Monday, November 21st, 2011

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: GLITTER MASCARA!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about glittery mascaras. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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30 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Glitter Mascara

  1. Katherine

    I’m always game for something new, exciting or trendy in makeup. Glitter mascara is a no go for me. I sensitive eyes and I wear contacts. I haven’t tried a glitter mascara that didn’t flake and cause problems with both of those issues. Also, I’ve yet to find a product that could deliver what most of us would expect to get out of using a glitter mascara. I would say that it might be best to try falsies with glitter on them. Which I haven’t tried yet. Just my opinion :)

  2. I’ve never found one that worked for me. Either the mascara coats the glitter and it’s barely visible, or there’s so much glitter that the mascara is dry, chunky, and doesn’t coat my lashes properly.
    If I want a glittery lash look, I either use glittery falsies or I dip a clean mascara wand into eye-safe glitter and brush it on the ends of my lashes right after I’ve put on my regular mascara (before it dries, so the glitter sticks).

  3. Karleigh

    I havn’t evem heard of glitter mascaras untill right now, but they sound fun! Can anyone reccomend some good ones for me to try?

  4. Justine

    I haven’t worn glitter mascara since I was about 12. However, if there was a brand that had a decent product ie, no clumping, visible glitter, not too flaky, then I might be more inclined to try it for a special occasion such as a birthday or new years or something like that. Does anyone have a glitter mascara they really enjoy using?

  5. Yazmin

    ive yet to find one rhat works, if i want glitter on my lashes, i will just use a regular clear mascara and then dab a sponge tip brush along the ends to give it a bit of glitter.

  6. Laura R

    i too suffer from flaking glitter mascara. my all-time favourite one used to be Revlon High Dimension mascara is this amazing copper shade. it looked fabulous but didn’t hold a curl for more than an hour and flaked like CRAZY by lunchtime, getting all kinds of annoying grit in my eyes, but it looked so killer i wore it anyways.

    i was hoping some of Hard Candy’s glitter and shimmer mascaras could get me that look with better staying power- anyone know???

    • Laura R

      or, does anyone have opinions on Covergirl Lash Luxe?

      • AS

        The Hard Candy ones are some of the worst I’ve tried. It’s hard to get any glitter on your lashes. Some versions I’ve bought off ebay from UK sellers show up well and are not too expensive. True Gold, Stargazer, and Beauty UK are those brands. Also, Kleancolor (also from ebay) makes some that are decent, but not as glittery as the UK ones. The Covergirl Lash Luxes are not really glitters at all, but very subtle colored mascaras with slight shimmer. It is meant to be eye-enhancing but unnoticeable. Honestly, glitter eyeliner will work well, too – just run it along your lashes.

      • Safyre

        In my experience, Lash Luxe was just OK… the shimmer in it is very subtle (I had the Black Royale – the blue-ish one) and really only showed up in direct sunlight, it seemed to clump more than the Lashblast formula though, and while it looked dark in person – it would photograph rather dusty in close-ups of the eye :/

  7. Nadia

    Hmmm yeah, not my cup of tea. Not unless I was performer in Vegas or something lol.

    • Pobedochka

      No-no, sometimes it looks so elegant and classy! Esp. when it’s simple black mascara with diamond-like platinum nano-glitter coverage.
      It is not for the office, of course. :)

  8. Heather

    Not a fan personally but I know what works great for anyone wanting to wear it! MAC last mixing medium is perfect to mix up with your favourite glitter, then press it into the front of your lash instead of pulling it through the way you normally would with a mascara. It works best if you put a layer of mascara on first to make the colours pop. Also, for any Canadians…the Lisa Watier glitter eyeliners are great for brushing over the tips of already mascara’d lashes. I think this technique would probably work with any gel glitter liner!

  9. Amy

    Want to love them but haven’t had any luck with them. The glitter is so thin that I can barely see it with my magnifying mirror and so wet that it takes the curl from my lashes. It takes forever to dry and can make lashes spiky. I get a MUCH better effect by taking a glitter eyeliner and running that along my eyelashes.

  10. M.

    I wear contacts, and wouldn’t risk it.

  11. Heidi

    I think it’s a fun look and I’d love to try it but I have extremely sensitive eyes so I have to be careful not to irritate them. :( I did try CoverGirl’s Lashblast Luxe mascara once which actually did not irritate me, however the “glitter” particles weren’t visible on the lashes.

  12. Brigette

    I’ve got the Almay Intense i-color mascara in Black Emerald for hazel eyes and I wouldn’t really call it glitter but a mildly metallic mascara, it’s kind of on the dry side so it clumps for me and you really have to look closely to see any glitter. I also have the L’Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator mascara in Black Bronze for green eyes and I really like this one. One side is regular mascara(step 1) and the other side is the bronze glitter(step 2) it’s not obvious that you’re wearing glitter but in certain angles and lighting you can really see it. It’s fun to wear on occasion but it was a bit surprising when I was driving at night – the sparkles really illuminated with oncoming headlights & steetlights. I was really aware that I was wearing glitter mascara. lol

  13. Cindi

    I love the idea of glittery mascara!!! Sparkly eyelashes, what’s not to love? Well, I found out what’s not to love. I have yet to find one that actually leaves more than one or two specks of glitter. Waste of money. I’m sure I’ll keep buying them in hopes that they won’t suck, though.

  14. amanda

    i liked the lash lights i think they were called…. with rihanna they actually worked!

  15. Jamie

    No go…I personally think glitter mascara is tacky and something that a kid would wear. I’m too old for stuff like that. Metallic mascara in a brown or black is probably as far as I would take it.

  16. Alex

    Too Faced used to make a two-sided mascara with color on one end and glitter on the other. I really liked it but it hasn’t been around for years. That was the only true glitter mascara I have had consistent good luck using. I do also seem to remember an Anna Sui one from about 10+ years ago that was nice but I don’t think I owned my own tube.

  17. TygerKitty

    I loved the lancome glitter mascara called fatale brillant; I’m not sure it’s available anymore. But, it definitely coated your lashes and there wasn’t much fall out until many, many hours later. It was kind of goopy but it was sparkly on top of VERY black mascara which I liked.

    Beyond that – I try to not put actual chunks of glitter near my eyes; they hurt so bad when they fall in and you can’t retrieve them!

  18. Julie

    I actually really like glitter mascaras for special occasions. I remember seeing the Lancôme Hypnôse top coat mascara ad at my local beauty store, and it had the prettiest silver glitter. I got it for Christmas that year, and I really loved using it. It didn’t look very obvious, but when the light hit the glitter particles it would sparkle 😀 It’s all dried out by now. I think I’ll purchase another tube again some day! I also have the Benefit prrrowl which I quite enjoy as well :) It has blue/purpley glitter. It’s supposed to make the white in the eyes appear brighter, but it doesn’t really show up well enough to truly have that effect. Neither of the two glitter top coats I’ve mentioned have had fallout dropping down on my cheeks or anything like that! I usually apply it on top of my regular black mascara by dabbing the wand against the lashes. If you brush it on and wiggle the wand in between the lashes like you would a regular mascara, the lashes will become rather clumpy and that is not a good look!
    Even if it’s not super obvious it can look really sophisticated, and if not for any other reason then wear it because it makes you feel glamourous and good about yourself :)

  19. Jennifer

    Hilarious! I was in grade nine in 2000, and I distinctly remember that it was in fashion at my high school to coat your eyelashes in clear or bright blue mascara and then blink into a pot of glitter. Yikes! I’m afraid that I would never be able to take this trend seriously.

  20. I’ve only tried it once or twice, and what drives me crazy is: GLITTER VISION!!! Every time I blink, I can see glitters on the outer edges of my vision. The first time it happened, I thought I was having a stroke! This happens with certain glitter liners, as well.

  21. Sara

    It depends!!! I really enjoy using glitter or metallic mascaras during the holidays. I dont wear them on a daily basis,but I think if you had a darker plum, or olive it could be a great replacement for colored liner:D
    They are finicky to apply sometimes because the glitter chunks can irritate the lashline and eye. I also find the few that I own have dried out much faster.. Hmm!

  22. Ladydi

    Givenchy just released a mascara with their Nuit Celeste holiday collection. It is the Phenomen’eyes Mascara in Black Sparkles. I really want to try it, but I don’t think there is even a Givenchy counter in my state, and I don’t see it anywhere online available. Does anyone have any ideas where it can be purchased in the US?

  23. Alison

    Never worn one!