is so drying on my nails and fingers.

  21. Janice

    Love the look, but hate removing it! The glitters always stick even after the polish wipes off. – Oh well it’s a sacrafice i’m willing to make!

  22. Melanie

    I find them slightly tacky and gaudy to wear on fingernails but I would give them a chance on my toenails. I have not used glittery/shimmery nail polish since I was 15.

    My memory of them was that they were:
    1. difficult to remove
    2. gritty to the touch and often were caught on clothing
    3. the grittiness made me want to pick at them constantly

  23. vicky!

    tacky on nails.
    loved them when i was 12 though.

  24. I’m pretty alright with these. They look super pretty on but my only gripe is that they are gritty to remove. It takes more work with a cotton bud and all.

  25. Carla

    I like it sometimes. It’ fun to use it!
    I agree that they are hard to remove, but nothing that bothers me. Blues and blacks are hard too.

  26. migzy

    i hate it! they’re gritty and they’re so difficult to remove!

  27. Diana

    love it but it is way too much effort to take off ;( i do my nails every week and that has to be one of my biggest complaints i’m still young so i think it’s ok 4 me to wear glitter lol better enjoy it while I can right ? 😀

  28. Giselle G

    Lately I have been using glitter alot with some of my fun nail designs…Like 3D Glitter by Mac is good to mix into a clear polish…It brightens up any color and adds some fun dimension.

  29. Katya

    i dont mind them , but im not a fan of it..

  30. I hate GILTTER! It looks so cheap, I wear mattes, shimmers and satins

  31. Amelia

    I like it but it’s so hard to remove, so I wear them like on christmas and new year day (silver glitter over silver nailpolish), and sometimes gold glitter nailpolish during the summer, but that’s about it

  32. amy

    Love it looks so pretty love how it can cacth the light or look multi colored and I looove glitter tips it is a pain to get off but I heard it u use a lil bit if felt instead of a cotton ball its a lil easier to gett off havnt tried that yet

  33. Nicole15

    I tend to like glitter nail polish more as a topcoat for whatever polish i already have on just to give it a little glimmer. Straight glitter nail polish can be a little too flashy for me & may give the impression I am trying to act too young for my age.

  34. Nadine

    LOVE glitter! It can be a subtle shimmer glitter or an all-out sparkle! I especially like OPI’s Designer Series in Extravagance (a beautiful magenta) and Coronation (spectacular platinum bling!) A good glitter adds the perfect accent to any outfit. Definately not too “immature” unless its chipped …

  35. I like when glitters are soft and the nail polish is easy to apply and remove. I don’t like so much nail polishes with lots of glitters in them.

  36. CfromParis

    I think they’re really cute but never wear any since they’re SO hard to remove :)

  37. Flora

    I like a soft frost but not glitter. I guess it’d be fun for going out though.

  38. Rio

    I loooove glitter nail polish. However, I don’t wear it often because it is so incredibly hard to take off.

  39. Rennah

    I love glitter nail polish!
    I use Cutex Glitter Girls to remove it & it works very well.

  40. Cindi

    I love glitter polish!!! I like the holographic glitter in OPI’s designer series and the text series by china glaze!!! They aren’t like normal glitters w/ bumps and pain to get off. But any glitter makes me happy. I’m like a cat with shiny things.

  41. I love glitter polishes, particularly over a dark base. It’s dramatic and eye-catching. But, such a hassle to remove.